Podcasts : Episode #48 – The Best Of 2008 Mix Part 2 – The Electro House Mix

 Tuesday, January 13th 2009, 11:49 pm

DJ Cruze Podcast Episode #48 - Best Of 2008 Mix - Part 2 - The Electro House Mix

Here’s part 2 of my “Best Of 2008 Mix” and it’s 70 minutes of electro and progressive house goodness! There were plenty of great tougher house tracks in 2008 and hopefully I’ve chosen the best ones for you.

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Best Of 2008 Mix – The Electro House Mix Tracklisting

[00:00:00] Marco Demark feat Casey Barnes – Tiny Dancer (John Dahlbäck Mix) – 3Beat Blue

Tiny Dancer is one of my favourite Elton John tracks and this electro house version was a big hit in 2008 for Marco Demark (and not Marco Denmark as I called him for a long time!) Hot Swedish tech-house producer John Dahlbäck turned this track into a jumpy electro house track with a nice breakdown. Lovely!

[00:05:39] Pryda – Rafunk – Pryda

Ask most people who the hottest electro house producer of 2008 was and I’d guarantee that a high percentage would say Sweden’s Eric Prydz. The Swedish House Mafia producer released so many high quality tracks in 2008, most on his Pryda label, and “Rafunk” is no exception. A chunky and funky bassline and some haunting strings make this a winner.

[00:10:22] Deadmau5 – Hi Friend (Original Mix) – Mau5trap

Ask the people who didn’t say Eric Prydz was the hottest electro house producer of 2008 who it was and they would probably have told you Deadmau5 instead. The hot Canadian producer blew up to be one of the most in-demand DJs and producers in 2008, producing loads of big tracks and remixes. The track “Hi Friend” features MC Flipside on vocals and takes hip-house into the 21st century with its dirty beats and bassline. A massive track!

[00:15:49] ATFC feat Yasmeen – Tell U Y (New Jack Swing Original) – Strictly

Aydin The Funki Chilli has been a huge house music producer since the mid 90s and has always featured heavily in my charts. This year ATFC reinvented himself, moving away from the older disco-house sound and moved into tougher, electro house territory. This track came out towards the end of the year and features a dirty, bouncing bassline and a great vocal.

[00:21:43] Inkfish & David West РHello Piano (S̩bastien L̩ger Remix) РMistakes Music

Another big French house producer blew up in 2008 and Sébastien Léger was his name. He’s been around since the late 90s and like AFTC, made a name for himself with more of a disco-cut up house sound. In the past few years he’s been playing and producing a tougher, tech-house sound and this track on his own Mistakes Music label is a great example of his work. A progressive house track which builds and builds and finally drops down into an epic breakdown.

[00:28:07] Passenger 10 – Mirage (EDX’s 5un5hine Remix) – White

Swiss producer EDX is another of 2008’s success stories and last year was the year he became a household name for his remixes and productions. His name appear on remixes for lots of bigger named artists and his productions had a similar feel to Deadmau5’s production style. Passenger 10’s “Mirage” rocked my floors with its building bassline and awesome strings.

[00:34:35] Buy Now – Body Crash (Laidback Luke’s Remix) – La Mode

Dutch producer Laidback Luke had a fantastic year in 2008 and his remix of “Body Crash” by Buy Now (aka Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso) was huge. Featuring a disco sample of “Let’s All Chant” and a dark and moody bit-crushed bassline it featured in the charts of all of the A-list DJs.

[00:40:18] Arno Cost & Norman Doray РApocalypse (S̩bastien L̩ger Remix) РCR2

This is probably one of my favourite tracks of 2008. Young French house producers Arno Cost and Norman Doray gave us “Apocalypse” and Sébastien Léger turned it into an anthem! Awesome arpeggiated synths take us to a massive breakdown. A fantastic track.

[00:48:11] Erick Morillo & DJ DLG – Where Are You Now (Original Mix) – Subliminal

This was the summer anthem in Ibiza and was hammered by loads of the top DJs. Canada’s DJ DLG teamed up with the infamous Erick Morillo for this electro house monster. Check out Morillo dropping it at WMC to see the crowd’s reaction.

[00:57:18] Dirty South & Axwell – Open Your Heart (Vocal Mix) – Axtone

Two of the biggest producers, Dirty South and Axwell, teamed up to bring us this massive electro house track on Axwell’s Axtone label. Featuring an old school vocal, a massive bassline and big strings it blew up big time and cemented both producers reputations for producing anthems.

[01:04:25] Sebastian Ingrosso & Laidback Luke – Chaa Chaa (EDX’s Marakesh Souk Remix) – Size

EDX gave us another great remix of Sebastian Ingrosso and Laidback Luke’s “Chaa Chaa”. It ends my electro house mix with a quality progressive house track with EDX’s trademark string sound. A great end to a year of quality electronic house music.

So I hope you enjoyed the tougher “Best Of 2008” Electro House Mix as much as the “Best Of 2008” house mix too. Hopefully 2009 will bring us another year of top notch tracks and I look forward to compiling the “Best Of 2009” mix next year.

Awesome picture of a Moog Little Phatty by Synhack, used under Creative Commons licence.

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  1. a great Mix again ))
    i hope they will make a revivel party this year so i can join the party and see you there.


  2. hey mate,

    i can say awesome tracks…great Mix 🙂

    party is planned in the Schmids in Wiesloch in March as well as I have got or.
    I hope this functioned and you come to Germany..you was away long enough 🙂


  3. @Kai – Thanks mate.
    @Florian – Glad you liked it mate.

    Yes, I’ve just heard from Swen and I’m sorting out the party. I’ll let you know when we’ve finalised the date.

  4. you are still the best !!!!!!!!

    a long time i have not write here

    first happy new year to you Dj

    and for me still running with your music!!!!

    bye !!!!


  5. Thanks Bananakiller and a happy new year to you too!
    It’s been a long time since I’ve written on my website too.
    Hopefully I can change this in 2009.

  6. hey mate,

    play on the next podcast Sneaker Pimps spin spin sugar (Armand van Helden mix )

    seey you at the Schmids in Germany to the revivel party i hope…:-) 🙂


  7. I’ll dig it out for you Florian.

    Just trying to sort out the date for the revival party at the moment so watch this space!

  8. so 14. march you come to germany ))

    so now give us a vibration classic mix to lisent to it till the party starts ))

  9. …yes yes 14 march welcome Home 🙂 lets start the party…

  10. hey mate,

    7.march is better for me..:-)

  11. hehehe florina you are fast

  12. Hey Marc,

    first, wicked podcast…I really like the funky electro beats on it..very well done!!! Can’t stop listening to it..even at work.

    Second, which date is it now?? The 14. or the 7th of March????

    As you could imagine..can’t wait to party with you!!!!!

    So, looking forward seeing you back to Germany soon…
    Huggs & Kisses

  13. @Kai and Florian: You guys know the dates before I do! 🙂

    The flights are now booked for 7th March 2009 so I’ll see you at Schmidts then! 🙂

  14. yes we do))

  15. Kai – Do you want to be my agent in Germany then?! 😉

  16. @Nicole – Sorry, my spam filter caught your comment. I’m coming over on 7th March now.

  17. ..yes mate,

    i make a lot of promo…
    I get even Flyer to distribute from Swen 🙂


    see you at the Schmidts…

    Jägermeister is in the house 🙂

  18. @Maec

    so you give us a mix befor you come?

    Jaegermeister i love it.

  19. i mean @marc 🙂

  20. @Florian: Thanks mate. Sometimes I think that promoters think they can just put a DJ on and do no promotion so it’s great that you’re helping! Make sure you tell people on the Vibration forums too!

    @Kai: Yes I’ll be doing one or two more podcast. Sorry, I’ve just been busy with my daytime life and I’ve done 2 mixes in January already! 🙂

  21. Hey Marc,
    Sounds good with the gig 🙂
    I`m dj myself on 7th march…but i try to cancel the gig!
    Would be much better to dance on the floor @ slaughter house with you 😉

  22. yes mate,

    I know what you mean…:-)

    no problem mate…


  23. @Sascha – Would be good to see you man. Let me know if you’re coming.
    @Florian – Perhaps you can be my private promoter! 🙂

  24. a agent and promoter hmm you need some more in germany ?

  25. @Florian das heisst wir muessen nix zhalen sondern bekommen noch geld ))

    i know marc you know some german and maby understand this ))

  26. I don’t have any agent in Germany any more Kai so you’re more than welcome to become mine! 😉

    Und ja, ich kann die meistens verstehen aber habe viele vergessen! 🙁

  27. hey marc,

    from now on I am your privat promoter.:-)

    here in the vibration forum nearly 80 people have already announced to come to the event. it is great. if it thinks becomes full. 🙂

  28. @marc so then its time you come more to germany again to learn it again

  29. How annoying is that siren about 36 mins in? It got the mix chucked off the stereo at work!

    Good mix though dude – nice to hear the word Manchester from out here in Sydney, I miss the cold and the rain sometimes!

  30. @Florian – Nice one! I’ll buy you a beer if they all turn up! 😉

    @Kai – You can teach me some more German then.

    @Gav – Yeah, the siren is a bit ear-piercing isn’t it?! Haha! You don’t miss the cold today mate, trust me. It’s snowing over here and it’s grim driving in it.

  31. Sup guys. I posted recently but the post failed to show up!

    Oh well second anniversay podcast is live and celbrating 63k downloads in 2008. Its a progressive mix and gaining some nice feedback.

    Jan podcast is also up, its pure funky house and Ive been playing the tunes out all over the place this weekend as well as preparing to return to Dubai in Feb for some sun, sand and …

    If you dont know my site. I am sure Cruze will pass you the link 🙂

    best wishes Andy

  32. Congrats on the 2 year anniversary mate. I’ve got the podcast on my iPod and it rocks.

  33. hey mate,

    a lot of snow in England:-) 🙂

    but do not forget to announce the date of the party in Schmidts on your homepage.

    see you


  34. I was waiting to get the flyers from the promoters of Schmidt’s but they’re not fast! 🙁
    Will post about it anyway this week, even if I don’t get them.

    Yes, plenty of snow in the UK but not so much in Manchester.

  35. hey mate,

    I also wait for the Flyers from Swen would like to distribute some… now I am your privat promoter. I must do what for the beer that you pay 🙂 hahaha

    pass the week go to Swen in the Schmidts and look what is going on 🙂 🙂

    Die Party im Schmidts wird super, ATACKE und FEUER FREI, WILLELOS :-):-)

  36. He’s not very good at getting things promoted quickly is he?! Let me know if you get them and I’ll send an email to Schmidt’s.

  37. hey marc !!

    i wait for the new podcast ))

  38. Should be online tonight Kai. Sorry, I have been really busy again!

  39. iam waiting iam waiting ))

  40. I’m uploading. I’m uploading!

  41. Действительно интересно. Ждем новых сообщений по этому же поводу 🙂

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