News : Burning my feeds

 Thursday, April 5th 2007, 3:20 pm


After 18 months of podcasting and 30 episodes of house and electro goodness I’ve finally decided to “burn” (or move as it it sometimes known) my podcast feed. This shouldn’t affect you guys in any way but it should help me to (a) lower my bandwidth and (b) keep better stats on how many people are downloading the show. I just wanted to let you all know in case there were any problems. I don’t think there should be but I’ve said that before I know that there may be some teething problems.

So I’ve moved over to using the mighty FeedBurner and their fantastic RSS services. I’ve moved it over in the past 10 minutes and I can already see 25 hits from various copies of iTunes and various web browsers around the world. It should keep me up to date with how many people are downloading the shows and hopefully more. I’m not sure why Apple don’t provide this service for their podcasters as it would be extremely helpful. Maybe one day.

So if you have any problems with the podcast then please let me know via the usual method.

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  1. alright mate? theres a good Jay Cox tune about called “illegal downloads”. The stargroove remix is good, its got a Raul Rincon sound about it.

  2. Mate does this mean you can increase your itunes rss so it displays more than 10?

  3. Andy – Nice one mate. The vocalist I’m working with on my new tune is a good friend of Jay’s so I’ll try and get a copy of it.

    Si – Yeah, I can probably do that now. I’ll sort it out. The reason I stopped it from displaying only a few items is because I was getting hammered for 10GB of bandwidth per month from the podcast RSS feed alone. That obviously didn’t make my webhost very happy!

  4. hmpf, I didn’t get it although I’ve read your post twice and also checked the feedburner website. What excactly is the advantage? I mean, your feed-URL is still the same so the traffic is also going via your server? Or did the feed-URl change?

    Can you “enlight” Ceelight. 😉

    See you Saturday!

    Cheers Mate

  5. Ok mate here’s why I’ve done it.

    My podcast RSS feed gets absolutely hammered by iTunes clients. It probably has about 25 hits every couple of minutes. Although the podcast RSS file is pretty small (under 100k) it gets downloaded by the iTunes client to see if anything has changed. This increases the bandwidth that my site uses. As the RSS feed is generated by WordPress, the CPU usage to constantly generate an RSS feed is quite large which my hosting provider doesn’t like (as it’s a shared host). Although the feed is cached, it still gets regenerated every now and again.

    So now I’ve redirected it to FeedBurner it means that their servers get hammered and not mine. I only get asked for the podcast RSS feed once an hour from FeedBurner and FeedBurner now gets asked 25 times every couple of minutes instead. Their infrastructure is better suited to feeding the amount of traffic I get than my shared hosting is.

    Hope that clears it up!

    See you on Saturday. I’ll stick you on the guestlist.

  6. Got it. Thanks! *thumbsup* 😉

    Uuh – it’s Saturday already! Thanks for “I’ll stick you on the guestlist.”. Great.


  7. No problems man. Was great to see you at the weekend.