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 Thursday, August 23rd 2007, 9:56 pm

August 2007 electro mix
It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a new mix and any new podcasts. As you all know, my new baby is keeping me rather busy but I have managed to make an hour to mix up a filthy, electro monster of a mix! I’ve got no time to do shout-outs for the podcast so I thought I’d add it to the podcast RSS feed instead. There are loads of great tracks in the mix here. I’m loving the Dave Spoon remix of Andrea Doria’s “Freak Me” and the Jack Rokka vs Betty Boo track “Take Off”. Both great electro tracks to get you rocking.

So get the mix downloaded and play it loud!



  1. NJoi – Love Can’t Turn Around (Electro Mix) – New Black Records
  2. Ida Corr – Let Me Think About It (Fedde Le Grand Mix) – Data
  3. Andrea Doria vs LXR – Freak Me (Dave Spoon Remix) – GI Recordings
  4. Out Of Office – Hands Up (Original Mix) – Frenetic
  5. Vision Factory – Loving Music (Ali Payami Dub) – Just For Fun Records
  6. Dave Spoon – Bad Girl (Dave Spoon Club Mix) – Apollo
  7. Freaks – The Creeps (Vandalism Vocal Mix) – Ministry
  8. Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul (TV Rock Remix) – Southern Fried Records
  9. Jack Rokka vs Betty Boo – Take Off (Digital Dog Club Mix) – Gusto
  10. Big World – Morning Light (Roman Salzger Remix) – Opaque
  11. The Wideboys – Bomb The Secret (Atari Era Remix) – AATW
  12. James Kaskande – You You You (ATFC Big Room Dub Remix) – AATW
  13. CRW – I Feel Love (Reefa & Shoota Remix) – Nukleuz Records

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  1. Willelos !
    Great to visit your site after work
    and find a Mix like that mate !
    Tryed to rate but it doesent work ….
    Hope to hear more wicked manchester house soon….
    Take Care

  2. erm…. rating works fine now !?
    dont knew why it doesent
    work a few minutes ago ….
    cheers S

  3. Thanks Stefan.

    Don’t know why the rating didn’t work for a while!
    Seems to be ok now.

    Enjoy the mixes amte.

  4. Hey Marc,
    just came home from a night out with some friends…and what do I see here…a new mix!!!!
    Wow, that’s great, will listen to it in the morning whilst going on writing my dissertation… So, thank you a lot for this!!!!!! It will really improve my time…and hopefully the quality of my work. HAHAHAHA
    Hugging you
    Take care Nicole

  5. Thanks Nicole!
    I hope that I can help you to write a good dissertation. 😉

  6. Mate, this mix is superb. Classic start to a Friday morning 🙂 Eps 21 moves down to no 2.

  7. hey mate,

    thank you for the mix. I will sound him immediately sometimes. And how does it for you as a father? 🙂


  8. Si – Thanks mate. Glad you’re liking it.

    Florian – Hope you enjoy it. Being a father is excellent but hard work!

  9. Hi Marc,
    What a great podcast…can’t stop listening to it!!!!!!
    Wish you a hopefully nice day off tomorrow….enjoy it with Daniel and Clare

  10. Good to see you back! I’ve been visiting the website on and off, hoping to see some new stuff, and there it is.. Looking forward to listening. Good luck and keep it coming! Cheers

  11. Even though I am not the biggest supporter of electro, this mix is awesome! Luv it.

    Btw Mark, have you ever thought about a chillout mix? Given the stressful time you have atm, it would contribute to your relaxation as well! 😉


  12. Nicole – Thanks. Yes, we’ve had a good day out with Uncle Vuish and his wife and children. It’s great in the UK when it’s sunny (…so that’s not so often!)

    Frank W – Thanks for the love man! A chillout mix is a brilliant idea. I haven’t mixed any slower tunes for a while so it’ll be a great challenge. I’ll root out some great tunes for it.

  13. Can’t wait Mark! Gonna be exiting what Mr Cruze plays when it comes to slow tunes. Looking forward to it (hopefully it won’t take too long).

    Cheers mate,

  14. Can’t wait Mark. Gonna be exiting to see what Mr Cruze plays when it comes to slow tunes. Let the rare UK sun be your inspiration! 😉

    Cheers mate,

  15. …sorry for the double posting!

  16. I’ll have to dig in my crates to choose some chill-out tunes. I love old school hip-hop so it might contain a lot of that! 😉

    No worries about the double post Frank.

  17. Amin – Sorry, your comment got blaclisted for some reason. Yeah, it’s good to be back. It’s just a bit tough finding free time at the moment but I’ll try and post some more mixes and a podcast soon.

  18. Mark, that really makes my curious. I just wonder how chillout beats go together with old school hip hop?!??!

  19. Wow! I’ve been subscribing to your podcasts for ages but this has to be well, the best oe yet! A perfect mix of fresh electro and a couple of blissful summer tunes-I love the synths! As for CRW-what a top Cruze classic! Top notch!

    Have you also thought of doing a one off Tony Wilson mix? I think it might work nicely!

  20. Frank – There is some brilliant old school hip-hop that is chilled out. Listen to some old A Tribe Called Quest for some great examples! (And by the way, it’s Marc with a ‘c’ not a ‘k’! I’ve got the European spelling not the normal UK spelling!)

    Tom – Cheers mate! Glad that you’re loving the tunes but CRW wasn’t really a Cruze classic. It was just a new remix that I thought would fit in well. This was just a mix rather than my usual podcast style. A Tony Wilson mix would be good but it’d have to include lots of indie tunes. Not sure how I’d mix them other than scratching them in. Plus, I don’t own lots of the factory catalogue as I was busy buying acid house records in the late 80s and early 90s! 😉

  21. opps sorry m8! Was it Mr Vuish who is speed with a “k”?

  22. omg my writing/grammar is horrible 2day! It is of course NOT speed but “spelled”! I definitely do need a comment correction function on your website, Mark!

  23. Yes, Vuish is Mark and I’m Marc.
    Not sure if there are any WordPress comment spell checkers out there! I’ll have to look. Or I could just correct it for you! 😉

  24. I was very happy when I saw that there was a new mix on Itunes, I immediately downloaded it, and it was well worth the wait.. I love the hard driving beats, especially in songs like Bad Girls, Freak me and The Creeps…. awesome.

    Makes me wanna go out dancing! Thanks man.

  25. PS. Love Morning light too (is that bob sinclair?)

  26. Anthony – Thanks man! There’s another podcast coming soon (hopefully tonight UK time). The Morning Light tune is by Big World. Have a look at the tracklisting above if you want to know the names of any of the other tunes.

  27. Oh…I forgot this mix too…
    You’re absolutely right Marc!
    We got to play it LOUD! 🙂

    Cheers, Kev

  28. Turn it up to ten. And then crank it up to 11 like Spinal Tap! “It’s one louder…”

  29. Chuyen cung cap noi that gia dinh, noi that van phong, Noi that cao cap, Tranh kinh,

    Noi That
    Noi That Van Phong
    Noi That Dep
    Tu Bep
    Tu Bep Dep
    Giay dan tuong han quoc
    Tranh Kinh

  30. I haven’t been brave eognuh to set monthly goals yet, although I enjoy reading yours and all the comments. It’s so encouraging!