DJ Dates : Vibration Revival Party, Schmidts – 7th March 2009

 Monday, February 16th 2009, 11:09 pm

Vibration Revival Party, Schmidt's, March 7th 2009

I’ve finally received the flyer for the Vibration Revival Party that I’m DJing at on March 7th 2009. Like the last gig at Schmidt’s, I’m going to be playing plenty of old house tunes from the acid house era up to the late 1990s. The last party was a lock out so make sure you get there early. Here’s where you’ll find Schmidt’s:

Ringstraße 6
69168 Wiesloch
Deutschland / Germany

As always I’ll be helped by my two favourite German DJs Alex Harmony and Luke 45 and also the owner of Schmidt’s, Swen, who also goes by the name DJ Silversurfer. We’ll be rocking hard so I hope to see all of my German fans coming out to the party as it’s been a year since I was last over. Make sure you’re ready to party as the tunes with be big! Hopefully this time there will be less Jägermeister though as I had a very bad hangover after last time!

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  1. May this time the force be with you!
    Greez Steyerl
    aka Steve Moon

  2. Haha! Nice one mate! See you there.

  3. no this time you will drink more jaegermeister , iam there this time.

  4. abfaaahre!!!!!!!! gschisse zu!!!!!!!!!

  5. @Kai – I’m now very scared! 🙂

    @60Hertz – “Is anybody gschisse zu?” Reminds me of the old Vibration parties with Vuish. Haha!

  6. Hey Man it s crazy vollgas!!!! Lets Party going on..See there take it easy men and viel piano breaks mit bringen..

  7. Hi Marc,

    great to see you in germany!!!
    Don´t forget your vinyls “watchin”-freemasons and “Kick Up The Volume” (Diva Rhythms Mix) from Rob Tissera!!! I´ve been waiting for this song for years!!!
    See you at the Schmidt´s!!!

  8. @Andre – Nice one! See you there.

    @Alex – Freemasons is a bit too current for the Vibration party but I’ll bring Kick Up The Volume. See you at Schmidts.

  9. is this the place to request my favorite song? So I dont have to put on these sexy shirts and walk to the DJdesk and scream in your ear?? ……Chris Lake “Only One”

    P.S. candelled my work on sunday ;-)))

  10. cancelled…lol

  11. Do not forget the early tracks from back in da dayz! And put even sum breakbeat records in ya case! Blessings & Respect – Robert aka P.!

  12. @Nessa – Chris Lake is too new to be played at this party but you can wear a sexy t-shirt anyway! No work on Sunday? Great news!

    @P.! – It’s all tracks from back “in da dayz” so there will be plenty of breakbeats too!

  13. hey mr. littlemore no more excuses !!!
    i think u need some nice spare time activity helpers.

    looking forward to mr cruze.

  14. Hey Sascha – No more excuses for the Jaeger?! Looking forward to seeing you again my friend.

  15. Hey Marc,

    we are looking forward to see you next saturday in Wiesloch!



  16. Awesome! It’s been too long since I last saw you Thorsten. Will be great to see you.

  17. only ONE day to go ………… Manchester is in the House!

  18. Nice one Luke! Looking forward to seeing you mate.

  19. This is teh suxxor!

    Already got too many commitments for this weekend, so I can’t come. Second time in a row. Esta los mucho grande sweaty cojones suckage. Yabahstud.

    Enough cursing, have a great time all, and next time I WILL make it…

    Depressed lurve


  20. Such a crap, i fking missed it. Like the Dude above, second time…

  21. Hey Marc !

    Last time @ Schmidt´s was the burner 😉
    I´m really looking forward to see and hear you again .
    It´s like Christmas and Birthday at the same time …..

    Greets from Germany (Ludwigsburg) to Manchester
    See ya tomorrow

  22. the roof, the roof was on fire……………..

  23. @Kev: Sorry you couldn’t make it mate. Was a good party!

    @Chett: I’ll see you there next time mate!

    @60Herz: It definitely was! A fantastic party!

  24. @Pino: Sorry man, your comment got caught up as spam. Was good seeing you at the weekend. Send me an email once you’ve got the audio of the gig sorted! 🙂

  25. Hello Cruz, thank you for the brilliant live recording of the vibration party. The party was simply the hammer as well as earlier.
    Hope you soon are again in Germany
    greet Sandra

  26. No problems Sandra. I hope that you’ll come to the next party. 🙂

  27. Очень даже xорошо. Особенно первое.

  28. parties are of course very enjoyable, i would never miss a good party specially if it has some great program ~;~

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