DJ Dates : Vibration Revival Party, Schmidts – 23rd February February 2008

 Wednesday, February 13th 2008, 1:54 pm

Vibration Revival Party, 23rd February 2008
Finally I received some information about the party I’m DJing at on 23rd February 2008. It’s going to be an old school party with some of the funkiest house tracks from the 1990s. For those of you who aren’t from Germany, Vibration was a club in Germany where I DJed from 1994 until the late 90s. It was an awesome venue and we had some of the greatest parties there.

So come on down to:

Ringstraße 6
69168 Wiesloch
Deutschland / Germany

for some funky old school house tunes. I’ll be helped by two good friends and great DJs, Alex Harmony and Luke 45 so expect plenty of madness and Jaegermeister!

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  1. Hi Marc!
    Old school party? Don´t forget sweet harmony then 😉



  2. Haha! Would I forget that tune for a Vibration part? I don’t think so Alex! 😉
    Hope you’re coming to the party.

  3. Yea Baby Yea !
    Cant wait to Party ….
    I have two day´s off from work after the party weekend !
    So bring on the Jägermeister and some
    Wodka Redbull then ….
    See you soon

  4. Nice one Stefan! See you and Nicole there!

  5. Yea Let’s get ready to Vibration Sound…. dont forget Piano breakbeat and Sweet Harmony
    see ya……

  6. I DEFINITELY will try to come, let’s see how the kids are. Currently all a bit sick. But we will see us, don’t know how, but I’ll make it happen. 😉 Maybe another ride back to the airport sunday?

    Love from Marta to Claire, Daniel and you!


  7. We are going on down for Mr Cruze…

    big shouts to Manchesters No 1 and the rest from the milk & Vibration Posse!!!

    can’t believe that 2008 is a Vibration Revival Party 😉

    Yeahhh…that’s what we need at these days.

    so we will Dance to the Sound of Manchesters FuNkY Underground…keep on moving Mr Cruze

    C ya (“,)

  8. @Ceelight: Nice one mate. I drop you and email and hopefully we can get together again. Would be great to see you and the kids.

    @Kai: Looking forward to seeing you at the weekend. Get read to party hard!

  9. @Andrej: Sweet Harmony is already in the box. It wouldn’t be a Vibration party without it!

  10. hey mate,

    let me be your Fantasy is in the box??? 🙂


  11. Don’t be stupid! I’d never put that in the box of classics mate! 😉

    Seriously though, I’ve had a really hard time getting the box of classics together. Too many of them have great memories from Vibration. I’ve got enough to fill 3 boxes and I need to sort them into 1 box that’s not too heavy to carry! It’s going to be 8 hours of party tunes!

  12. Awesome night!

  13. Nice one Rob. Glad you had fun.

  14. As in the title, been listening to your podcasts for a year and like what you do and the way that you are doing it so bounce the location to a brit Jamaican so that bashment and meta skanking can happen.



  15. If you can get me a gig in Jamaica then I’ll come over Neville!