MixesPodcasts : September Mix 2007

 Wednesday, September 19th 2007, 8:56 pm

DJ Cruze September 2007 mix
Don’t you hate being full of a cold? I do and the only way to combat it is with a dose of funky house music. Ok, well I’m sure a doctor might just prescribe paracetamol and plenty of water and rest but this is Dr. DJ Cruze talking! I prescribe funky music for most things! πŸ˜‰

I decided to go for something a little less commercial and add more vocals to the mix this time. I’ve not done a funky mix in a while so I thought I’d give you a nice little warm up mix. Stick it on before you go out or perhaps when you get back in after a big night out and enjoy the funky vibes. I know it’s unfashionable to admit it but I love the Simply Red track. Grant Nelson gives us a fantastic dub version with only sparse use of Mick Hucknall’s soulful voice. Sometimes it’s better just to judge a track on merit and not think about who the track is actually by!

Enjoy the tunes and turn it up loud!



  1. Mutya Buena – Real Girl (Moto Blanco Dub Remix) – Island Records
  2. Sanny X – Higher (Davide Loi Funky House Remix) – White
  3. Nate James – High Times (Danny S Club Mix) – Frofunk
  4. Vee Scott – Gimme Your Love (Bob Roberts Mix) – UMM
  5. Jazztronik – Samurai (Redsoul Edit) – Pantone
  6. Chris Lake – Carry Me Away (Original Club Mix) – Rising Music
  7. Soul Corporation – Let’s Go Together (Original Vocal Mix) – Brass
  8. Simply Red – Stay (Grant Nelson Dub) – Simplyred.com
  9. Freemasons – Atlantic Pacific – Loaded
  10. Outwork feat. Mr Gee – Elektro (Joey Negro Club Mix) – Defected

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  1. Another one…cool!!!
    Thank you soo much for enhancing our time with funky house music…hihihihii

    Can’t wait listening to it…

    See ya hopfully soon.. back to Germany

  2. Hi there !
    Thank you for another Mix …
    Maybe it´s a good cure for my cold too !
    Paracetamol,hot Tea an some funky house music ….
    sounds quite good to me πŸ˜‰
    Cheers Stefan

  3. Thanks Nicole and Stefan. I’ve taken lots of paracetamol now and hopefully I’m getting better. Hoping to see you in Germany soon but having trouble getting gigs at the Loft now that their sound is more minimal. We’ll find somewhere else to play the DJ Cruze sound!

  4. I hope so ….
    but anyway we´ll find a place where we can boogie !
    Cant understand why the Loft is changing their sound to that minimal rubbish…. ??
    It´s ok to change the sound but why dont have different parties
    from time to time …..Like in good old Vibration they had House and Drum & Base!
    At least we rent a club for our own DJ Cruze gig !;)
    Take Care

  5. Hey plz don’t say minimal is rubbish πŸ™‚ coz I listen to it lol πŸ™‚
    Well, i listen to all kind of electronic musics anyway from, trance to techno, house to electro and even reggae to chill out and a lot more of course πŸ™‚ Minimal is alright i guess…
    I don’t know the club u guys are talkin about but maybe they are just being selective on the music they play or maybe it’s just their customers…

    Ha, i’ve been on paracetamol too lol quite funny how so many people around the world have the flu and also on paracetamol at the moment lol
    You should play more funky house/electro music Marc to cure everybody hehe

    I really like track 6 Chris Lake – Carry Me Away… especially her sweet and hypnotizin voice… It kinda reminds of me ‘Rapture’ πŸ™‚
    Also like Elektro – Outwork…

    Nice mix as always Marc!

  6. Stefan – I don’t think minimal is rubbish. It’s just a different sound to what I play. So Loft has changed it’s style and I’ve kept with house and electro. “So ist das Leben” as they say in Germany (…”such is life” for all of the non-German speakers!)

    Kevin – I think all music is great but the sound of that particular club has changed from what they used to play. They’ve gone with the minimal tech-house sound and it’s not something I play. So it’s still a great club but with a different vibe now. I’ll be playing at other clubs in Germany soon. Glad you like the tunes! I love that Joey Negro remix of Outwork. An older tune now but I love it.

  7. Ahhh… I see, but that’s a shame if they changed the style completely. They should have done special nights instead πŸ™‚ Then again, it’s their club and they decide what they wana play…
    and yes, such is life…

    Oh yeah, the Joey Negro remix of Outwork is an old one? How old is that tune?
    The first time I heard it was at the beginning of the year I think…

  8. Just to come back to the Loft club, it is still a nice club (connected with so many nice memories)….
    However, from my point of view there’s nothing wrong to move into another club, after almost 5 years of partying in the Loft club…as long as we find another nice club, where the funky party folks including Mr. Cruze are welcomed!!!!!

    Still hoping to see Mr. Cruze soon back to Germany…and if not..Marc where is your next gig in GB????

  9. Kevin – The style in Germany has changed a lot since I started DJ’ing in 1993 but it’s now gone back to it’s techno roots. But no problems, I’ll just move on to different clubs. That Outwork remix came out at the end of 2006 I think. Still a great track that I still play out.

    Nicole – Yes, we’ll definitely find a new club. I might be in Stuttgart soon but I haven’t heard back from the promoter yet. I’ve put UK gigs on hold for the time being while I get used to being a dad!

  10. Loving the Soul Corporations cover of LetÒ€ℒs Go Together , nearly as good as the original πŸ™‚

    keep em coming djcruze

  11. hey mate,

    again a really good mix. we will already find a club. Or we do the vibration again.back in the future. but Stuttgart is also good. M1 or Zapata?? if are also good Clubs.was the German club is a scene without DJ Cruze. If nothing at all goes with me in the sitting room hahaha πŸ™‚


  12. Wow, long term I have been hearing such a awesome mix!!!! Very good selection of very smooth tracks! That does really impress me πŸ™‚ Listening to it 24h a day. Greets from Germany! Max

  13. REALLY liked the 2nd half of this Mix, excellent stuff.

  14. Ending the mix with “Outwork feat. Mr Gee – Elektro (Joey Negro Club Mix) – Defected” is just class !!!!!!!!! a Fantastic track you can’t help but move your body. Alan D (Dublin Ireland)

  15. Charleyvarley – Yeah, a great tune!

    Florian – I’ll be back in Germany soon so don’t worry! πŸ˜‰

    Max – Glad you’re liking the tunes mate! My favourite tune on the mix is the Jazztronik remix of “Samurai” done by my mate Dave “Redsoul” Wareing.

    Alan – Glad you liked the 2nd half of the mix. Sorry about the first half! πŸ˜‰ Yeah, that Joey Negro remix of Mr Gee rocks!

  16. Sorry for the late comment, didnt checked your Page a long time (shame on me *g*)and need to say, this Mix just blowed me away. For some reason the first thing i had in mind when listening to the Mix was “Vibration Club”. Only thing i am missing ( a bit bro, just a bit) is you scratching the Hell outta the Records. Btw its time for a new Mix, Mr Cruze.
    A lovely, groovy, funky vocal House Mix with nice Piano Hooks and stuff like that.

    Peace and Greetings from germany, Chett.

  17. No problems Chett!

    I’ll get a new mix online for you as soon as I can and hopefully with more scratching in it!

  18. Thanks for posting this MIX

    and the redsoulmix Jazztronik samurai ..its damn GOOD!!!
    Again thanks a lot =)

  19. Thanks dnice. Yeah, my mate Dave “Redsoul” Wareing has done a wicked job on that tune. I love it too.