News : Amazing scratching kids

 Monday, July 21st 2008, 11:59 am

All I could say was “WOW!” when I saw this video of DJ Sara (8 years old) and DJ Ryusei (5 years old). I’ve been scratching for about 20 years now and they’re so much better than me already! These two are going to go on to win the DMC world championship (a big scratching competition) before they’re in their teens.

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  1. Quality, aren’t they?

    Where did you notice it? I caught it on DJ Download’s “Earworm” blog:

    Do you reckon we should get Dan and Oscar on the decks next week, start training them early?

  2. Yes, I saw it there too mate. Meant to give it some link love but I forgot!

    Yup, let’s get the kids on the decks as soon as possible!

  3. Willelos !!!
    Kids !? Wicked scratch ….
    Cheers Stefan

  4. yeah…willelos 🙂


  5. They’re amazing aren’t they?!

  6. I’ve never really understood the point of scratching, to be honest. In some music genres, it works pretty well, provided the person doing it is actually good at it. But why on earth would anyone need to do it in a house set?

  7. You’ve obviously never heard me DJ in a club then mate! It works really well for building the crowd and getting them excited. Obviously you don’t want turntablism style scratching over house music but some cutting and scratching works really well for me.

  8. Yea baby Yea !!

  9. Thanks Stefan. You obviously like my scratching over house music. 😉