Podcasts : Episode #42 – Music Talking

 Sunday, August 24th 2008, 10:44 pm

DJ Cruze Podcast Episode #42 - Music Talking

What a terrible month August has been. A couple of days of sun and plenty of rain. It’s horrible. So what better way to kick out the UK’s “summer” than episode #42 of the DJ Cruze podcast!

I’ve got another hour of funky and chunky house tunes for you to get your rumps shaking to! I thought I’d kick off this week’s show with some darker electro tunes that I’ve been enjoying over the past month. Thomas Gold gives us a moody remix of Morgan Page’s new track “Call My Name”. Next up is the Ian Carey remix of David Rubato’s “Deep Inside” which is one of Ian’s electro house mixes which he’s been churning out recently. We then have Sweden’s Dumb Dan on the remix of an apparently famous rock track (I believe) by Nerved.

As you can see from this week’s tracklisting there are loads of remixes from the German production duo Spencer & Hill. Their remixes of Moby, R.I.O. and Giant Jr are rocking my box this month and I’m sure they will bring us even more funky house tunes before the end of the year. Also, check out the Young Punx remix of Giant Jr’s “I Want To Be Evil” if you like your dirty electro. It’s another wicked remix.

Two of the biggest tunes in my box this month are Platnum’s “Love Shy” remixed by the Soul Avengerz and Fred Falke’s remix of “Music Talking” by The Montanas and Roland Clark. The first is a massive piano driven remake of the old Kristine Blond classic. Then we’ve got a remix by my favourite producer at the moment, Fred Falke. He turns the track “Music Talking” into a French disco monster. When the bassline drops the crowd goes wild! A HUGE track!!

Next upI’ve got a new Dabruck & Klein remix of “What A Wonderful World” by Axwell & Bob Sinclar. This original version of this track caused quite a bit of comment on my blog as it was a love it or hate it track. This new version takes is down the electro house route and I think it works well. Finally we’ve got a DJ Cruze classic in the shape of “Into My Heart” by 6 by Six. I used to play both the original mix and also this bumping, piano remix by Grand Larceny. A classic which I’m sure the people who remember the party days at Vibration Club will remember!

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Get the podcast here:

Download podcast episode #42.

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] Morgan Page – Call My Name (Thomas Gold Remix) – Nettwerk
    • [00:06:41] David Rubato feat Manda Djinn – Deep Inside (Ian Carey Remix) – Gut Recordings
    • [00:11:54] Nerved – I Love U (Dumb Dan Club Mix) – MMS Records
    • [00:17:40] Moby – Disco Lies (Spencer & Hill Remix) – Mute
    • [00:23:22] R.I.O. – Shine On (Spencer & Hill Remix) – 4th & Broadway
    • [00:28:37] Platnum – Love Shy (Soul Avengerz Remix) – Hard 2 Beat
    • [00:34:34] The Montanas & DJ Roland Clark – Music Talking (Fred Falke Remix) – Strictly
    • [00:41:46] Giant Jr – I Want To Be Evil (Spencer & Hill Remix) – White
    • [00:45:44] Axwell & Bob Sinclar feat Ron Carroll – What A Wonderful World (Dabruck & Klein Mix) – Defected Records
  • Cruze classic from 1996:
    • [00:52:03] 6 by Six – Into My Heart (Grand Larceny Remix) – 6×6 Records

The image is based on a terrible Korg VC-10 vocoder advert as uploaded to Flickr by bdu! It made me laugh a lot whilst searching for “Music Talking” so I had to use it! 😉

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16 comments about this post

  1. amazing loved it keep up the good work marc

  2. yeah Marc,

    what a awesome podcast. and you bring the sun back….yes in Germany rain rain..

    and what is this classic….rocks rocks…

    any gig news mate….it is time 🙂

    thanks for the podcast….


  3. Hi Marc,

    A glorious shout from Manda Djinn “Deep Inside”.

    Thanks for the “gut” plug.

    Keep on keeping on,


  4. @Matthew: Thanks mate. Glad you loved the tunes.

    @Florian: I’m glad I warmed things up for you mate. No gig news I’m afraid.

    @Manda: Excellent vocal on that tune! 😉

  5. Platnum – Love Shy///// i like the piano sound…rocks rocks…

    The Montanas & DJ Roland Clark – Music Talking /// this is one of the best track I heard at
    The Moment…I can´t find a word….geil, fett rocks rocks….:-)

    6 by Six – Into My Heart /// this classic brings me back in the days…it is a vibration Sound…

    We must do an another back in the day Party…with old classic an the new sound…what do you think..?? Schmitz????



  6. great new podcast!

    “I Want To Be Evil” absolutley rocks… really awesome tunes 🙂


  7. ups mate…my PC is crazy 🙂

  8. @Florian: It’s ok – my spam filter caught the multiple comments and I’ve just put one up here. Yeah, Platnum and The Montanas are fantastic tunes mate! I will try and speak to Sven and see if he’s up for another old-school night.

    @Jules: Thanks! Check out the Young Punx mix too if you like dirty electro house!

  9. Music Talking, Love Shy, etc…
    Another brilliant selection dude.
    Thanx for the regular rays of sunshine!!!!

  10. Another quality podcast 🙂 I Want To Be Evil is f£cken awesome tune. Marc, please, please can you move your next podcast to the 18th. Am off to Majorca on the 20th and want to fire it up with some Cruze magic……

    Hope all is well. Remind me to donate, keep forgetting when the salary comes in 😛

  11. How the hell do you do it? Just about every single podcast you do starts with a belter, and carries on that way. My favourite track here has got to be “Call My Name” by Morgan Page, remixed to perfection by Thomas Gold. Looking forward to getting hold of the “Deep Inside” track for myself as well.

    If you like Dumb Dan, you might want to check out his own track called “On My Radar”, featuring Jeremy Carr on vocals. It’s out on his own Dumb Recordings label. I saw it recently on Juno Download and couldn’t resist buying it.

    Summary: You’ve done a sterling job, old chap! :p

  12. @Patrick: Nice one mate! Glad you’re enjoying the tunes.

    @Si: No need for any more donations mate. You’ve done enough already! I’ll see if I can sort the podcast out earlier but not sure I’ll manage it. 🙁

  13. Whilst I’m here, I might as well add one more suggestion. I think that you and Utopia (of Funky House London fame) should get together and make a joint podcast one day. I’d definitely download that!

  14. cweeza, we’re sitting in our funky beach villa in koh samui, thailand with 6 mates and needed some tunes to get us going…..so right now you are blasting out over the sea in south lamai rocking a small but funky party. we nearly just killed ourselves with some dodgy chinese fireworks. i hear there is a bit of protest in bangkok right now and the police/costguard just did a pass to check us out! guess they did not appreciate the gunshot sounds 🙂

    hope to see you soon zhen i come back to manc…it`s been too long !


    ps say hi to clare from tam & I

  15. Platnum – Love Shy (Soul Avengerz Remix) is excellent, Shine on and Disco Lies too old to appear in this DJCruze Podcast. Axwells What a wonderful world in the original mix is a love it for me however not the D&K mix.
    I want to be evil and music talking are great tracks also.

    Greets, Max

  16. @Poision monkey: Your first comment got caught in the spam filter. But thanks for the kind words mate. Will check out that Dumb Dan track. I don’t have enough time for my own podcast but I’d love to hook up with Utopia if I had the time.

    @Mootoon: Glad you and Tam are enjoying the tunes in Thailand. Yeah, don’t get caught up in the riots mate. We want to see you alive and well back in Bligthy (or if we come to Paris).

    @Max: Glad you like some of the tracks if not all! 😉