News : The obligatory apology

 Tuesday, August 14th 2007, 12:05 pm

Another week (or should that be month?) Another apology for not posting much on the site!

It’s been a tough 10 weeks of being a new parent but we’re finally getting to a place with more sleep. My wife, Clare, and I have loved every minute of it but I don’t think either of us knew what to expect once our baby was born! Daniel is now starting to sleep a lot better so it should give me more time to update the website and get some more mixes out there.

The plan for the next week is to post a new electro mix which I managed to mix at the weekend. Then I’ll hopefully be getting the podcast sorted at the weekend and that will be online by Sunday or Monday of next week. Also, check back in at the website, or subscribe to the RSS feed, and you’ll see more stuff being posted on the site too. So I’ve not gone away I promise! 😉

4 comments about this post

  1. deja vu?!? 😉

  2. Tell me about it Frank! 😉
    That’s why this post is called the obligatory apology i.e. I’m obliged to give an apology as always!

    I’m hoping to be back on track soon but being a parent is hard work!

  3. As long as you and the family are ok that’s the main thing 🙂

    Looking forward to the mixes. Dedicated my 1st podcast to you ( be gentle not touched decks in 14 years )….


  4. Thanks Si! I’ll check it out.