News : Awesome turntablist

 Friday, January 26th 2007, 12:00 pm

I’ve never posted a You Tube video on my site before but I couldn’t resist after seeing an amazing turntablist on the Create Digital Music website this morning. It’s the work of the amazing Dutch turntablist Kypski who is a 6 times champion of the Dutch National Scratch competitions. If you’re not aware of C-Mon and Kypski then you’re in for a treat if you like scratched up, mad hip-hop tracks. They’re a 4 piece band from Holland that make incredible hip-hop tracks including live instruments and plenty of scratching action. You have to check out their absolutely amazing funky track Shitty Bum. The video is superb too so make sure you watch it all, especially the breakdown.

So what Kypski has done is to take a version of The Beatles classic “Michelle” and scratched the lead line using a tone record. C-Mon and Kypski produced a range of these records that have octave tones around a record in order to aid turntablists and their scratched music creation. He has mad turntablist skills as you’ll see. Here’s the video:

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  1. Fett !
    Cool Scratching skills …
    Cant wait to hear some big scatches from you Mate !
    Any Gig News ??
    Cheers Stefan

  2. Thanks Stefan.

    I’ll be back in Loft in April I think.
    I’ll confirm the date very soon and will let you know.