Podcasts : Episode #49 – Flashback

 Thursday, February 12th 2009, 11:33 pm

DJ Cruze Podcast #49 - Flashback - February 2009

As always it’s been far too long since the last podcast. After making two best of mixes (part 1 and part 2) for you I decided to not publish a podcast in January to give me a brief rest! But I’m back now with another hour of funky and chunky house music for 2009.

So kicking off the show this week is a great new track from Jimmy D Robinson, a grammy nominated musician and poet, with a funky remix from Josh Harris. Coming in after that is the Bimbo Jones remix of the classic Kid Kudi vs Crookers track “Day N Night”. He turns out a wicked melancholic house remix which is a great contrast to the original. Following that there’s a heavy hitter from Doman and Gooding with their Carrie Lucas sampling “Runnin'”. The Ian Carey remix is the one that’s doing it for me and he brings out the pumping electro house bassline line along with the massive strings sample.

The biggest tracks for me on this show are Super Mal’s “Dow Dow” and Wolfgang Gartner’s “Flashback”. The former is a massive house track with a funky bassline and brilliant bit-crushed synth chords. I love it. And a big thanks to Sascha Lupeski for the tip on the Wolfgang Gartner track. Make sure you download his podcast too. You’ll love it it you love your house music phat and funky!

There’s also a DJ Cruze exclusive of a Bimbo Jones track called “Come On (Up)” which was sent to me by Lee Dagger from Bimbo Jones. It’s a bit of slow burner and it’s not the instant hit that some of their previous tracks gives you. I still think it’s a wicked track that you’ll grow to love. Finishing off the show this week is a huge Cruze Classic from Helicopter called “On Ya Way”. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve played that track over the years. A massive disco-house monster!

So I hope you enjoy this week’s DJ Cruze podcast and I’ll be back in March with more of the same. Don’t forget to comment on the show below and tell me what you think of the tunes.

Get the latest podcast here:

Download DJ Cruze Podcast Episode #49.

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] Jimmy D Robinson – A Tiny Shoe (Josh Harris Vocal Mix) – J Music Group
    • [00:05:54] Kid Cudi vs Crookers – Day N Night (Bimbo Jones Mix) – Fools Gold
    • [00:12:48] Doman & Gooding feat Dru & Lincoln – Runnin (Ian Carey Remix) – Positiva
    • [00:17:43] Rudenko – Everybody (Morjac Remix) – Data
    • [00:22:46] Steve Angello & Laidback Luke feat Robin S – Show Me Love (AC Slater Vocal Mix) – Data
    • [00:27:56] Super Mal – Dow Dow (Original Mix) – Bandito Records
    • [00:32:36] Wolfgang Gartner – Flashback (Original Mix) – Kindergarten
    • [00:37:32] Carlo Dall’Anese & Fabio Castro – Monday (Henry John Morgan Remix) – Oxyd
    • [00:43:34] Disco 12 – Maybe It’s Me (Original Mix) – Used And Abused
    • [00:48:36] Bimbo Jones – Come On (Up) – CDR
  • Cruze classic from 1993:
    • [00:55:37] Helicopter – On Ya Way – Tic Tac Toe

Original Flashback picture by Ewan-M, used under Creative Commons licence.

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  1. Ohhh..what do I see there??? A new podcast..yeah..yeah!!

    Thanks a lot Marc, we do know you have a awful lot of stuff to do and we really really appreciate every podcast you’re sending….

    Will send a feedback soon…

    hugs & kisses


  2. hey marc!!

    finaly 🙂
    nice podcast and the classics are uber…

    i hope you will play in the schmidts alot of classics and scretching ))
    cu there

  3. @Nicole: Thanks! I’ll be back on my regular monthly schedule from now on as it makes me get the podcast done. Otherwise other jobs get in the way.

    @Kai: Yeah, the classic is definitely “der Hammer”! There will definitely be lots of classics of plenty of scratching for you on 7th March in Schmidts.

  4. Hey Marc 😉
    Thanks for the shout out and the link to my page mate!
    This tune kicks as*
    Great show and big tunes as always…

    Bye the way… i hope you are well!?


  5. Marc,

    Thanks for another great podcast! 🙂
    Hope you and your family are doing okay in the English winter.
    Helicopter’s “Need U” definitely deserves another spin too… going to dust off record.


  6. Another cracking mix Marc, and loving Helicopter!

  7. Nice one mate! I was just itching for my new fix… Went to see Deadmau5 here in Sydney the other day after finding him through your podcast a while back – he was top. That Flashback tune is a good one, eh?

    If you’re looking for some inspiration for a Cruze classic or something, then I’d love a bit of Hacienda style madness – I know you drop a bit sometime. I’m actually wondering now why I’ve not heard any covers of Oceanic – Insanity? It would work well in Acoustic I think too… maybe save it for when I’m on Pop Idol!

    Tom Middleton, Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco all gigged here recently – the last two I really also got into after listening to your podcast a couple of years ago too! Give me a shout out would ya? Big up the Electro-Sydney massive!

  8. @Sascha – Nice one mate and thanks for the tip on Wolfgang Gartner’s “Flashback”.

    @Dom – Helicopter tracks were mostly great and it’s funny to see that they became one half of Basement Jaxx and one half of Mutiny who both carried on producing great house music.

    @Rob – Cheers mate. I’m loving your podcasts too!

    @Gav – Yeah, sorry it took a while to get the new podcast out. Glad that Deadmau5 was good. Haven’t managed to see him live yet. I’ll try and get some old Hacienda tracks on there as I’ve got a record box full of them. Oceanic “Insanity” would be an interesting cover. I also know the guy signed them so I might consider it myself! 🙂 No probs for the shout out.

  9. hey marc!

    would be cool when you record the night in the schmidts and load it up on your side .. this will be a very nice classicmix then ))

  10. Every single track on that podcast was brilliant. Well done, DJ Cruze.

  11. hey mate,

    what Kai sad is a great Idea..

    what do you think

    Flyer of Schmidts are ready 🙂

    see ya and speak on facebook 🙂



  12. @Kai and Florian: I’ll try and arrange that with Swen and see what happens. I’ve got the flyer and am just uploading it now.

    @The Grim Reaper: Thanks!

  13. Noticed a little problem in the tracklist, by the way. The Disco 12 and Bimbo Jones tracks both start at 43:34 according to that. Unless that’s a very subtle bootleg you’ve done, it might be a mistake. 😉

  14. Ah the joy of the “cut and paste” error! Well spotted. I’ll correct it in a minute.

  15. yeah man, really a rockin’ podcast!!!

    love the last 4 tracks, funky cruze-classic tune 🙂

  16. Hey 🙂 love your mixes! 😀 Have been looking for a download for the bimbo jones – come on (up) .. absolutely love it!

    I have some tracks i could send you, if i can get your email.. great mixes!