News : TR2N (Tron 2) Soundtrack To Be Scored By Daft Punk

 Saturday, March 7th 2009, 7:00 am

Back in 1982 I was a ten year old boy who was in love with computer games. One of the biggest movies of the year, well the biggest movie for a computer game obsessed boy anyway, was Tron and I can still remember my excitement when my mum and dad took me and my brother to see it. I also remember that they took a family friend, Abigail who was 11, with us and she hated it but that’s not important!

I knew they were making a sequel to with a working title of TR2N but I didn’t know anything else about. So imagine my excitement today, as a 36 year old man who loves computer games and dance music, when I found out that Daft Punk are going to score the soundtrack! How amazing are both the film and the soundtrack going to be!? Let’s hope it keeps in the same vein as Homework and Discovery and not so much like the disappointing, in my opinion, Human After All.

Found via the Earworm blog (who should have cited their sources!) I found confirmation of it on Reuters and MTV.

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  1. Hey, howzit going? I kind of heard this rumor over a year ago, when i played a Demo of the TRON2 game on my PC!!!! I actually went out and got myself a copy of the original TRON movie (on DVD), and it’s still on my list of favorites (though a little corny by today’s standards). My kids thought it was rubbish 😛 Can’t wait for part 2 though. I even had the Tron toys back then as well… the good ‘old’ days, eh…

  2. I still love the film Patrick and can’t wait to show it to my little boy when he’s a bit older. I’m sure he’ll think it’s rubbish too! Haha!