News : Openair – Seven Nation Army (The Young Punx Remix) Free MP3

 Monday, March 9th 2009, 8:00 am

A Tribute To The White Stripes

The awesome music producer Hal Ritson from The Young Punx has just put up his remix of an unreleased cover version of The White Stripes’s “Seven Nation Army” by Openair. As you can read on his site it had some legal issues and hence got caught up in the artist development cycle which can happy at record labels and was never released. It has a funky disco vibe about it and the chanting chorus is very Basement Jaxx-esqe. Get it downloaded here and give him some thanks in the comments.

Openair – Seven Nation Army (The Young Punx Remix)

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  1. hey marc,was a nice party and i hope you come soon to germany again.
    did you record this night ?would be cool to have the musik from this night.


  2. Hey Kai. Someone did record it and I’ll put it online once I get hold of it.

  3. super i cant wait for it then ))

  4. hey marc do you know now who did record it ?

  5. i need some new music mark ))) do some work 😛

  6. It’s coming Kai. Real life gets in the way sometimes!

  7. hehehe is ok 🙂
    but alot ppl are hot now of some new stuff from you 🙂
    you need to come more to germany again for oldschoolpartys 😛

  8. ohh hey marc can you send me you adress? so i can send you 2 CD’s i think you will love this 2 cd’s

  9. I think this is a very old tune. About 2005-2006 or something.
    Cool track but oooold?

  10. i love music the way you have present this problem i hope you can the post again in the next time