News : Awesome Autokratz Video

 Friday, September 26th 2008, 12:00 pm

AUTOKRATZ – Stay The Same
by MaisonKitsune

I just came across this awesome video for the new track from Autokratz called “Stay The Same”. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t know much Autokratz until I heard this but they’re an electro-house (electro-pop?) act with a similar sort of vibe as Justice, Digitalism and the like. They’re based in London and sure we’ll hear plenty more of their distorted synths and quirky indie vocals in the months to come. If you want to pick up their album “Down and Out in Paris and London” then you can get it here.

Anyway, this video caught my attention as it has a real charm about it. It features loads of different animated sequences which showing things not staying the same! Check out the video (above) and hopefully you guys will like it too.

It reminds me of the old Royksopp video for “Remind Me”, which is possibly one of the best videos ever made! See it below:

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  1. I’m not very keen on Digitalism, Justice and acts like that normally, although I’m the first to admit I did enjoy the track “Zdarlight”. (remember that?) But I like this a lot.

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. I quite like the distorted French sound that’s about but it can become very samey. I’m going to pick up their album and see what it’s like. Sounds quite good.