News : Back once again

 Thursday, May 3rd 2007, 10:21 am

Broken lock Apologies once again for my disappearance from the website. It’s been a tough few weeks with so much stress you wouldn’t believe. Unfortunately I had my house broken into and although at first it only seemed like they stole my flat screen television, they returned a few nights later to steal my car. They took the my spare keys when they broke in and I didn’t notice. The cheeky little b*stards had the nerve to come back to the house while we were in to steal the car.

As you can imagine I’ve spent the last couple of weeks gathering documents together, filling in insurance forms and generally feeling a bit down about the whole thing. Thankfully my car has now turned up and it looks like it isn’t too badly damaged but it’s not what you need when you’ve got a baby on the way in under 5 weeks. I’m sure it’ll all get sorted it out soon.

So that’s why there has been no new podcast, no new mixes and no posts on the website. I just didn’t have the time or the energy to do it but I’m back once again like a renegade master! I’m looking to get a new podcast done over the weekend and hopefully a new mix too. And talking of mixes I’ve just added an RSS feed for the mixes so they will automatically download in iTunes or your favourite podcatcher if you subscribe to it. You’ll find it here. I’ll add the various remixes and productions that I’m doing to this feed to so if you’re a DJ, or just a fan, then make sure that you subscribe to it. I’ll also update the subcription page at some point soon to point to all of the feeds that are available from me.

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  1. Mate.
    Glad to hear you getting back to normal. Atleast they never took anything that couldn’t be replaced. Chin up, mini cruze will be here in no time 🙂


  2. Marc,

    Really sorry to hear about your recent break in. Good to hear your still up for it….Some good funky electro will help.. Hope to hear you podcast soon.

    I get married on Sat 5th May..I’m sh!tting it…..

    Mark Fairhurst

  3. Hey Cruze,
    Sorry to hear about your accident. I’m glad you and your family are fine. I’m sure the police will find dem monkeys in no time, so you can kick them in the balls. Keep your head up, we’re here for you.


  4. Si – Cheers man! Yeah, the mini-Cruze is almost here and he or she had better like house music! 😉

    Mark – House music will solve it all! Good luck for Saturday! You’re going to have amazing weather and an amazing day. Getting married is ace!

    Sergey – Your comment made me laugh out loud! The police haven’t caught dem monkeys yet but I hope they do. You can come over and kick them in for me!

  5. Pity dem poor fools… U got the love man.
    In Liplock we trust…

  6. good to see you back mate. I have been helping my mate work on a tune and I will email it over to you later on 🙂

  7. Speccy T – Cheers man!

    Andy – Nice one mate! I look forward to hearing it.

  8. Man, you should have gone out carrying a metal rod and castrate their b*!!s

  9. Always look on the bright side of life! Welcome back!

  10. Hehe, go Cruze gogo 🙂

  11. im glad nobody got hurt, as long as you keep your positive mindframe, everything will work out for the best!

  12. Sunny – If the police find them then I will man!

    Pete – Thanks mate.

    Max – Cheers man!

    Aaron – Yeah, I agree man. At least no-one was in the house. Hopefully everything will get wrapped up this week.

  13. Glad to hear you’re ok. Did you know your Nelly Furtado remix has been included on latest podcast from Funky House London Style….? Was good to hear it again!

  14. Thanks Lorna. Yeah, my friend DJ Dyslexic has just told me about it. I’ll have to subscribe to the podcast and check it out.

  15. Hey Marc,
    hope you are well mate?
    Sorry that i don’t post a comment since a few weeks but i’m very busy that time.
    Damn that sounds not very good!
    I hope the police catch those freaks…
    Hope to see you soon again man.

  16. No problems Sascha. I’ve been enjoying your podcasts anyway!

  17. Only just read this – sorry to hear that Marc. What $%%£$%”£” they are ! Hope they are caught and punished. Hope your now feeling a bit better. Looking forward to the podcast when you have time to do it.

  18. Cheers Peter. Sadly they’ve not been caught but the insurance has been sorted and my car has been found (although I’m still waiting for them to repair the locks!) We’ve got the baby on the way so it’s all good from here on!

    The new podcast should appear this weekend. Sorry for the delay.

  19. Zup men….!!!! i gotta say thnks!!! =)

    yup!!! thnks 4 all the good song u share with all the world!!!

    i’m from Lima-Peru and i’m a dj here… house flavored!!!
    so i play many song from ur charts… ur music gig in Peru men….


    thnks…. thnks…. thnks….

  20. Thanks Enrique.
    I’m glad that Peru is rocking out to my funky house music!

  21. hiya. sorry to hear about the break in mate. glad to hear you’re still djing! P.S brum has a dj cruze too!!! Sue sue sue!

  22. Hello you! Yes, it’s a pain but we’ve got over it now. Yes, he’s got the .com domain name but there’s room in the world for two of us.

  23. Hiya Marc, life can be pretty crap at times can’t it?! glad to read that you are getting back on your feet, keep your chin up and best of luck for the birth, looking forward to the next podcast so I can do my step aerobics to it! Sxx

  24. Thanks Sheila. The new podcast is uploading as we speak and I’ll have your rocking out whilst doing your step aerobics tomorrow! Enjoy!

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