Podcasts : Episode #37 – Change

 Monday, February 4th 2008, 10:28 pm

DJ Cruze Podcast #37 - Change

Original photo by VictoriaPeckham – Photoshop skullduggery by DJ Cruze!

At last. A new podcast! Yes, yes, I know. As always it’s been far too long between podcasts but it’s finally here. Episode #37 of the DJ Cruze podcast brings you another hour of the slammingest (…that’s not a real word…) club tunes from the world of funky, chunky house and electro house. Also included is a DJ Cruze exclusive. On tonight’s show you’ll find the world exclusive play of my remix (known as the Funkfinders Remix) of World Of Colour’s new track “Change”. It’s a funky house remix in the Haji & Emanuel or Simmons & Christopher style and it’s got a big old string breakdown. Let me know what you thing of it in the comments below. It should be coming out as part of a remix package on Metrogroove Records so watch this space for more details.

Enjoy the show and get in touch if you want a shout out.

Get the podcast downloaded here:

Download podcast episode #37.

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] NJoi – Plastic Minds – New Black Records
    • [00:06:12] Chanel – Dance (Carl Ryder Club Mix) – Hed Kandi
    • [00:12:09] David Jordan – Sun Goes Down (Hi Tak Dub) – White
    • [00:17:09] Marco Denmark – Tiny Dancer (Moto Blanco Mix) – 3 Beat Blue
    • [00:23:06] Out Of Office – Break Of Dawn (Club Mix) – Frenetic
    • [00:28:34] H Two O – What’s It Gonna Be (Vandalism Remix) – Ministry Of Sound
    • [00:34:38] Addictive – Gonna Be Mine (Simmons & Christopher Remix) – Gusto
    • DJ Cruze EXCLUSIVE
      • [00:40:50] World Of Colour – Change (Funkfinders Remix) – Metrogroove Records
    • [00:47:02] DJ DLG – Paramount (Dave Armstrong Remix) – Huge Records
  • Cruze classic from 1996:
    • [00:52:30] CJ Bolland – Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand Van Helden’s Drum ‘n’ Bass Mix) – FFRR

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24 comments about this post

  1. Hey Mate !
    It´s not Sinzheim it´s Wiesloch !
    That´s the information on Subculture.de ….
    But anyway … again a really cool Podcast !!
    Luv this one ….
    So don´t forget your Piano on the 23rd ….. LOL
    Hope to see you soon in good old Germany
    Cheers Stefan

  2. Damn! I read your email and thought it was in Sinsheim! 🙂
    I’ll bring plenty of pianos! 😉

  3. hey mate,

    we see ourselves
    there . and I will totally rock .

    everything must come

    very nice Location 🙂
    Ringstraße 6
    69168 Wiesloch


  4. .. have still forgotten what . all DJ Cruze and his funky house love, should come to Wiesloch … the Schmidts Schlachthof must burn . everything must come

    the Jägermeister is waiting for you…:-)

    wir sehen uns in Wiesloch


  5. come to canada!!!!

  6. You never dissapoint…
    Loving the tracks, It’s already had 3 full plays today already! Your remix is rocking– I’d expect nothign less from the master Cruze. 😀

  7. Hey Marc,
    Great podcast mate.Makes me smile since a long time!I love the Marco Denmark tune a lot this time (Moto and Camel remix both are great).
    World of colour ;)GREAT REMIX !!!
    I hope to get a few days off over the weekend to come down to Schmitds slaughterhouse to rock the dancefloor with you.
    speak soon

  8. @Florian – Thanks for the info mate. Looking forward to seeing you there. Jaegermeister crew is in the house!

    @Addydub – If you know any promoters who want to book me then I’m there!

    @Neil MG – Thanks mate! Glad you’re loving the tunes.

    @Sascha – “Schmitds slaughterhouse”? Now I’m scared! 😉

  9. Superb podcast mate – well worth the wait. 🙂

  10. Thanks mate! It was only a week (and a bit) later than I promised! Haha!

  11. woooo i was so happy when i saw the podcast online, it was so worth the wait got some wickid tunez on there.
    You never fail to disspoint. Thank you !!!

  12. I totally agree to this comment: woooo i was so happy when i saw the podcast online, it was so worth the wait got some wickid tunez on there.
    You never fail to disspoint. Thank you !!!


  13. @Max and @Danielle:

    It makes me happy when so many people enjoy the tracks so thanks for the love! I’m just sorry that I can’t get the shows out as quickly as I used to.

  14. 23.02.08 Vibration is coming home baby 🙂
    and Marc outdoors it is cold you understand me 😉 hahaha
    do not forget the MC for the gig?? :-):-)


  15. Yeah mate! Vibration is in the house! Manchester is in the house! But no MC! Haha.

  16. World Of Colour – Change (Funkfinders Remix) – Metrogroove Records

    What a track this is – lovin this mate all the way….Quality !

    Paul in Bolton ( banging this track out )

  17. Thanks Paul. I’m glad you’re liking my remix mate! 🙂

  18. ..no Problem mate..I am the MC for the gig..
    You scared now…haha 🙂


  19. MC Florian in the house! I look forward to your MCing my friend! 😉

  20. Love the music!!!

  21. Hi, This podcast is just great! I hope you are feeling better and that your little boy is well too.

  22. @Adam – Thanks man!

    @Tatiana – Thanks! Daniel and I are both much better now thanks! 🙂

  23. One of your best, thanks very much! Particularly love the Chanel song, Tiny Dancer and Gonna Be Mine. And who could resist getting up and jumping around to the NJoi track? 🙂


  24. Thanks Tinstaafl.

    Yeah, NJoi are for the old school ravers! 😉