News : Podcast Episode #44 delay

 Sunday, October 19th 2008, 9:34 pm

Sorry about this but after having a throat infection last week I’m in no fit state to get tonight’s podcast done. I don’t think you want to hear me croaking the shout-outs!

Hopefully I’ll be feeling better tomorrow and I’ll try and get it finished by Wednesday or Thursday this week. I feel bad as I want to keep a schedule but it’ll sound terrible if I do it now!

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  1. Bless you

  2. Haha! Is that for my sneezing? 🙂

  3. have drunk a warm beer mate 🙂 it is so terrible but it helps…it
    is an old oh i say in German…altes Hausrezept…:-) i can not say the word
    in englisch…you understand i think..:-)

    against sore throat helps wash up with salted water :-))so terrible..

    i feel better…

    barry white is in the house…:-)

  4. I think Hausrezept is “(house) prescription”.

    I’m feeling a lot better than I did over the weekend now so the podcast should be online by Thursday night.

  5. hey mate,

    this is a absolutly ELECTROMONSTER 🙂

    Deadmau5- Ghosts & Stuff (Mau5trap)

    i heart it on the Pete Tong Radio Schow 🙂

    best track for me at the moment….


  6. Yeah, I heard it too mate and I’ve been trying to find it ever since!
    I love the distorted church organ. Awesome track.

  7. hahahaha heart…..:-)

  8. ..i must go to an Englisch lessons..:-)

  9. I just thought it was a typo and not your bad English mate! Don’t worry about it.