Charts : October 2008

 Monday, November 3rd 2008, 10:28 pm
  1. Deadmau5 – Ghosts N Stuff – Mau5trap
  2. Young Punx – Mashitup (Goshi Goshi Remix) – Mofo Hifi
  3. Wawa – Time – Wawa Traxx
  4. Spencer & Hill – Dumb Party – Tiger Records
  5. Pryda – Rafunk (Paolo Mojo’s Back To 1983 Remix) – Pryda
  6. Redroche – Give U More (Original Mix) – Eyezcream Recordings
  7. Eskimo Disco – Japanese Girl (Fred Falke Club Edit) – 54 Records
  8. Shakedown – At Night (Seamus Haji Mix) – Panorama
  9. Inkfish & David West – Hello Piano (Sebastien Leger Remix) – Mistakes Music
  10. Spencer & Hill – Right On Time (Original Mix) – Tiger Records
  11. Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Funkfinders Discoid Remix) – CDR
  12. Haji And Emanuel feat Bryan Chambers And Beverley Knight – The Pressure (Original Mix) – Big Love
  13. Soul Avengerz feat Zena Chavez – Move (Ian Carey and Brad Holland Mix) – GFAB
  14. Comfort Class – Shibaba (Kut & Swel Remix) – Muschi Tunes
  15. The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (2008 Re-edit) – Nocturnal Groove
  16. Cubetronix – That Sound (Henry John Morgan Re-edit) – Hollister Records
  17. Christian Falk feat Robyn – Dream On (Moto Blanco Vocal Mix) – Data
  18. Pimp + Jam feat Norma Lewis – Feel U Feelin Me (Hustler DJs Club Mix) – Nightingale Global Records
  19. Jason Phats feat Ben Ofoedu – Can’t Stop (Daft & Pete Pearson Mix) – Data
  20. Tony Di Bart – The Real Thing (Wideboys Remix) – AATW

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  1. “Ghosts N Stuff” as number one? What drug is everyone taking this week? I really don’t get what’s so good about this tune. It’s probably the most unfriendly track DJ-wise that I’ve come across in ages – how the hell do you get this in and out of the mix? Still, cos it’s deadmau5, he gets away with it.

    I agree with nearly everything in the chart.

  2. Have you got a bootleg mix of it mate?! I didn’t think it was unfriendly to mix at all. It’s got drums at the start and it pretty easy to mix. You could always do an edit of it in Ableton or a wave editor if you think it’s not DJ friendly. That’s what I do.

    I think it’s a great tune with a massive breakdown and a dirty-assed bassline. What’s not to like about it? Deadmau5 has done some dull stuff too (as can be seen on his recent album) but he’s done some quality tunes too.