News : Alex Harmony – Sonnendeck EP

 Monday, April 21st 2008, 11:10 pm

Alex Harmony - Sonnendeck EP

I have to give a massive shout out to one of my good friends, Alex Harmony, who has just released his first EP “Sonnendeck” on Germany’s Club City Music label. It features two rocking tech house tunes, Artefacts and Sonnendeck. You can check out both of them on the media player on the Club City Music website right now so head on over there.

Artefacts is a great deep and dubby track with its dark vocoded vocal breakdown and Sonnendeck brings us a massive wall of sound that reminds me of an old Orbital track (…I can’t remember which). I think that “sounding like Orbital” is praise enough for his first release and you should look out for the EP on Beatport soon. Make sure you pick it up if you like it deep and dirty!

Big love to you Alex and you beat me to it mate! 😉

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  1. hey mate,
    good news from Alex.nice track..


  2. Yeah big up to the man Alex Harmony!

  3. go Alex, go Alex, go Alex 🙂


  4. thanks marc for the nice review …. and thx Florian as well ..
    let’s see what coming in the future .. 😉

  5. No problems mate! You deserve the praise!

  6. What a surprise! Great!

    Hope to see you all soon…


  7. Nice one Thorsten! Hope to see you soon mate.