News : Kings Of Spit Mashup

 Friday, June 27th 2008, 9:18 am

I’ve just been pointed at a wicked bootleg mash-up of Spit’s “Falling” (Daddy’s Groove Magic Island mix) with the classic acapella from Kings Of Tomorrow’s “Finally”. Works really well. What do you lot think?

Although I don’t normally directly link to MP3 files I’ll make an exception just this once. If you like this mash-up and want a direct download link then click here.

Update: I’ve decided that it’s not worth being flagged as an MP3 blog so I’ve taken the link down. Enjoy the video though and I’m sure you can find the bootleg if you want to.

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  1. cool track


  2. Yeah, a couple of people have sent me texts (SMS) saying the same thing. Big up to the main man who did it (…I’m not telling you!)

  3. hey mate,

    it is a test

  4. If you’re testing the gravatar then it hasn’t worked! 🙁

  5. hey mate,

    my foto is online…very cool 🙂

  6. Ah nice one. It’s working now. Must have taken a while to appear at the gravatar server or something like that. Good to see you again mate! 🙂

  7. where is it possible to get a copy o this track?

  8. I decided not to post the link as I don’t want my website to be misconstrued as an MP3 blog when it’s not. But if you ask Utopia (who made the bootleg) then he might help you. Here is his site.

  9. I understand:) thanks alot cruze. I try it out, amazing chooon 😀

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