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 Tuesday, January 23rd 2007, 9:59 pm

DJ Cruze studio picture 1
After posting about German DJs and their record rooms, my good friend Thorsten aka DJ Ceelight, asked me to post pictures of my studio and answer the same questions as the DJs in the article were asked. So here are the pictures and questions and answers as promised.

1. Where do you live?
I live in a lovely little suburb of Manchester called Didsbury.

2. When did you start DJing?
I started DJ’ing way back in 1988 when I was 16. I got into DJ’ing because I was really into hip-hop and electro. I realised that I was a terrible breakdancer, awful at rapping and I had no art skills to do graffiti (except maybe the odd tag here and there). The only thing to do was become a DJ and learn to scratch!

3. How many records do you have?
I currently have about 2000 after I sold most of my collection. I’ve probably sold around 5000 records over the past few years but some were terrible promos that I had been sent. I’ve been sent a lot more CDs and MP3s over the past couple of years as it makes better financial sense for the record labels and promotions companies.

4. Your most valuable record?
I’m not really sure. I have a mint copy of “Know How” by Young MC on Delicious Vinyl which cost me £25.00 back in the early 90s and that was the most expensive 12″ I had. The tune has since been bootlegged a lot so I don’t imagine it is actually worth as much as it used to be. Also, I couldn’t just keep it in its plastic sleeve and I had to take it out and play it. I had another bootleg copy of it so I used to cut them up so the mint originally has plenty of fingerprints on it now! I’ve probably got some pretty rare tunes in my collection though but I’ve never really priced them. I’ve got a great remix of Boyzone’s “Coming Home Now” done by a Manchester producer called Johnny J of which only 50 exist and it was never released. Yes, I’m proud to admit that it’s a great track and it is Boyzone!

5. How do you sort your records?
Badly! I originally sorted them into hip-hop, funk and soul, acapellas and house tunes. I then sorted the house stuff into classics, soulful house, funky house and tougher/electro house. After only a few gigs all of the tunes got messed up and I’ve never really resorted them! I need to get them sorted one day though.

DJ Cruze studio picture 2
6. How’s your relationship with your neighbours?
Great! I have a semi-detached house so I only share one internal wall with my neighbours. My studio is on the other side of the house so I’m hoping they don’t really hear the music. They’ve never complained so it must be fine. I did have some complaints in the flat I had before the house though. My friend had turned up the bass and I got told to turn it down.

7. When did you last move house?
January 1999. It was hard moving all of my records into the house but I got there eventually.

8. When did you sort out your collection?
As I said earlier, I had over 7000 records but I sold about 5000 over the past few years. So the last time I sorted them was probably late in 2005.

9. Do you digitise your records?
I have digitised some of them but not many. It’s something I’d really like to do as vinyl is really dying off now. Yes, don’t kill me but it’s true. I love vinyl as much as anyone but it is much easier to get CDs or MP3s now. All of the big DJs have pretty much moved on from vinyl because the Pioneer CDJ 1000s are so good to use. You can cue up properly, you can scratch with them and they play MP3s. What more do you need? If anyone offers a service where they take a record collection and digitise it (including some good mastering) then it’s an amazing business idea for DJs and I and many other old school DJs would definitely use your services.

10. How many records do you buy per week?
I don’t really buy vinyl any more so it’s around zero per week. I occasionally buy tunes that are only released on vinyl but they are becoming rarer and rarer. I probably pick up about 5 tunes a week via the MP3 download sites though.

11. How many promos do you get per week?
I get sent quite a few. Probably around 10-20 per week. That’s the main reason that I don’t buy as many tunes as I used to because I am getting sent a lot of new stuff each week. I’ve been on record mailing lists for a long time so the companies know the sort of style I like. I probably use about 50% of the stuff I get sent.

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  1. Respect,

    I can’t say I agree with the vinyl transitions after seeing some of the most incredible DJ performances. The movement from record to record and the finesse of the timing was part of the appreciation and “oos” and “aahhs” of the observers. Of course you’ll get me to admit that I was one of those DJs that said I would never buy a tape 20 years ago and now I’m CDS, vinyl and occassional tape (really only for recording). I have a question:

    Do you spin back and forth on vinyl when you use vinyl? If so isn’t there a difference from that to using CD turntables? I know the sampling advantage and originality in composition is most likely better with CD turntables for production, but I don’t have the experience on both modes to judge for myself so I thought I’d ask.

    Keep the Creativity Mega.



  2. hey DJ Cruze,
    nice to see your studio..and your privat site 🙂
    my friend and i we have many records and old tapes from DJ Cruze 🙂
    we play it at home..
    I am a home DJ 😉
    my friend is DJ in a club in Karlsruhe called Rockatiki….you gu to the website and
    visit the club.


  3. Hey Jaw,

    I have lots to say about the vinyl issue so I decided to make a blog post about it instead.

    As for your question about the difference between CD turntables and vinyl turntables, in my experience I don’t think there is much difference. I have used Technics 1210s since 1990 and some Soundlab belt-driven turntables for a few years before that. I can scratch and beat juggle and they’re easy to use. I made the transition over to CDJ 1000s and they’re just as easy to use. You can scratch, cue back and forth and beat juggle in the same way. I love them. Or try out the Technics SL-DZ1200 which are almost identical to the 1210 but use CDs. They have a direct drive and they’re pretty awesome to use too.


  4. It’s great seeing the studio that makes it all happen after all this time.

    I love the fact you’ve got all formats covered with your vinyl, CD and computer all setup around a synth!

    I’ll have to bomb up the M6 some time soon to “abuse” your setup when I get a spare weekend.

  5. Yeah, the room is pretty small but it is all crammed in.
    The rooms in my house will be moved around a bit soon for obvious reasons!
    But feel free to abuse me whenever you want mate! 😉

  6. Wow! That was fast! 🙂 Thanks Marc.


  7. I try my best for you Thorsten!
    It was a good idea for a blog post so I thought I’d get it done quickly.

    By the way, was that the correct link to your website? Seems to go to houserockers!

  8. Well, houserocker is/was a project with DJ Ufuk. We had some gigs together in 2002, if I remember right. I personally don’t have a DJ-website anymore.

  9. nice pics from Marc 🙂
    but i miss the DJ Software like Final Scratch, SSL or Torq 😉 hehe …

    needs to be done by Mr Cruze as well, or ? 😉

    greetz from da base

  10. Ceelight – yeah, I did some Houserocker gigs too for him.

    Alex – I’d quite like to pick up Final Scratch but I have other things for my money at the moment! 😉

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