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 Tuesday, January 29th 2008, 6:55 pm

M-Audio Ozone

Yes, it’s been awfully quiet on the DJ Cruze website recently hasn’t it? I thought 2008 would be the year of more than 1 post per week but so far I’ve been wrong. Sorry about that.

So what’s been going on then? Well, I’ve been struck down by the winter vomiting bug not once but twice in the past month so that has wasted a week of my life. Aren’t viruses annoying?

Other than that I’ve been sorting out a new gig in Germany which is on the 23rd February 2008. I’ve been hassling the promoter for the details and flyer for the gig but he’s being slack so I’ll post the details when I get them. I think the gig is in Sinsheim but I’m not 100% sure! It’ll be an old school, retro night full of the funky old tunes from the early to mid 90s so expect plenty of madness and scratching! Remember the good old days in Vibration! 🙂

I’ve also been hitting the studio pretty hard as I’ve got lots of projects that I’m working on. Firstly, I’m going to be having a full release of my “Cease” track from a few years ago but it’s getting a bit of a 2008 remake. Gone is the St. Etienne vocal sample and instead we have some wicked female vocals. The vocal isn’t finalised yet but it’s sounding great. I’m going to give the production a re-rub to bring it into 2008 and with any luck it should be out in February or March on Metrogroove Records. It’ll feature a funk-filled remix from World Of Colour and probably another, as yet undecided, remix from an up and coming producer.

And talking of World of Colour, I’ve just finished a remix for their new track “Change” and it’s sounding damn funky! I’ll be playing it on the new podcast which should turn up in your podcatcher this week so look out for it. With a fantastic vocal, funky bassline and a big string breakdown, the Funkfinders remix is going to sound great on any dancefloor.

Finally, I’ve been creating a dirty electro remix for my good friend, and fellow DJ, Alex Harmony’s new tech house track “Nayati”. You can check out his version on his myspace page. The Funkfinders mix is a slab of deep, dark and dirty dancefloor madness and I’ll be giving you a sneak preview of it on a future podcast.

So watch this space for details of the Germany gig and episode #37 of the DJ Cruze podcast should appear at the weekend.

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  1. Jip baby jop wahts up man? I have thought to you, an you famly.Wahts going on.I see you have a big projekt…cool How it goes yours familie??
    Ja here in stuttgart nothing goes! music ist in to to the floor, no good local one more..shit..
    Good music comes from manchester!! so the time is coming fly to german kids!! Dady 🙂
    I have heard what, but I do not know whether you this has. I find it hammer very good mix
    Wez clarke – someday (original instrumental) maybe you have…
    So i must lerning for my examination for the master’s certificate but i thing we see ourselves auf der dacefloor. I become slowly old, but for manchesterhous I give 100% gass.
    So Hey mr.Cruze Keep on Groove and take easy.Andre

  2. Glad your better now lol, looks like you have plenty of projects at the min all exciting i bet.
    Any way can’t wait for the next podcast, need to hear some new fresh tunez !!!
    Take care,

    Luv Danielle

  3. Happy New Yizzle, Mr. Littemizzle! Been a while since I’ve checked the site…

    Here’s wishing Clare, Tiny Littlemore and yourself all the best for ’08 🙂

    So you is headed for full-on production & remixing stardom, innit?! Niice… Glad to hear you’re getting more into that side of things, there’s certainly a lot of potential there. Fancy posting your progress on here so we can all have a listen-in and slag it o- provide you with constructive criticism?

    Will do my best to make it to Sinshome in Feb.

    Time to download them latest podcasts then.

    Tough love


  4. I know what’s it’s like mate, although I was only struck down with that bloody virus once…and it was slap bang in the middle of the xmas break!

    That’s great news about the tracks, can’t wait to hear the new version.

    Cheers, Rob

  5. @Andre – Thanks mate. Will be good to see you in Germany. That Wez Clarke tune is a nice remake of an old classic.

    @Danielle – It should be online on Saturday night UK time so look out for it.

    @Kev – Yes, drop me an email and we’ll hook it up mate. Sorry I haven’t been on Messenger in a while so haven’t caught up.

    @Rob – Yeah, bloody viruses! My little boy now has one too! I’ll drop you an email about the tracks mate.