News : Chemical Brothers Midnight Madness Google Earth Video

 Wednesday, September 17th 2008, 12:00 pm

The Chemical Brothers - \"Brotherhood\"

To promote the release of The Chemical Brothers’ new (greatest hits!) album “Brotherhood” they decided to run a competition. They asked people around the world to film a short film clip, up to 20 seconds, on the theme of Midnight Madness, they’re first single. The clips were then uploaded to Google Earth via The Chemical Brothers website and they were all put together as a concept video using Google Earth.

Here it is:

The result was posted on their website on 1st September but I’ve only just caught up with it. Although the YouTube video has crappy compression on it, I think the concept is really good. The Chemical Brothers have really embraced user generated content on their website by allowing their fans to make a new video for them. Since the revamp of their site they’ve also included a per-gig tag for the fans to tag their YouTube videos and Flickr pictures with. They then aggregate this information and pull it back onto their site to get their fan’s views of the gigs. What a fantastic idea which no doubt keeps their fans coming back for more.

The official “Midnight Madness” video is here if you want to see it:

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