Podcasts : Episode #43 – Walking On A Dream

 Sunday, September 21st 2008, 11:22 pm

DJ Cruze Podcast Episode #43 - Walking On A Dream - September 2008

It’s time for another slice of funky house and chunky electro house to brighten up those dull days of autumn. What better way than episode #43 of the DJ Cruze podcast. It almost didn’t happen tonight due to a last minute hardware glitch but thankfully I managed to sort it out. I’ve just changed over to using my microphone via my laptop rather than an eight year old desktop PC which was feeling the strain but my audio interface decided it didn’t want to play nicely. Thankfully it’s all sorted now though.

So what’s on tonight’s show? Well, some awesome house tunes, that’s what! Kicking off the show we’ve got the awesome Phonat remix of the new Young Punx track called “Fire”. Phonat is an awesome Italian producer who always gives us top quality house tracks. Next up is a DJ Cruze exclusive! I’ve done given a house twist to an indie track by new band Empire Of The Sun. Their new track is called “Walking On A Dream” and I’ve turned an 80s synth pop track into a pumping French house tune with my Funkfinders Discoid Remix. Hopefully you’ll all like it but let me know what you think in the comments. It’s only a rough mix but once it’s finished I’ll post it online for you all to download.

The biggest track of the summer then turns up as I mix in DJ DLG and Erick Morrilo’s new track “Where Are You Now?” It’s the biggest summer anthem so make sure you turn it up loud! We’ve then got some nice and chunky electro house tracks from Deadmau5 and Shelltoe Allstars. Looks like the summer of 2008 is the time for hip-house to come back into fashion and I love it! Funkerman then gives us a mean and moody house track with “One For Me”. It reminds me of Fedde Le Grande’s remix of Camille Jones “The Creeps” and it’ll rock any dancefloor.

Another couple of dancefloor bombs appear in the form of Mark Knight and Funkerman’s remake of the Laurent Garnier classic “The Man With The Red Face”. The new Morris T remix is rocking my dancefloor at the moment. Then top Polish house producers Wawa team up with UK DJ Jason Herd with their latest track “The Right Way”. Another dancefloor slayer with a top electro house remix from Germany’s Chris Ortega.

Finally I’ve taken it back to the old school this month. Skynet UK give us a retro-sounding electro house track “Back To 89” with it’s old school synth stabs and vocal snippets. After playing that I couldn’t end the show without an old school Cruze Classic and I’m giving you the breakbeat monster that is “Bomb Scare” by 2 Bad Mice. An awesome breakbeat (or hardcore as we used to call it back in 1991) anthem which still rocks clubs for me even now. Who’d believe it was 17 years old!

I hope that these tunes keep you coming back for more!

Update: Seems like I didn’t completely check the audio and there’s been a bit of the Cruze Classic repeated which I hadn’t realised when I mixed it down to a WAV file to add the vocals. Sorry about that!
Update 2: It’s now fixed.

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Get the podcast here:

Download DJ Cruze Podcast Episode #43.

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] The Young Punx – Fire (Phonat Mix) – Mofo Hifi
    • [00:06:04] Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Funkfinders Discoid Remix) – CDR
    • [00:13:03] DJ DLG & Erick Morillo – Where Are You Now (Original Mix) – Subliminal
    • [00:22:18] Deadmau5 – Hi Friend (Original Mix) Mau5trap
    • [00:27:33] Shelltoe Allstars – King Of The Beats (Original Mix) – Hoxton Whores
    • [00:33:52] Funkerman feat JW – One For Me (Original Mix) – Stealth
    • [00:38:22] Mark Knight & Funkagenda – The Man With The Red Face (Morris T Remix) – Oxyd
    • [00:43:54] Wawa & Herd – The Right Way (Chris Ortega Mix) – JFunk Recordings
    • [00:51:09] Ian Widgery presents Skynet UK – Back To 89 (Original Mix) 852 Recordings
  • Cruze classic from 1991:
    • [00:57:56] 2 Bad Mice – Bomb Scare – Moving Shadow

The image is a still taken from Empire Of A Dream’s awesome video for “Walking On A Dream”. Take a look at it on YouTube.

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  1. hey mate,

    a fantastic podcast mate..nice tracks…

    and what a classic…rocks rocks.

    what is donating mate..sorry :-)how does it works??per Card??


  2. Thanks mate!

    Donating – you just click on the “donate” button at the top of the main page.
    It will then take you to the website of my webhost and you can pay via paypal or credit card (I think). Let me know if you have problems.

  3. ok Thanks mate..i do it 🙂 🙂

    This tracks rocks for me on the podcast absolutly awesome

    [00:13:03] DJ DLG & Erick Morillo – Where Are You Now (Original Mix) – Subliminal
    [00:22:18] Deadmau5 – Hi Friend (Original Mix) Mau5trap


  4. Thanks mate! It’s much appreciated.

    Yeah, both killer tracks aren’t they?

  5. Heya DJ Cruze,

    I just wanted to give you props for keeping kind of a schedule now for posting new podcasts! It’s been very consequent last couple of months, love it!


  6. Before I tell you what I thought of this podcast, I just want to ask you a question. For a while now, I’ve been keen to make my own podcast, similar in style to yours. How exactly do you record it? Is it like a radio show, where you do the mix and just talk simultaneously? Or do you do the mix first, and add the jingles and talking onto it later on? Always wanted to know.

    As for the podcast, got to admit I like your rework of “Walking On A Dream”. Nice to hear a remix of something which hasn’t been done to death a million times before, so well done for being innovative. Funkerman’s track is very… well, funky! Same with the WAWA and Jason Herd track. Another job well done.

  7. yes mate,

    this is killer,
    love it, love it, love it. this brings me back to some crazy lovin days!!!

    [00:51:09] Ian Widgery presents Skynet UK – Back To 89 (Original Mix) 852 Recordings
    Cruze classic from 1991:
    [00:57:56] 2 Bad Mice – Bomb Scare – Moving Shadow


  8. @Bas: Thanks man. I decided that the only way to be able to keep on doing the podcast whilst having a family was to schedule the time. So I make myself stick to the schedule otherwise it’d never happen!

    @Poison Monkey: Glad you like the remix mate. It was done with a sort of Fred Falke vibe in mind so that’s the angle it was coming from. I’ll post the finished track online as a high quality MP3 once I’ve fully finished and mastered it. Just couldn’t wait to play it on the podcast and see what people thought. As for how I do the show, I record the mix on it’s own. I couldn’t really talk and mix at the same time! I then put it into Cubase SX and record my voice-over whilst triggering samples for the jingles. I’ve also got a sidechain compressor so that the music goes quiet when I talk or the jingles come in. I then have a mixdown process to make it sound good (…which is basically another compressor and some EQ). I then make an MP3, add an image to it and sort out the MP3 tags and upload it. It takes quite a while (probably about 4 hours in total to get it finished) but I prefer it to sound good!

    @Florian: Old school baby! I thought you’d like Bomb Scare! Reminds me of some of the great Vibration parties.

  9. I’ve gotta say mate – your remix of “Walking On A Dream” is spot on. It’s interesting watching(!) your production skills progress so well over the last few years. I remember tuning into your Christmas Special (way back in 2005!) and thinking how cool your remix of Nat King Cole was. I know it was just a bit of fun but it had a certain touch of quality to it, that sound that gives some producers the edge over amateurs. Now you’ve got something released – all in just three years!

    Awesome selection of tunes anyway dude. I’m loving the return of hip-house as well. “Hi Friend” is a tune and I’m glad you picked up the Hoxton Whores bootie – next year is gonna be all about the old-skool hip hop beats. Maybe Jungle Brothers can jump on the bandwagon…?

  10. yeah mate..Bomb Scare one of the best hits back in the days in the Vibration..

    but the club what absolutely cool. with the area outdoors and the balcony.and the dance area.
    On top of the Chill out space… and the drugs were cheap…hahahaha :-)and the people was rocking the breakbeat and DJ Cruze Sound…today I cannot find thus any more.it was my best time ever…maybe we make a back in the day Party again direkt in the Vibration.What do you belive..what do you thing…i think the club where full…so many peoply that i know
    come there…i can ask :-)or look whether the club stands still :-)i think this only Russian parties 🙂



  11. Thanks mate! The remix still needs a little bit of rearrangement and some better mastering but I’m quite happy about how it has turned out. Let’s see if I can actually get some more stuff released in the next 3 years! I’ve been saying I’d release a tune back in 1992 (seriously!) and it’s only just happening now. Haha!

    Yeah, I love the hip-house vibe. The Jungle Brothers were on the original band wagon with “I’ll House You” so I’m sure they’ll be back!

  12. @Florian: Sorry your comment went into a spam filter so I’ve only just seen it.

    Yes, they were good days in Vibration and it might be possible to have a good party there again. But perhaps too many people are older and wouldn’t come back. Who knows! I’d love to DJ there again though. It was an awesome club!

  13. Thanks for answering my original question, DJ Cruze. Much appreciated.

    As for talk about the Jungle Brothers coming back, it has happened already – well, sort of. Earlier this year, a French DJ called Philippe B did his own rework “I’ll House You”. They managed to clear the original sample too. It came out on Zouk Records, with remixes from Mischa Daniels and Romain Curtis. Mischa’s rework is easily the best for me – check it here: http://www.junodownload.com/ppps/products/1310950-02.htm

  14. Hello!

    Your exlusive tracks remix “walking on a dream” is exellent, where can we download the full track ?
    thanks for your great podcasts

    a french listener from paris

  15. @Poison Monkey: No probs mate. I mean to post an extended version for everyone to read a while back but I wasn’t sure if it was too boring! Thanks for the Jungle Brothers tip. I must have missed that one.

    @Francois: Thanks for your kind words. I just want to finish the track off properly as there were some things I didn’t like. I should have it online in the next couple of weeks for you all to download.

  16. hello,

    baby D I need your loving…is a fantastic old school track…:-)


  17. It’s a big tune for sure mate. I’ll dig out some more breakbeat tracks to put as Cruze Classics. And maybe I’ll get round to doing that classic mix that I promised Stefan back in February!

  18. yeah mate,

    do it an classc mix for all the old Milk and Vibration Raver 🙂 🙂


  19. While you’re trying “brighten up those dull days of autumn” up there in England, we’re trying to cool down our hot nights of an impending summer down here in Botswana!!!!!
    ‘Walking on a Dream’. In One word – nice.

    As usual, you have a knack of putting together a cool selection of music. Oh, and I totally agree with Si Jobling’s comment about ‘progress’. I actually downloaded all your podcasts (from number 1) and have been listening to them while waiting for the new ones. You have a loyal fan here, dude. I hate saying this ‘coz it always sounds real corny, but anyway ‘keep it up’. 🙂


  20. @Florian: I’ll see if I can get it done before Christmas! 🙂

    @Patrick: Thanks for your kinds words mate! I’ll definitely keep on doing the podcast for as long as I can as I love playing new tracks for everyone. I’ve been DJ’ing for about 20 years now (!!) so I can see me carrying on for the next 20 at least!

  21. Dj Cruze, i love the french sounding tracks you put on, especially your opener this month, awesome, do you know were the young punx hail from? Your mix was superb of walking on a dream, your right very fred falke like, another legend. your a talented guy keep it up. Andy , Stamford

  22. Thanks mate.

    The Young Punx are from London I think. If you listen to their podcast, which is great, then he says that their studio is near London Bridge.

    I’ll be releasing the remix onto my site in the next week so you can download a high quality MP3 version of it soon.

  23. Back To 89 is really awesome mate!!!

  24. Yeah, a great old school sounding tune isn’t it?

  25. at the moment i’m listening to atb – let u go… reminds me of some great club nights a few years ago 🙂