News : Missing mixes

 Monday, August 20th 2007, 7:45 pm

Looks like quite a few of the old podcasts and mixes can’t be downloaded and I hadn’t realised. Big thanks to Thilo for pointing it out. The files are on an old server and the guys who gave me the webspace must have taken it down. I’ll reupload the mixes to my server as soon as I can and all should be good.

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  1. Maybe you will find some time to also include some additional oldskool mixes?!?! 😉

    Cheers m8

  2. I think the podcast will have to come first mate!
    I’ll try and get some of the old mixes online as soon as I can.

  3. Mate
    I have August 2006 Electro Mix, Dec 2006 phat and Funky, piona mix and warmup mix. I can dump them on my webspace if you need them?

  4. Also have podcasts 18,19,21. Sure I have previous to 18.. Let me know what your missing will hunt out what i have 🙂

  5. Thanks but I’m not missing any mate!
    I have them all and I just need to re-upload the missing ones when I get the time to do it.
    It’s the very early mixes and podcasts (up to episode #8).
    Thanks anyway.

    BTW: Your comments often get caught as spam. Are you posting from a dodgy IP address? 😉

  6. LOL. yeah lawyers office so you’re spot on 😛

    Yeah i Posted my comment then realised you had them. Never mind. Atleast if the worst was to happen you have several off site backups 🙂

  7. No worries mate. Thanks for looking out for me anyway!

    I need to do a WordPress update soon so I’ll have everything backed up in the next week or so. All the media is backed up on a couple of hard drives so I’ve got it all in hand if anything goes wrong. Hopefully it’ll all just work!