Podcasts : Episode #44 – Better Days

 Wednesday, October 22nd 2008, 11:00 pm

DJ Cruze Podcast Episode #44 - Better Days - October 2008

Episode #44 of the DJ Cruze Podcast has come a few days later than I promised. Sorry about that. I had a throat infection last week and sounded like a bad Barry White impersonator. I’m sure you’d have pulled your earphones out of your ears had you heard a podcast with that voice on it. So better late than never we’ve got episode #44 of the podcast with plenty of funky and chunky tunes for your listening pleasure!

Kicking off the show we’ve got some electro house fun from Spencer and Hill followed by a great new track from Dave Spoon and Funkagenda. Plenty of synth basslines and some lovely piano and strings. Then we’ve got a great new remix of The Shapeshifter’s classic “Lola’s Theme”. They’ve taken it into the electro house realm with their 2008 re-edit but I still think it works well.

We’ve also got a few remixes of old classics from Shakedown and Toni Di Bart, both of which still keep the original vibe but with 2008 production values. Lovely! Ending the show we’ve got a killer Cruze Classic from Jimi Polo with “Better Days”. It’s a wicked remix by Sasha, back when he used to make piano tunes rather than his progressive sound of today. An awesome track which I have caned for years! Enjoy!

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Get the podcast here:

Download DJ Cruze Podcast Episode #44.

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] Spencer & Hill – Right On Time (Original Mix) – Tiger Records
    • [00:04:45] Dave Spoon & Funkagenda – Won’t Do It Again (Sunrise) – Big Love Records
    • [00:10:30] The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (2008 Re-edit) – Nocturnal Groove
    • [00:16:30] Soul Avengerz feat. Zena Chavez – Move (Ian Carey and Brad Holland Mix) – GFAB Records
    • [00:22:30] Shakedown – At Night (Seamus Haji Remix) – Panorama
    • [00:30:00] Jason Phats feat. Ben Ofoedu – Can’t Stop (Daft & Pearson Mix) – Data
    • [00:36:58] Redroche – Give U More (Original Mix) – Eyezcream Recordings
    • [00:41:58] Christian Falk feat. Robyn – Dream On (Moto Blanco Vocal Mix) – Data
    • [00:49:35] Tony Di Bart – The Real Thing (Wideboys Remix) – AATW
  • Cruze classic from 1991:
    • [00:56:16] Jimi Polo – Better Days (Sasha’s DMC Remix) – White

The image is from my record collection. Ah, the good old days of vinyl!

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  1. yeah mate,
    thanks for the awesome Podcast..great piano and vocal tracks..i like it…

    and what a wicked track…Tony Di bart…this give me a great feeling :-)absolutly
    fantastic track.and the classic rocks rocks rocks for me..back in the day..a great
    vibration hit 🙂
    say hello to vuish…how does it go for him??

    oh.and..THANKS THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT juchuuuuuuuu…



  2. This isn’t the first time that the track “Won’t Do It Again (Sunrise)” has been released, as it happens. It first came out in early 2007. However, with a piano riff like that, it was bound to come back for a second run, wasn’t it? It’s why I love house music!

    The rest of the podcast is excellent, although I’m currently undecided on the Seamus Haji remix of “At Night”.

  3. @Florian: Glad you like it mate. Yeah, not sure if Tony Di Bart is a bit cheesy or not but I quite like where they’ve gone with the remix. Vuish is fine and I’ll say hello to him when I see him. No problems for the shout out.

    @Poison Monkey: I must have missed it the first time round. There are too many tunes that come out each week! If they didn’t sell well the first time then they often come back again and often with a vocal. Think it works well without though. I quite like the Haji remix of Shakedown but nothing beats the Kid Creme remix!

  4. I totally agree. I notice the track “At Night” appears on loads of compilations, but they always use either the original or Mousse T remix. The Kid Creme one is easily the best of the lot, but it never appears on them!

  5. The original is obviously the classic mix but I love the funk on the Kid Creme mix. I assumed it’d be the biggest mix but obviously you and I have more discerning tastes than the compilation makers mate! 🙂

  6. he mate,
    i like the Kid Creme mix

    let me think what do play for a classic on the next podcast..you know i have psichic powers 🙂


  7. heya gotta tell u this that i really appreciate your work n mixs… tryed reachin u to get shout out , but couldn coz dint kno how to get in contact wit u….. well i love your podcasts … your makes my work and my animation institute active… thanks for the best music..

  8. @Florian: Yes, it’s the best mix. As for the next classic – I promised a girl from Mannheim (Nessa) that I would play a track that she wanted so you’ll have to wait and see.

    @Pratik: I’m glad you’re enjoying the mixes. Just click on contact at the top of the page to get in contact with me.

  9. Great to have a new episode of the podcast ….
    Tunes to feel young again ….
    love the classic tune !
    Cheers Stefan

  10. Thanks mate!

  11. Hey man, been a while, loving this mix, congrats. Still looking for that interview lol. Currently DJin in the middle east until Christmas. Check out my last two podcasts. Two episodes for October and the progressive house mix I especially pleased with. Over 10000 copies out this month! Anyway gotta get down the beach, catch you soon matey.

  12. Hey mate – Your mixes get automagically downloaded via your podcast feed so I’ve enjoyed them both. (I’ve not enjoyed the 2 hours plus that the podomatic servers took to serve each file though!) Loving your progressive / electro house mix!

    Let us know how your gigs are going out there.

  13. HeLlo Dj cruze the best dj!!!!!!!wmc2009 at miami i hope to see you there!!!!just continue like that you are the best!!!!!!!!!

  14. hey mate,

    david guetta is not my favorit but this rocks…


  15. @djlhyno – Thanks! I’m not currently going to WMC2009 but I’ll let you know if I am.

    @Florian – Nice tune. It’s got that current electro-house sound with a good vocal. I like it mate.

  16. great new podcast, man!!!
    “Move” and “dream on” are my personal favorites of this podcast! where do you get all these awesome tunes???? 🙂

    cheers, jules

  17. Thanks Jules.

    I get sent some tunes as promos and I buy others from Beatport, Xpressbeats and Traxsource.

  18. Brilliant podcast, Marc!!

    Absolutely one of my favourites, and getting more playtime than anything on my iPod these days.

    Many, MANY thanks. Keep ’em coming!

    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  19. Thanks Grant. I’m glad you’re loving the tunes!