Podcasts : Episode #45 – Ghosts N Stuff

 Sunday, November 23rd 2008, 12:07 am

DJ Cruze Podcast Episode #45 - Ghosts N Stuff - November 2008

Wow! I’ve actually managed to post episode #45 of the DJ Cruze Podcast early. It’s unheard of! Yes, I managed to get some free time this week to do the mix and record the vocals for the show so I’m putting the DJ Cruze podcast online at the start of the day rather than the end. In the words of Hannibal from the A-Team: “I love it when a plan comes together!”

So what’s on this week’s podcast then? Well, I’ve got some phat and funky tunes for you that’s for sure. Kicking off the show there’s a great remix of indie band The Hours by Calvin Harris. He turns “See The Light” from an indie guitar tune into a great house track. I love the bad scratching of their piano riff. It works really well. Then we move onto Chris Lake’s latest track “Only One”. Scottish house producer Chris Lake never fails to deliver the goods and this is a pumping electro house track with a great haunting vocal.

German producers Spencer and Hill feature heavily this month with two tracks off their “Most Wanted EP” on Tiger Records. Solid electro house tracks as always from these guys. Man of the moment Deadmau5 brings the title of this month’s prodcast with his epic electro houser “Ghost N Stuff”. Look out for the cheeky bootleg re-edit by Funkfinders (aka DJ Cruze aka me) with the extended breakdown and hat-tip to the new President elect of the United States. Finally you guys get someone who (hopefully) knows what he’s doing!

The podcast then heads into old-school rave territory with tracks from The Young Punx and Rob Freejak. I’m loving the old breakbeat driven rave-influenced tunes that these guys have come up with. Some of the so-called fidgety rave house tracks that are out there leave me a bit cold but these two come up trumps. We’ve also got a killer house track from Bimbo Jones with hot UK producer eSquire on the remix. Quality percussion and a great vocal on the track “And I Try”. ESquire is one of the hottest UK house producers around so make sure you check him out.

The Cruze Classic this week is an awesome house remix of Jamiroquai’s “Space Cowboy” by David Morales. A wicked track that stayed in my box for many years and I’m sure you’ll love hearing it again. And that’s about it so I hope you enjoy the tunes on the podcast.

If you enjoy the show then get in touch and tell me what you think or want a shout out. Also, why not consider donating some money so that I can cover the costs of producing the show. With the amount of downloads I have, it’s not cheap! And finally, don’t forget to comment on the show below and tell me what you think.

Get the podcast here:

Download DJ Cruze Podcast Episode #44.

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] The Hours – See The Light (Calvin Harris Remix) – Is Good Music
    • [00:05:21] Chris Lake – Only One (Original Mix) – Rising Music
    • [00:11:05] Spencer & Hill – Dumb Party (Original Mix) – Tiger Records
    • [00:15:34] Future Funk – Wildberry Tracks 2008 (Jerome Isma Ae Original Vocal Mix) – Ambassade
    • [00:22:32] Deadmau5 – Ghosts N Stuff (Funkfinders Obama Re-edit) – Mau5trap
    • [00:28:53] The Young Punx feat Laura Kidd – MASHitUP (Goshi Goshi Remix) – Mofo Hifi
    • [00:33:26] Rob Freejak – Is Everything Cool? – Hollister Records
    • [00:38:13] Bimbo Jones – And I Try (eSquire Remix) – White
    • [00:44:57] Spencer & Hill – Most Wanted (Original Mix) – Tiger Records
  • Cruze classic from 1994:
    • [00:49:37] Jamiroquai – Space Cowboy (David Morales Classic Club Mix) – Sony

The image is from Super Ghouls And Ghosts. Old school games rock!

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  1. hey mate,
    how does it goes for you..you are ok??

    you make my world complete :-)great work mate.
    many thanks for the awesome podcasts over and over again
    the best funky house musik.the best schow in the world…
    i am glad always totally about the Schow

    great tracks..i like all the track…

    Chris lake…great vocal and great baseline..i like it..
    Spencer & Hill great Dumb track and great baseline in the backround

    Deadmau5 Ghost N Stuff ist absoluty my favorit track….rocks,rocks,
    and i thanks the people you vote for Obama..in the USA…yes we can:-)

    and what al classic…OLD SCHOOL rocks..

    any gig news???i hope we see us next year in Germany..

    you rock mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cheers your big fan

  2. At 33m26s, you start Rob Freejak’s new track. It ends at 48m13s, according to this. Now I know he’s a brilliant producer, but are you sure his latest track lasts 15 minutes? πŸ˜›

    Hard to choose a favourite track from this selection, but I would have to go for Chris Lake’s “Only One” if pressed. Sterling work as always, DJ Cruze!

  3. @Florian: Thanks mate. Glad you’re into the tunes. No Germany news I’m afraid.

    @Poison Monkey: Thanks for typo-spotting! You’re a lot more awake than I am. It’s been corrected now. Yeah, a 15 minute track is heading towards a Sasha progressive house epic! I like the Chris Lake track a lot too mate.

  4. Hey Marc,

    Nice job again! Lovely tracks… btw, i heard that empire of the sun original on your website, even that original version is great, but u shure managed to turn it up a notch…
    I’ll send u some new promo’s soon…

    Greetz, Duart

  5. Thanks Duart.

    Got your new tunes and they’re great (as I told you last night!)

  6. Awesome Deadmau5 Remix πŸ™‚

  7. Yes Dude,

    i really love the first track .. can you see the lights. It make me smile all over my face !!
    nice work with the re-edit ! I like the chorus at the speech from oboma … grrr, WOW.

    Classic tune .. i love it a lot.

    Would be great to see you soon again .. maybe we could get together some time πŸ™‚

    say hallo to your family.

  8. Still downloading… for some reason i got a slow connection today. Are you going to treat us with a Christmas mix this year? If you are, I-I-I can’t wait… πŸ™‚

  9. @Dominik: Thanks mate. Not so much a remix as a re-edit but I thought Obama’s speech worked well over the top of the breakdown.

    @Alex: Yeah, that Calvin Harris remix is great isn’t it?! We’ll definitely have to get together mate. It’s been far too long. Will email you and perhaps arrange a weekend to come to Germany.

    @Patrick: Sorry about the download speed. Sometimes Dreamhost (my hosting company) may have some problems so maybe that’s why. There will hopefully be a Christmas bootleg track if I managed to get it started and also the “best of 2008 mix” before the end of the year.

  10. great new tunes, man!

    MASHitUP is a really freaky rocking track… but sounds as awesome as Ghosts N Stuff πŸ™‚

    nice greetings!

  11. Hey Cruze, “See The Light” made my day, thanks a lot.

  12. yeah mate come to Germany and geht together with Harmony πŸ™‚

    tell me when you come to germany…


  13. @Jules: Yeah, check out the original mix of MASHitUP too. That’s wicked as well. The Young Punx have a unique style of dance music which always keeps them fresh.

    @Sergey: It’s a great pop-house track which works really well. Listen to the original track to see what he’s taken for the remix. And the video is weird!

    @Florian: I’ll let you know when I come over, even if I’m not DJing, and we’ll get together for a few beers. Or perhaps Alex and I can organise a small party somewhere for the original Vibration crew! πŸ™‚

  14. ..yes mate..that is a great Idea…we can go in the city of Karlsruhe:-) or Mannheim.
    and we have a nice time with many beers and many JÀgermeister.or go in a club and have fun.:-)

    i speak to alex…

    wold be great to see you..


  15. Ok mate. I look forward to it!

  16. Hay Man whats up?Is time to cruzen..when you come to germania??
    Take isy Andre

  17. Hopefully soon Andre but nothing is happening yet! πŸ™

  18. cheers
    cruz bose i know you are performing outstandingly creations are appropriate for funk house ,electronica,rave,trance,dance,techno ,deep house also so we can say a must required musicmania for night club flavour well cruz you are like brother to me and i really appreciate your doings brother i asure you that i am going to help you continue these postcasts as much possible for me may be not this time but certainly in the time to come well as i am from india so even i am engaged in the same creation what all you are doing to continue this programme also i would appreaciate the working of your pal onephatdj so try to stay in touch if you want any help please let me know we all can lift up to more hieght all this wonderful creations but all together we can make it possible globally if we unite also i am popularising you guys in my country hope we stay in healthy touch in future finally hatsoff to you crue
    stay fit
    dr dj sheet kause(cause)

  19. Thanks for your kind words dj sheet kause.

  20. Dj Cruze
    awesome awesome awesome
    love your style and your mixes
    carry on the good work look forward to the next podcast


  21. Thanks Harry. Glad you’re liking the tunes.
    Next podcast is due at the weekend so make sure you download it.

  22. hey mate,

    I am in a German forum in it with more than 1000 People earlier in the vibration have celebrated. And they would like to organise a vibration party in the vibration. The vibration is altered at the moment. If you also hung up and do what a Mann must do..Vibration sound.:-). However, a date does not stand yet. thinks if it becomes warmer..i think the party gos in the summer…
    . a vibration party without Cruze is not possible πŸ™‚

    I wish you and your family a mery Christmas and a good nextt new year… I hopes we see us the next year.

    cheer your big fan

  23. Florian – Yes, I’ll definitely do it. I’ve sent you an email. Merry Christmas mate!