News : Finally upgraded!

 Thursday, April 10th 2008, 10:52 pm

My new server - a Vic 20

I’ve finally found the time to upgrade my old WordPress installation which runs this site. After reading far too many security scares and getting scary emails from friends, thanks Si, I thought I’d better get it sorted.

So hopefully you won’t notice any difference but I’ve had a few issues with the podcast feed and my mod rewrite rules. If anyone notices anything wrong, either on the site or via the podcast feed, then please get in touch. Hopefully it’s sorted now but I had to get my WordPress install to play nicely with Feedburner

Now that I’m down with the cool kids running WordPress 2.5, I think I’d better get my website in order so watch out for some changes over the next few weeks. I’ve got some good ideas so hopefully I can get them implemented soon. Or perhaps a new podcast would be preferred by the masses! Don’t worry. It’s coming! 😉

Update: Looks like the podcast feeds have been changed so my iTunes downloaded the last 5 episodes again. Sorry about that! You’ll just have to enjoy them all again! 😉

4 comments about this post

  1. yeah mate.

    how are you doing?? do you make your website same? what does, Vuish? does prickle not even him again in the fingers?;-)
    And what ist the plan for gigs in Germany?
    you could also put the Viedeos of the gigs in Germany online would be funny:-)is this a good idee??and still thinks of the promised mix for the rocking boys from Germany hehe:-)


  2. Hey Florian,

    The website will hopefully become much better as I think it’s feeling a little bit old. It’s too hard to find things so I want to make it easier for the user.

    Vuish is still alive and he’s fine! Maybe I’ll get him to do another mix.
    Yeah, I’ll do an old-school mix for you guys when I get a chance!


  3. No worries mate. Was about time you upgraded 😛

    My podcast site seems to be quicker since the upgrade but that could just be in my head lol.

  4. I think that the new WordPress backend is speedier for me too.
    Think they implemented some better caching and less database accesses so perhaps that’s why.
    Now I’m getting all geeky! 😉