Charts : 17th August 2008

 Monday, August 18th 2008, 10:50 pm
  1. R.I.O. – Shine On (Spencer & Hill Remix) – 4th & Broadway
  2. Platnum – Love Shy (Soul Avengerz Remix) – Hard 2 Beat
  3. DJ Roland Clark & The Montanas – Music Talking (Fred Falke Remix) – Strictly
  4. Morgan Page – Call My Name (Thomas Gold Remix) – Nettwerk
  5. Kish Mauve – Lose Control (Fred Falke Remix) – YNYS Recordings
  6. Giant Jr – I Want To Be Evil (Spencer & Hill Remix) – White
  7. Spoon, Harris & Obernik – Baditude (Esquire Remix) – Toolroom
  8. The Orange Lights – A Few Good Days (Tom Middleton Club Mix) – Blackbird
  9. David Jordan – Place In My Heart (Cicada Remix) – Mercury
  10. Axwell & Bob Sinclar – What A Wonderful World (Dabruck & Klein Mix) – Defected
  11. Moby – Disco Lies (Spencer & Hill Remix) – Mute
  12. Nerved – I Love U (Dumb Dan Club Remix) – MMS Records
  13. Henrique & Danny Merx feat Anna McDonald – Waiting For The Night (Stonebridge Club Mix) – Velcro
  14. De Lacy & Marco Gee – Bodyswerve (Emme Gee Original Mix) – Champion
  15. Corey Gibbons – Secret Rainbow (Original Club Mix) – Kawa Music
  16. Brian Anthony – Worked Up (Raul Rincon Extended Club Remix) – 7 Entertainment
  17. Tastemakers – Colourblind (Soulmakers Remix) – Tasty Music
  18. Ladyhawke – Dusk Till Dawn (Linus Loves Remix) – Modular
  19. Georgie Porgie – Can You Feel That Sound (Fed Conti Original Club Mix) – Music Plant Group
  20. Flash Republic – Star (Prok & Fitch Floorplay Dub) – Just Music

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  1. Welcome back stranger. Here are my biggies from the weekend.

    James Talk & Ridney – Sunshyne
    Jean Claude Ades & Vincent Thomas – Shingaling
    ATFC – Just a beat

  2. Hello again, DJ Cruze! Well, I’ve got to agree with pretty much all of that chart, but I’ve now got to go ahead and upset utopia – I’ve changed my mind about “What A Wonderful World”. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the original is a pile of horse shit. But I must admit there is definitely something about the Dabruck & Klein remix which I’m enjoying.

    Welcome back!

  3. @Utopia: Yeah, I meant to post to tell everyone I was going on holiday but didn’t get the chance. Been playing catch up in terms of the tunes. I’ll check those out.

    @Poison Monkey: The Dabruck & Klein mix is loads better isn’t it. And I’ll admit that the original isn’t all that now I’ve heard the remixes. The EDX mix is good too if you like the Deadmau5 electro house vibe.

  4. hey mate,

    alles klar an der Bar :-):-)

    Justice / Phantom / what a great Sound you like it??you play it 🙂


  5. Hey mate. Yeah, I love the Justice, Digitalism sound!

  6. My one big tune for this week, really catchy!

    Kraak & Smaak feat. Bobby Nio – Plastic People [Prok & Fitch Vocal Remix] – Jalapeno Records

  7. Hi,

    I’m a DJ in the Houston, Texas. I’ve been DJing since 1984. Would love to have a copy of the Orange Lights track “A Few Good Days” the Tom Middleton mix. I don’t even mind paying for it so let me know if this is a possibility. Many thanks.


  8. @Poison Monkey: Thanks for the tip. Will check it out.

    @Mike Snow: Sorry but I don’t pass on any promos that I receive. It should be coming out soon so try Beatport, Xpressbeats etc. and hopefully you’ll find it.

  9. Wellcome back, DJ Cruze,

    My preferencies from your charts:

    Giant Jr – I Want To Be Evil (Spencer & Hill Remix)
    Spoon, Harris & Obernik – Baditude (Esquire Remix)
    Georgie Porgie – Can You Feel That Sound (Fed Conti Original Club Mix)

    Could not agree with Moby – Disco Lies (Spencer & Hill Remix) ’cause (Freemasons Club Mix) sounds much better…

  10. Yeah, I like both the Spencer & Hill and Freemasons mixes. It’s hard to choose sometimes and because I get a lot of new tunes I sometimes don’t listen to them for more than a minute or two before deciding! 😉