News : Scratching with cassette tapes

 Friday, April 18th 2008, 6:00 pm

Anyone who has seen me DJ’ing knows that I like scratching. I scratch a lot in my DJ sets (although not very much on the podcasts!) and I love to watch technical scratch DJs like Q-Bert, A-Trak and DJ Craze. I got into DJ’ing back in the late 80s because I was a wannabe hip-hop kid. I realised pretty quickly that I was terrible at rapping, even worse at graffiti so I pestered my parents to get me a set of turntables so I could learn to mix and scratch. So I love scratching and turntablism but this video I found via Music Thing is crazy!

DJ Ramsey (an Arizonan DJ I think and not the DJ Ramsey that plays garage over here in the UK) switches turntablism back to the 80s and becomes cassetetapism! He takes two boomboxes and scratches, beat juggles and cuts up tunes by twisting the tape spindle and playing with the tape head. He’s a genius! Check him out:

Via: Music Thing

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  1. Now that’s sweet as. Don’t think I actually own a cassette player or a video play come to think of it :S

  2. Will have to buy you one for Christmas Si so you can get scratching! 😉