Charts : 24th February 2008

 Tuesday, February 26th 2008, 2:00 am
  1. The Ting Tings – Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix) – Columbia
  2. Buzz Junkies – If You Love Me (Thomas Gold Remix) – AATW
  3. Till West & Eddie Thoneick – Hi N Bye (Smax & Gold Remix) – Phunkwerk
  4. Fragma – Toca’s Miracle 2008 (Wez Clark Funky Dub) – Positiva
  5. R.I.O. – De Janeiro (Thomas Gold Remix) – AATW
  6. Garage Jams – Snowflake (Future Freakz Vocal Mix) – Gusto
  7. Das Pop – Fool For Love (SebastiAn Remix) – Ugly Truth
  8. Loveshy – AM To PM (Thomas Gold Remix) – AATW
  9. Deepest Blue – Miracle (Club Mix) – Destined Records
  10. Cahill – Trippin’ On You (Thomas Gold Remix) – 3 Beat Blue
  11. Utah Saints – Something Good (Ian Carey Remix) – Data
  12. Bimbo Jones – And I Try – White
  13. Love To Infinity – Keep Love Together (Moto Blanco Remix) – AATW
  14. DJ Chus meets Peter Tha Zouk – There Is A God (Original Stereo Mix) – Musica Diaz Toro
  15. Lee Dagger & Jaime Jay – Can’t Do It Like Me – White
  16. World Of Colour – Change (Funkfinders Remix) – Metrogroove Records
  17. Digital Devotion – Heaven (Digital Devotion Remix) – Turbulence
  18. Dmitry Fyodorov – 1b-1 – Adrian Recordings
  19. Louis La Roche – Love – White
  20. Sam Sparro – Black And Gold (Steve Pitron and Max Sanna Remix) – Modus Vivendi Music

10 comments about this post

  1. Alright mate, the Germany gig looked good. The Thomas Gold remix of the buzz Junkies tune is quality and I am quite liking the Moto Blanco remix of the love to infinity tune at the minute! 🙂

  2. Yeah, the gig was really good thanks mate. Thomas Gold’s remixes are really doing it for me at the moment especially that Till West & Eddie Thoneick tune.

  3. Well seems we are sharing some infinity atm. Your top 3 all being on Febs podcast 🙂

  4. maybe afinity hehe

  5. Nice one mate. I need to write a post about your podcast! Sorry I haven’t done it sooner.

  6. no hurry, we are all busy bunnies.

  7. hey mate,
    how are you doing?
    what is the plan for the next gig in Germany??

    cheers Florian

  8. @Utopia – Thanks for being understanding mate!

    @Florian – Just checking out the next gig at the moment mate. Will let you know.

  9. Hey Dady yes this gig was very very big thanks for the music,i think this mix wasn`t not recorded??
    Big Thanks Andrej

  10. No problems Andre. No, it wasn’t recorded unfortunately. 🙁