Podcasts : Episode #34 – Chime

 Friday, December 7th 2007, 11:32 pm

DJ Cruze Podcast #34

As always, it’s been a while since the last DJ Cruze podcast but finally I’ve got a new one online and it’s packed with the funkiest house music and chunkiest electro tunes. This week’s Cruze classic is an absolute monster. Orbital’s classic “Chime” needed to be aired as I haven’t played it in ages but it’s one of the original tunes that got me into house music from my hip-hop roots. A killer tune from the Hartnoll boys and one that still reminds me of the old rave days in Manchester.

The audio quality is slightly different on this show as I’ve moved my studio around a bit and I’ve started using a new compressor. If you know how compressors are meant to sound then you might find this a bit harsher than the previous shows. I need to tweak some settings until I’m completely happy with it but it still sounds pretty good. Let me know if you think it sounds worse than before!

Get the podcast downloaded here:

Download podcast episode #34.


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Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] Kelly Rowland – Work (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Extended Remix) – RCA
    • [00:06:31] Dave Armstrong & Redroche – Love Has Gone (Wez Clarke Remix) – Hed Kandi
    • [00:12:55] Dab Hands – Supergood (Made In London Remix) – Gusto
    • [00:19:34] James Fitch feat. Sunscreem – Perfect Motion (Original Mix) – Cayenne Recordings
    • [00:25:41] Jaime Jay – To Make You Feel Alright (Wideboys Smash N Grab Dub Mix) – White
    • [00:29:16] Steve Mac & Mark Brown – Bells Of Brighton – CR2 Records
    • [00:36:38] Trashcan Jack vs Billy Idol – Club Wedding (Filthy Rich Dub) – Frenetic
    • [00:41:12] Dominatorz – Do You Love Me? (DJ Jeroenski Mix) – Loaded
    • [00:45:45] Mika – Relax (Take It Easy) (Dennis Christopher Remix) – Casablanca
    • [00:51:12] Bodyrock & Luciana – What Planet You On (The Slacksons Mix) – Phonetic
  • Cruze classic from 1989:
    • [00:56:50] Orbital – Chime – Oh’Zone Records

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  1. thanks, great show!!!

  2. No problems architect! πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Marc,

    absolutely perfect mix, especially the first three songs and the classic tune! Hope to see you as soon as possible in a german club!



  4. Hi,
    Yes it´s time for a new party in Germany, Alex !
    By the way great funky Podcast ….
    And what a classic ….
    hope 2 see u soon

  5. Great new cast man!!!

    Only a thritd through it and its one of the best ever!!!

    Have a great Xmas and New Year!!



  6. Great new cast man!!!

    Only a third of a way through it and its one of the best ever!!!

    Have a great Xmas and New Year!!



  7. Awesome podcast again, as always! Thank you and cheers from Hungary!

  8. I’m listening to the podcast right now and am loving it! Thanks very much. Merry Christmas.

  9. Thanks for this awesome mix !!!!!

    I almost killed my speakers πŸ™‚

  10. Amazing podcast! Especially the track of the Dominatorz was murder for my roommates!

  11. hey mate,
    and again a really good podcast.super good tunes … I hope to see you soon in Germany in a club. I am glad about the Christmas Podcast.
    and what a classic..wicked…
    I hope you come next year more often to Germany. Germany misses DJ Cruze and the funky house music:-)
    merry Christmas


  12. Yes yes yes, this gives me a sweet evening from my journey. I instantly downloaded it and I’m celebrating the funky house music. Love you so Marc. Come to Germany.. YEAH.

    Greaat cheers from Germany Max!

  13. Howdy, from SoCal – love the new mix, esp. the Kelly Rowland mix… where did you find it? Having a little trouble tracking it down.

  14. DUUUDE! I’d been needing a fresh mix to listen to and BAM you land this absolutely dynamite podcast. Seriously LOVING the tunes in this one! Hope ya have a good holiday πŸ˜€

  15. So many comments! Thanks guys!

    @Alex – I hope to be back in Germany soon and I’m just working out a few gigs with some promoters. I’ll let you know when they are finalised.

    @Stefan – Thanks mate! Big love to you and Nicole for Christmas!

    @Gavmandoo – Glad you’re liking the tunes man!

    @forzadagro – Big love to Hungary! Enjoy the tunes!

    @Tatiana – Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!

    @Dominik – Turn it up louder and actually kill your speakers next time! πŸ˜‰

    @Bas – Don’t implicate me in any murder by killer tunes! Haha!

    @Florian – Thanks mate. There will be another podcast before Christmas with my Christmas bootleg on it. I’ve done a nice little house mix of a classic Christmas track as always!

    @Max – Enjoy the tunes mate and hopefully I’ll see you in Germany next year.

    @Juan – I get sent a lot of promotional tunes so it might not be released at all or it might just be released in a couple of months. Keep checking the legal download sites and it should turn up.

    @Neil M-G – Cheers dude! I’m glad that I supplied the funky tunes for your listening pleasure. Speak soon on MSN.

    Phew! What a lot of comments. I love it when you guys respond like this! πŸ™‚

  16. this is a podcast ! lol

    and i am going to run !!!!

  17. liking the remix of Dab Hands – Supergood. quality stuff mate

  18. This just knocked eps 21 off the top of my list mate, awesome. Hope you can fit another one or two in before 5th Jan when i bugger off to Austria πŸ™‚

    Hope you and the family are well.


  19. @Bananakiller – Run bananakiller, RUN! πŸ˜‰

    @Andy – Yeah, a nice piano mix. Pianos are back mate!

    @Si – Cheers dude. I’m hoping to get the Christmas podcast and the “Best of 2007” podcast done before NYE so save them for the slopes!

  20. HI dj cruze.

    Hello this Manuel again from Cozumel, you know now you are so popular at my university, I shared your web with my students and co workers, and now CozumelÒ€ℒs university is feeling your vibrations and enjoying the awesome mixes.

    Please say hello to Cozumel in the next mix. The next Tuesday I am going to Southampton UK to spend my Christmas with my wife. So, merry Christmas and keep in touch for the next year.

    Sorry again about my English.

    Greetings from Cozumel.

  21. Thanks Manuel. I’ll try and remember to give you guys a shout out.

  22. Good mix! Liking the tunes. Will be listening to this on my work tomorrow. The previous Tech House mix was a groudbreaker for me.

  23. Oh and where are you next playing ? I’d love to come!

  24. I’m glad you’re loving the tunes Alex.
    I’ve not got my next gig in Germany sorted yet but I’ll let you know when I’m next over.

  25. Where is your next gig Marc? Please tell me !!!

    Greetings Alex

  26. Once I know I will tell you. There is nothing confirmed at the moment.