Charts : 2nd January 2008

 Wednesday, January 2nd 2008, 6:42 pm
  1. Rihanna – Don’t Stop The Music (Simmons & Christopher Remix) – Def Jam
  2. Jody Watley – I Want Your Love (Wideboys Club Mix) – Gusto
  3. Alphabeat – Fascination (Bimbo Jones Main Mix) – Charisma
  4. Delinquent Feat KCat – My Destiny (Wideboys Remix) – MNB
  5. Ernesto vs Bastian – Unchained Melody (DJ DLG Remix) – Nebula
  6. David Jordan – Sun Goes Down (Hi Tak Dub) – White
  7. Chanel – Dance (Carl Ryden Club Mix) – Hed Kandi
  8. O+G Project feat. Evo – Bad Ass (Ortega & Gold Remix) – Musica Diaz
  9. NJoi – Yellow EP – New Black Records
  10. Out Of Office – Break Of Dawn 2008 (Club Mix) – Frenetic
  11. Scalambrin & Sicily Pleasure – Some Girls – Oxyd
  12. Adam K & Soha – Twilight (Original Mix) – Rebirth
  13. The Feeling – I Thought It Was Over (Tom Middleton Dub Mix) – Island
  14. One Night Only – Just For Tonight (Seamus Haji Dub) – Vertigo
  15. Mark Brown – The Journey Continues (Thomas Gold Dub) – Positiva
  16. Dave Armstrong & Redroche – Love Has Gone (Wez Clarke Remix) – Hed Kandi
  17. Deadmau5 – Arguru (EDX 5un5hine Remix) – PinkStar Records
  18. Pure Dynamite & Live Element – Downtime (Live Element Twilo Remix) – Gossip Records
  19. Loverush UK – Different World (Future Freakz Remix) – Loverush Digital
  20. Freestylers – Push Up Word Up – Data Records

7 comments about this post

  1. Hey Marc,
    I don’t know most of the tracks, but hasn’t Rihanna’s dun stop the music been heared ad nauseam??

    Happy New Year from Germany.

    p.s.: check out Red Carpet Allright (Doman And Pettigrew Bootleg) … use youtube my friend 🙂 awesome track in this remix!!!! (very different and mad against the others :))

  2. Mark Brown – The Journey Continues (Thomas Gold Dub)

    just wanted to ask: “Which Dub?” [4am or Classic?]

  3. @Max – It’s a funky house mix which works well. Sometimes people like to hear something they know but I understand that sometimes people don’t like remixes of commercial artists.

    @Architect – It’s the classic mix that I play but the 4 am mix is good too but a bit darker.

  4. Hey, i really loved the dont stop the music wideboys track wekks ago.. but everybody plays it and it’s on the radio so often. I just can’t hear to it anymore. And seeing it on #1 at present makes me feel :/

  5. Yeah, I know what you mean Max.

    I had the original Spiller “Groovjet” on an import 12″ for about 8 months before it came out again with the vocal on it. Then it got played everyday here in the UK about 20 times and I couldn’t stand hearing it.

  6. you need to be featuring one of the biggest hits for 2008…
    H TWO O Ft Platnum – Whats It Gonna Be
    Its a MOS promo althouh I have another cdr. Been playing it for the last month and punters love it after the T2 success.
    Was about since middle of last year, I like the speed garage remix for its commercial potential. However the Vandalism and Thomas Gold Remixes are really nice for the right club.

  7. Nice one mate. I’ll check it out as I haven’t heard it.