Podcasts : Episode #38 – Apocalypse

 Monday, March 17th 2008, 9:29 pm

DJ Cruze Podcast #38 - Apocalypse

It’s time for another hour of funk-filled tunes from DJ Cruze and tonight’s episode is no exception. I’m bringing you another show filled with the best house and electro tunes that are rocking my dancefloors at the moment. We’ve also got an exclusive from the up and coming Dutch producer Duart Jansen who brings us an awesome disco cut-up with his new tune “What U Want”. Thanks for giving me the track mate!

Also, the classic this week is a classic Hardfloor remix of Mory Kanté’s “Yeke Yeke” which has always been a massive tune for me. Great African vocals with the acid madness that only Hardfloor can supply. A wicked tune!

Enjoy the show and get in touch if you want a shout out. And don’t forget to comment on the show below and tell me what you think.

Get the podcast downloaded here:

Download podcast episode #38.

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] The Ting Tings – Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix) – Columbia
    • [00:06:18] Garage Jams – Snowflake (Wideboys Twisted House Dub) – Gusto
    • DJ Cruze EXCLUSIVE
    • [00:17:04] David Jordan – Move On (Wideboys Dub) – ZTT
    • [00:21:19] Loveshy – AM To PM (Thomas Gold Remix) – AATW
    • [00:27:18] Till West & Eddie Thoneick – Hi N Bye (Smax & Gold Remix) – Phunkwerk
    • [00:34:33] Jay Cox – Close Your Eyes (Stargroove Club Mix) – M-Trax
    • [00:40:03] Deepest Blue – Miracle (Club Mix) – Destined Records
    • [00:48:03] Arno Cost & Norman Doray – Apocalypse (Sebastian Leger Remix) – CR2 Records
  • Cruze classic from 1995:
    • [00:56:03] Mory Kanté – Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Mix) – Ffrreedom

20 comments about this post

  1. hey Mr.Jägermeister haha:-)

    thanks for the another awesome podcast..


  2. Thanks Florian! Hope you like the tunes.
    I don’t think I’m Mr Jägermeister after my last experience with it! It beat me down! 😉

  3. Yea I knew what you mean …
    Viel zu arg !
    But yes indeet another awesome Podcast Mate 😉
    Great Classic ….good memory´s of the good old times!!
    Don´t forget about …. somthing special … LOL
    Cheers Stefan

  4. Thanks mate. What’s the something special? I’ve forgotten already! 😉

  5. Somebody want´s to do an Classic – Podcast ….
    Not sure who mentioned that ….
    To much Jägermeister you knew 😉
    By the way happy Easter !
    Cheers Stefan

  6. yeah Mate,

    i like the tunes..and what a wicked classic is this…back in the good old days in
    the vibration…


  7. wicked podcast again Mr Cruze, and good choice for the classic tune brings back some memories for me.

    take care, and hope all is well.


  8. Thanks for this, the funkiest DJ!
    “Hi n Bye”… Yeah, massive tune, but I more enjoyed the “Guitarra mix”
    “Duart Janson”… Thanks for the info
    “Yeke Yeke”… vocals sound very nice
    – Thomas Gold – … Does he ever sleep? 🙂

    P.S. still waithing for that official release of “Cease!”

  9. oh, and yeah, finally finished downloading all of your podcasts! 🙂
    P.S…”waiTing, Duart JansEn”… sorry for those mistakes I made above…

  10. @Stefan – Yeah mate! Definitely too much! I remember now so I’ll get it done.

    @Florian – Glad you like the classic. It’s a wicked tune!

    @Danielle – Thanks! Glad that you like the classic tune. I love Hardfloor’s acid mix.

    @Architect – Thanks mate! I prefer this mix of Hi N Bye to the Guitarra Mix but that’s still good too. Agreed that Thomas Gold doesn’t sleep! I’ll tell Duart that you liked the track.

    “Cease” is being remixed as we speak. I’m taking off the vocal sample and we’ve got a new female vocal on it. Just waiting on the vocals from a great vocalist in the US and when it’s done you’ll hear the new version on the podcast.

  11. Cool podcost! Miracle and am to pm are hot tracks. big greets Max

  12. Thanks Max. Yeah, great tunes. Thomas Gold is one of my favourite producers of the moment and I love his mix of “AM to PM”.

  13. Another slammin’ mix! Love that “Hi N Bye” remix.

  14. hey mate,

    check the tune..Yoav Club Thing (Funkerman Mix) is it not so funky,but cool and

    happy easter


  15. @Juan – Thanks man! It’s a great tune isn’t it?

    @Florian – I played the Redroche mix of this as you can see by my chart from early February but the Funkerman mix is good too.

  16. Tuned into your podcast for the first time today. Great work!! The reasons why I tuned in you may or may not find interesting.

    I am lusting over a beautiful Mancunian woman from Oregon, USA who I have made acquaintance with online recently. She digs “funky house and old skool retro,” which I have no experience with at all. In order to get up to speed so I can figure out what makes her body move, I have started with your podcast.

    I would love to give a shoutout to you and Ms. Tammy Hoyle of Manchester, England from the Rokudenashi Radio Hour in Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA. I plan to play the Duart Jansen song you spun on this podcast to introduce my audience to this phenomenon they call “house” music. Cheers! CTID

  17. Thanks for the info DJ DogBite and I’m glad you’re enjoying the tunes. I’ll give you a shout out on the next show.

  18. Absolutely love the Duart Jansen track – what I wouldn’t do for a copy of this track. Fancy having anyone killed? I’m that desperate! :p

  19. Glad you like it stargalaxy. I’m sure you can contact Duart via his myspace page and he might well give you a copy of it.

  20. Nice to see, that so many people like the track! thanx for the support!