News : Seamus Haji Interview

 Saturday, January 5th 2008, 12:00 pm

Seamus Haji is one of my favourite producers. He’s as super-talented producer and DJ (although I’ve never actually seen him DJ myself) and you can always rely on his remixes and productions to fill my funkier dancefloors. So before Christmas I found this great interview with him on via the DJ Sounds blog. In it he talks about how his awesome remix of Tweet’s “Boogie Tonight” influenced Ministry of Sound to create the “group” Booty Luv and the other tunes he is remixing (…the interview is a few months old so most of these mixes are out now). He also talks about his DJ’ing techniques and how he’s no longer using vinyl. So check out this great interview from an awesome producer and you might learn a few production tips.

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  1. I watched the interview.Kool,but im commenting on the picture with the jager,very nice.That should knock any flu right on out.Love the stuff.Keep up the great work.I wasnt sure on how much djs add to tracks.So i downloaded a few origanals and the virtual dj link on your home page and its not easy.Thanks for doing it for us Mr.Cruze.Loving it>>>E.T.

  2. Yeah, jaegermeister will kill anything, including me! 😉

    Remixes are often totally new tracks which is sometimes good and sometimes not.

  3. thanks for the kind words plihip …. i was not familiar with bruce haak until i read your post …. quite an impressive dude.i’d be interested in watching the documentary …. is it online anywhere?++