News : The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)

 Tuesday, April 15th 2008, 11:36 pm

The Whitest Boy Alive - A bunch of geeks!

This has to be THE tune of the summer! I’d never heard of The Whitest Boy Alive but as soon as I heard the Essential Selection last week and this tune kicked in, I immediately recognised the distinctive vocals of one of my favourite singers, Erlend Øye from Kings Of Convenience.

Now Fred Falke has turned this moody little tune into an amazing summer anthem by adding some great electric pianos, a classic Falke bassline and a haunting main synth line. All of that extra production complements Erlend’s haunting vocals and I seriously can’t hear this tune enough.

Check it out on You Tube below:

Here’s the original mix too if you want to hear it. Not as funky as Fred Falke’s mix but it’s still got a nice vibe about it and Erlend’s wicked vocal style.

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  1. Hey Boys, great sound. Dj Cruze your mixes are the best! Greetings from Switzerland.

  2. hey mate,

    we all wait for the new podcast.. do it willenlos;-)


  3. thx for the info! Youtube forever! 🙂
    yeah, Pete Tong’s Essential Selection really is huge, but still not as funky as yours, so, hope you come out with some new podcast or with that classic mix…
    We all are waiting 😉

  4. @Jack: Thanks man! Big love to my Swiss listeners.

    @Florian: New one should appear at the weekend mate. Hoping to get it done on Saturday or Sunday.

    @Architect: YouTube amazes me. It has almost every tune I’ve ever heard on there and even manages to get promos up there too. New podcast should arrive soon and I’ll try and get a classic mix sorted as soon as I can.

  5. Classic Track

    Falke Bassline and the whole track sounds like the good old Daft Punk sound !!!
    Excellent .. just waitin for a DUB version .. and it will then on my iPOD !!!

    WICKED mate

  6. Hey man alles ok? the sound is cool i like it… i found still what
    is my favorit: Culture Beat- You Love (extended mix) must you absolutely listen!!

  7. Thanks mate. I’ll check it out.

  8. @Alex: Your comment went into the spam folder mate. Sorry! You used to love vocals and now you’re all about the dub! 😉 Erlend’s voice is amazing mate! You need this version on your iPod!

  9. Yeah its a fine tune and will be on this months podcast.

    Love this too… Kraak & Smaak – Squeeze Me

  10. Another top tune mate and an awesome video!

  11. Hey Mark, thnaks for the note! Funny that you caught us 10 episodes ago… Invader Zim is quickly becoming a daily show at our house. BTW – great gamertags!