News : Can anyone get the latest podcast?

 Tuesday, February 27th 2007, 12:53 am

I seem to have some major issues with my webhost, Dreamhost, at the moment. They’re having network and power problems and I think that is the reason that my newly posted podcast isn’t showing up in iTunes. I’m going to bed now but hopefully the problems will be resolved in the morning. For now you’ll just have to manually download the MP3 file by clicking on the download link. Fingers crossed that it works because the audio files are hosted in the same place! I hate computers sometimes! 🙁

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  1. If it helps, the problem has been around for several days at least. iTunes basically says that your podcast doesn’t exist.

    I’ve only been on board since just after your best of 2006 mix was released, but I have heard all of your podcasts since then and they are all spot on. Keep on playing the funky house, my friend.

  2. Hey Terry,

    It’s a problem with a power outage at the place (in the US) where my web server is. The hosting company know about the problems and are trying to sort them. That doesn’t help us in the short term though! 🙁

    I’m glad you’re loving the tunes and hopefully you’ll find the new podcast soon!


  3. I’ve had the same issue as Terry mentioned. Interestingly enough my desktop is downloading your podcast (#29) right now. But my PowerBook still insists that it doesn’t exist. Odd.

  4. Correction! In the time I typed that message, all is well on both systems now. Quite strange.

  5. Thanks for the info Neil.

    There are definitely some funny server errors happening with Dreamhost. I keep getting “500 Internal Server Error” messages but then sometimes it’ll succeed! Hopefully it’s just a network issue with them and it’ll get sorted soon.

  6. I’m subscribed in iTunes.. your new episode showed up this morning and it downloaded fine. Listening now actually, good stuff as always!

  7. Yeah, iTunes was doing it earlier but now everything works. Thanks Cruze.

  8. Thanks Niels and Sergio.

    I’m still having problems from the UK tonight. There are some issues with Dreamhost I think and I’m sending them emails about it. I’m glad you guys got the podcast though!

  9. No problems over here in Germany!

  10. Thanks Max.

    I’ve fixed up the XML file now as it appears I was having more problems with my webhost due to CPU usage when generating the feed.