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 Wednesday, August 15th 2007, 7:00 pm

The other day I was listening to my ipod on shuffle when I came across one of my favourite random tracks. It’s by an artist called Dosh and I’d called it “Random live loops”. I originally found it from a post on the blog Music Thing which I enjoy reading on a regular basis. It was a promotional video for Dosh from the record label Anticon and I loved it so much that I ripped the audio from the video so that I could listen to it on my ipod. I’ve since found out that it is actually called “Call The Kettle Back” and the video for it is below.

The original video

It always amazes me to see musicians like Dosh who can play multiple instruments while I struggle learning to play the piano! I’m also amazed by anyone who can perform a complete track live in a club yet do it on their own and with very little equipment. He uses a combination of his Rhodes electric piano, a battered old drum kit and a guitar sampler pedal, which according to his bio, only has 12 seconds of sampling time on it! I love the quirky 5/4 keys and lead line and his crazy syncopated drums. He is truly a fantastic musician. Check him out doing the same track live at First Avenue:

Dosh live from First Avenue

In the same vein, I saw KT Tunstall performing her track “Black Horse And The Cherry Tree” on the Jools Holland Show over here in the UK. She was doing a similar performance with just her voice, some percussion using her hands and a tambourine, her guitar and a sampler pedal. I love the way she builds up the track and brings the elements in and out to create the sound of a full band.

KT Tunstall – Black Horse And The Cherry Tree

Taking it a step further is Kid Beyond. He’s a legend on the b-boy scene with his amazing beatboxing skills. He uses a similar technique but creates his sound using a more advanced sampler/sequencer in Ableton Live. He builds up layers of sound and beats and samples each phrase into Ableton and triggers them via a footpedal. Awesome stuff!

Kid Beyond

Maybe it’s time for me to take the DJ Cruze decks, scratching and piano extravaganza on the road to a club. What do you think?! Haha!

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  1. DJ Cruze does the UK? or you going for world domination 😉

    Alot of skill and patience to get the loops just right and obviously these artists have perfected it.

    That kid beyond just blows me away. I love his track “mothership”. If I had to describe him it would be “jonesy from police academy on crack”, he’s just so talented.

  2. I’d obviously be going for world domination mate!

    Yeah, lots of skill needed but I’ve done some stuff with decks and a guitar pedal before now and it was pretty easy to get some great stuff going if you’ve got a good sense of timing.

  3. Hey Cruze,

    Thanks for these youtube links, they really blow my mind.

    Awesome stuff.

  4. Dosh is awesome isn’t he?