News : In The Studio With Steve Angello

 Thursday, January 10th 2008, 6:02 pm

Have you ever watched something that has really motivated you? Well I found this video of legendary Swedish House Mafia member and amazing house music producer Steve Angello online and it just blew me away.

I have always been a very technical house producer and I understand some of the more technical aspects of production, but sometimes you see a few simple tips that can make all the difference. In this video he’s putting together a new track for the Future Music readers and he makes a funky, distorted electro track with only a kick drum, a hi-hat and a bassline. He also discusses how to compress your bassline to make it swing with the track and if you watch some of the other videos which appear on the side of this one, you’ll see how he arranges his tracks. You’ll learn more about music production in half an hour of watching these videos than you will from reading any books or websites. Awesome stuff!

Check out some of the other Future Music videos from Stonebridge, Coburn and The Freemasons too for more top producing tips.

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  1. F**king H**l ..
    those Videos are awesome … hehe 😉
    u know what i mean mate !
    see u soon

  2. The certainly are mate and I know they’ve given you loads on inspiration too.

  3. what program is he using ??

  4. what program is he using

  5. He’s uses Logic as his sequencer and he’s using the Jupiter 8 VST plugin as his synth (on the first making a track video).

  6. Werry Interest…

  7. Glad you like it The Golo.

  8. i buy future music / music tech / sound on sound / computer music every month guys and ave since day 1… if ya have missed any vids or things off there id be happy too mail some …… and the compressed bassline of angellos is very cool… i thought we all had the side chaining dwn years ago guys! …djntwelveinch!

  9. If you post them on YouTube or Google videos then let us know as I’d love to watch more of them. I’ve got a couple of recent issues but nothing has impressed me as much as this set of vids.

  10. i bought one 2day and theres a guy called matti…erm..i forrgot his last name …any way i put it on and it proper spun me out cos he did nearly every thing the same as i do from his pluggins and presets and his arrangement only thing differnt was he uses logic and im massive on my live 7.. anyway cruze mate i shall get hosting some vidz for ya soooon! 🙂

  11. I don’t really think it matters which sequencer you use as long as you know as much as you can about it. I’ve used Cubase for a long time and my friend, yes you Alex, wants me to use Logic. I played with it and I just didn’t know enough about it to make good use of it. So it’s the ideas and not the tools!

    Looking forward to seeing some more videos mate.

  12. b4 i used ableton i was massive on cuebase too mines the old sx,not sx3 or v4 ( i love it) still once ive laid my traxx down in ableton i always export it back to cuebase as stems and finsh up in there for automation and mastering as i think the outputs on cuebase just sound loads better than ableton (wow i sounded like a rate pro then….check me out!)

  13. I like Ableton too mate but I can’t quite get my head around recording MIDI parts in it. It just doesn’t feel like it does in Cubase for me.

    Send me some of your tunes when you’ve done as I’d like to hear them.

  14. check out my myspace, my trax on there are over a year old now and need updating but ive just uploaded a newer track for ya to check out, and i think ive gotta remix on there too…….

  15. Nice one mate. Will check the tracks out.

  16. ive put the rong track on my myspace thats not one of mine!!!!! i could get in serious doo da for that!!

  17. Take it off then! 😉

  18. dude i have now its just all my tracks are in a folder ready to mixx and i grabbed the one nxt to the one i shoulda put on lol..

  19. Are you still going to post some vids djntwelveinch?

  20. Nice video man,but short….why didnt u make it bigger….???

  21. @Rikimaru: I didn’t make the video. Someone else put it online and it’s from the UK magazine Future Music.

  22. ok i get it,but…do u know where can i get Jupiter 8..?? would be nice to have it…


  23. Go and buy it!

  24. Ghetto ppl always look for illegal versions..!!thats why the question came up…


  25. In this video Steve uses Cubase, not logic pro..
    I’m sure looking at the interface..

  26.’s logic