Charts : 21st January 2007

 Monday, January 22nd 2007, 6:59 pm
  1. Dance Nation – Move Your Love (Soul Avengerz Mix) – Data Records
  2. DT8 Project – Hold Me Till The End (Fonzerelli Full Vocal) – Direction Records
  3. Camille Jones – The Creeps (Fedde Le Grand Club Mix) – Data Records
  4. Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around Comes Around (Sebastien Leger Remix) – Jive
  5. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Catch You (Moto Blanco Dub) – Fascination
  6. Rogue Traders – Way To Go (Dada Remix) – Ariola
  7. Big Brovaz – Big Bro Thang (Soul Seekerz Dub Mix) – Genetic Records
  8. The Star Alliance – He’s A Runner (Wesley Clarke Remix) – Sporting RiffRaff Records
  9. Hand Raiser – Volume 1 Sampler – Endulge
  10. Francesco Diaz – Life Is Too Short (Full Vocal Mix) – Senorita
  11. Kasabian – Me Plus One (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) – Columbia
  12. Cafe Groove – Why U Wanna Do Me Wrong? (Soul Avengerz Vocal Mix) – Hit! Records
  13. Jochen Pash – Music (Makes You Groove) (Raul Rincon Remix) – Tenor Recordings
  14. Mark Picchiotti – No More Pain (Krisko Vox) – Blue Plate Records
  15. Simmons & Christopher – Weekend (Dennis Christopher Remix) – AATW
  16. Noami Marsh – Do You Feel Like (Playshakers Remix) – Audiofreaks
  17. Basoski & Romano – No One – Rootz Records
  18. Nu Frequency – Love Sick (Cagedbaby Remix) – Rebirth
  19. Stonebridge – SOS (Stonebridge RMX) – CDR
  20. Wi-Fi – Be Without You (Raul Rincon Mix) – AATW

12 comments about this post

  1. that simmons & christopher (weekend) promo is very highly sought after mate. I saw it go for £19 on ebay!

  2. Nice! So how much will you give me for it then? 😉

  3. well, it looks the the seller of this item has somehow has another promo cd of it and has offered it to me for £18. its still a lot as I only wanted it for the Raul Rincon remix!

    Have you heard the Raul Rincon remix of in the air tonight? I managed to pick it up for 99 pence + p&p

  4. That’s mad mate! I can’t believe it went for that price.

    Dr. Flash & The Joker? Yeah, I heard that remix and wasn’t that impressed.

  5. i’m glad i only bought that Dr Flash & the joker one for cheap then! I think I might give that simmons & christopher remix a miss for £18. the seller is being a little greedy i feel

  6. Indeed mate. I think £18 for a CD promo is having a laugh really.

  7. alright mate? i am curious about number 4 & 7 in your chart this week, do they work well when you play them in a gig?

  8. The JT remix is great and I’ll stick it on the next podcast for you. It went down well when I played it last time.

    The Big Brovaz mix I only received on Monday so I haven’t had a chance to play it out. The vocal mix isn’t my thing but the dub is a dirty Soul Seekers mix and it’s great.

  9. that soul avengerz tune at number one in your chart is a good tune mate, have managed to get it quite cheap. its maybe not as good as their remix of that cafe groove tune, but it still works very well

  10. Yeah, I agree mate. It’s a builder rather than a massive tune.

  11. Was talking to one of the local DJ’s that I play with the other day, that cafe groove tune reminds us a bit of that Discos revenge tune by gusto. 🙂

  12. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too mate.