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 Tuesday, August 14th 2007, 8:00 pm

I thought I’d start a (hopefully) weekly post in which I give you a run down of some of the big tracks I’ve been sent over the past week. My charts prove to be helpful to people so I thought that a brief description of the tracks might help you to decide whether you want to pick them up or not. Most of the big tracks make it onto the podcast at some point so that you can have a listen to them but we all know how slack I’ve been with the show over the past months. You’ll never get to hear them if we wait for the podcast or mixes to drop.

Jack Rokka vs Betty Boo - Take OffJack Rokka vs Betty Boo – Take Off (Digital Dog Club Mix) – Gusto
Yes, Betty Boo is re-doing the do! After a couple of big hits in the 80s, Alison Clarkson aka Betty Boo, disappeared into the background of the music industry and penned some songs for big pop acts here in the UK. Well she’s decided to start singing again and this track with Jack Rokka is awesome. Digital Dog have remixed this track into an electro monster with their trademark distorted basslines, detuned synths and plenty of reverb and chorus. Betty’s dirty vocals add to the fun with her asking us to give her all we’ve got. In the words of the song, I’d certainly “lick, flick, stick!” Also included in this remix package is a funkier mix from Smax & Gold who you can always count on for a killer remix.

Soul Corporation - Let's Get TogetherSoul Corporation – Let’s Get Together (Simmons & Christopher 2007 Club Mix) – Muck N Brass
Think way back to the year 2000 and you might remember the old Jazzy M track “Jazzin’ The Way” on Perfecto Records. It was a classic funky house tune that was always a favourite in my record box. Well Soul Corporation (aka Dennis Christopher) have brought the tune into the now and given us a summer anthem for 2007. It’s got a great vocal and an 80s style bassline and it really gets a party going. Expect to hear this all summer in Ibiza and it’ll probably cross over into the charts too.

Clear Cut – The Sound Of Music (Dub Mix) – Move Your Body Productions
Here’s an artist I hadn’t heard of before and they’ve delivered a cheeky little electro house tune for us. Featuring the vocals of Erire who last appeared on Stonebridge’s “S.O.S.”, it’s a cover of a 1983 track of the same name by an American group called Dayton. The full vocal mix doesn’t do it for me but check out the dub for some seriously filthy dance music. A quality dirty bassline, plenty of stuttered vocals and loads of of chorus make it a winner for me.

Just Jack - OvertonesJust Jack – No Time (Wideboys Dub) – Mercury Records
Just Jack is back with another track off his Overtones album and the UK’s Wideboys have remixed this in a UK garage style. I love Just Jack when I’m chilling out at home but I’m never sure whether his vocals work in a club so it’s nice that the Wideboys have given us a dub mix. It’s a great little track which has a French house vibe about it with the repetitive “We’ve got no time” refrain and the massive amounts of compression on it (…so be careful you don’t listen to it for too long with headphones or it’ll kill your ears as it has done to mine this afternoon!) The “chorus” has a Todd Edwards UK garage vibe about it too which I really like. He was one of my favourite UK producers of the past 10 years so it’s nice that they’ve taken his influence. You’ll also find a more downbeat mix from Elektrons which is great too but not really a club track.

Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand - Let Me Think About ItIda Corr vs Fedde Le Grand – Let Me Think About It (Club Mix) – Data Records
The final track is a massively infectious track by man of the moment Fedde Le Grand. His club mix is a tune you won’t be able to get out of your head. Big love to the One Phat DJ for originally hooking me up with this track. It came out a couple of months ago on the Flamingo label out of Holland but now it’s getting a UK release on Ministry of Sound’s Data Records. The club mix has a great vocal with a monotonous bassline but the most amazingly catchy synth stab you’ve ever heard. It’ll annoy you for weeks I promise! Other remixes in the package come from one of the hottest new electro producers, Micky Slim, who gives us a dirty dub which will work well on the tougher dancefloors. There are also other mixes from Eddie Thoneick, Jason Herd and Gregor Salto & DJ Madskillz. They’re all great mixes but I think the original Fedde Le Grand club mix is the one I’ll be playing as they don’t really add much to his quality production. If you only pick up one tune in the next couple of weeks then make sure it’s this.

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  1. Ida Corr is freakin’ awesome mate. That infectious bassline and simple-yet-lush beat makes it FLG’s finest piece of work in my book.

    Good call on making a bit point about it and expect to hear it in an upcoming exclusive mix from One Phat DJ (released next Wednesday hopefully).

  2. Nice one! Looking forward to the mix mate.