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 Thursday, November 22nd 2007, 9:36 pm

DJ Cruze November 2007 mix - Tech House

Ok I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit crap at updating the website. I whipped up a mix for you at the end of October and it has taken me until mid November to find the time to upload it to my webserver. Too many things for Mr. Cruze to do and not enough time to do them in! So without further ado I give you the “Tech House” mix for November 2007.

Although I don’t play a lot of tech and progressive house in clubs, I do have a genuine love of most styles of dance music. In fact, I love almost all styles of music (except country and western and soft rock but don’t hold that against me!) I’ve been really getting into producers like Deadmau5 and Coburn and I’ve been listening to a lot of the darker, tech-house tunes out there. So I thought I’d get some of my favourite tech, progressive and electro house tunes together for you and mix them into a tougher, more progressive mix.

My personal favourites are the the new Splittr tune “All Alone” with its haunting breakdown, the Thom York “Eraser” remix by Stretch and Vern which I’ve been after for ages and the awesome “Jaded” by man-of-the-moment Deadmau5. I get get that track out of my head! I’ve also stuck a bootleg version of “Can’t Stop” by Razorlight in the middle as I can’t stop listening to Pete Tong and Dave Spoon’s cheeky Pacha mix of it. A wicked vibe for the end of autumn.

Last, but not least, a big happy Thanksgiving to all of my American listeners. We don’t celebrate it here in the UK but I’m sure you guys and girls in the US will be tucking into your turkey and having a fun weekend with your families. So eat well and party hard!

UPDATE: For some reason the MP3 didn’t have the image attached to it. I’ll re-convert it tonight and get it re-uploaded.

Enjoy the mix and crank it up loud!



  1. [00:00:00] – Murk presents Funky Green Dogs – Reach For Me (TV Rock & Dirty South Remix) – CR2
  2. [00:06:35] – Edison – Press Repeat (Original Extended Mix) – Rebirth
  3. [00:10:46] – Splittr – All Alone (Michael Gray Remix) – Eye Industries
  4. [00:17:04] – Thom Yorke – The Eraser (Strech & Vern Edit) – White
  5. [00:23:23] – Seal – Amazing (Thin White Duke Dub) – Warner Bros.
  6. [00:29:02] – Razorlight – Can’t Stop (Pete Tong and Dave Spoon Pure Pacha Mix) – White
  7. [00:37:11] – Deadmau5 – Jaded (Original Mix) – Mau5trap
  8. [00:44:11] – Coburn – Razorblade (Malente Remix) – Ego
  9. [00:50:05] – Rairbirds – Calling (Jerry Ropero Vox) – One Little Indian
  10. [00:56:16] – Orange Bud – Lose Control – Analyzed Records
  11. [01:00:27] – H2 – Somethin’ Sik – JFunk

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  1. Hi Marc

    Trust that you are well.
    Hope all is good with the family and your baby son.

    Please give me your contact number so we can get in touch.
    By the way your mixes are fantastic, and you have not lost your touch!

    Keep well and take care.


  2. Thanks Eugene. I’ll send you an email so we can catch up. I’m glad you’re liking the mix.

  3. Hey Marc,,,,that will do so very much πŸ˜› in Sofia :)))
    Loving it !!!! especially “rezorlight “er:))
    Greetings to you , your wife and the little big man of yours :)))
    Best wishes …
    Keep up the beat and the loops πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks Maya.

    I’m glad Sofia is rocking to my beats!

  5. Nice Music! Fantastic Mixes! I hear it in Germany!
    Greetings from good old Germany..

  6. Thanks Ramin. I’ll be back over to Germany soon I hope so hopefully you’ll come to the gig.

  7. hey mate,
    where ist the gig,and witch time??i come to the gig.
    DJ Cruze is back in Germany juchu πŸ™‚

  8. I’ve not got any firm plans yet I’m afraid. Sorry! πŸ™

  9. Please come to Chicago!!!
    Your style is sick and your transitions are soo smooth..the song coburn razorblade is the SHITTT!!!
    I hope to hear you live in Chicago Soon!! Keep up the incredible beats and best of luck spinning!

  10. I’m glad you’re loving the tunes Christopher.
    I’d love to come over and play in Chicago so hook me up with a gig! πŸ˜‰

  11. WOW!

    Tech House what !? What is that !?

    Now I know and now I love it. Absolutely love it. Well done, Cruze. This is a mastermix of what will soon become the most loved style in clubs around the world!

    Definate favourite .. # [00:50:05] – Rairbirds – Calling (Jerry Ropero Vox) – One Little Indian

    FUQ YES!

    – Alex.

  12. Glad you like the tunes Alex.

  13. Absolutely superb mix from start to finish. Makes the daily commute up the M62 a joy.

    Keep up the god work.

  14. Haha! I do a commute on the M62 so if you’re around the Manchester to Liverpool area then I’ll see you in the traffic!

  15. guauuu, it´s a mexican word to express unbelivable.

    well I am from cozumel mexico an island nearby from Cancun, so we work at the university and during my long hoursof job need listen the best music, thanks a lot cause you provide me the best mixes. keep in doing it. every night I listen you

    sorry about muy english.

  16. This mix is awesome… better than the August mix, which I played incessently! I love the Thin White Duke Dub of Amazing, and Razorlight is incredible as well. Keep up the excellent mixes!

  17. @Manuel – Thanks man! I’m glad you’re loving the tunes. Don’t worry about your English! It’s excellent and much better than my Spanish! πŸ˜‰

    @Adam – Cheers! I’m glad that the mixes are working for you. Don’t forget to check out the end of year podcast as it always has the best tunes of the year on it. It should be out before 31st December 2007.

  18. Really, really liked this one.

  19. Thanks Mike!

  20. I like the tunes can your put some more mixes online

  21. Click on “podcasts” or “mixes” at the top of the page and you’ll find at least 30 other mixes!

  22. ??? Nothing else to say …
    Best Mix ive ever heard.
    Nearly non stop
    in our car since november.
    For the Worlds Dirty Fuckin Dacefloor !

    Greets from Stuttgart.

  23. Glad I’ve rocked your car Dominik!

  24. For nearly 2 Years always the best.
    In den letzten 2 Jahren nichts besseres gehârt.
    With “all time favourite” Coburn Razorblade.:-)

  25. Thanks Dominik!