Podcasts : Episode #50 – Something About You

 Wednesday, April 1st 2009, 11:17 pm

DJ Cruze Podcast #50 - Something About You - March 2009

So how did March slip away without a DJ Cruze podcast?! Thankfully I’ve managed to get it done in time for the start of April though. So here we are with episode #50 of the DJ Cruze podcast and there are plenty of big tunes for you on this show.

Kicking off the show we’ve got the new track from Groove Armada who are back with a joint venture with Barcadi and their B-Live label. It’s a slice of indie-rock house music with a great remix from Rio De Janeiro’s The Twelves. Then my main man Fred Falke gives us the goods with his soulful remake of City Life’s “San Francisco”. A fantastic house track with a laid back electric piano vibe.

The Soul Avengerz bring us some more funky house with a pumping bassline which is then followed by a new UK singer called Emma Deigman. London’s Alex Blanco is on the mix and he gives us some funky keys and a chunky bassline. One of my favourite tracks of the moment comes from the US producers Live Element (aka Hott 22). They’ve cut-up a sample from Excile’s “I Want To Kiss You All Over” for their new track “Something About You” and they give us a monster disco house track. I love it!

Canada’s DJ DLG is always on top form with a big remix of Disco Wheel’s “Good Times”. It’s a similar feel to his summer 2008 smash “Where Are You Now?” but that’s not a bad thing. After that we’ve got a hot track from the big Dutch producer Dennis Christopher but with a cut-up electro house remix from the UK production team Dirty Secretz. I think they’re going to be big in 2009. Another Dutchman, Laidback Luke, then gives us a wicked rework of the 1978 track from The Korgis with it’s massive piano breakdown.

Finally we finish off the show with a massive progressive house track from Sweden’s Eric Prydz on his Pryda Recordings label. “Miami To Atlanta” has been heavily bootlegged on the net since a ripped version from one of his DJ sets appear in the middle of last year. Thankfully he’s finally released it and given it a bit of a rework since then and it’s set to be one of the biggest tunes of the year. The Cruze Classic for this week is an awesome old breakbeat track called “Lock Up” by Zero B. Originally released in 1991 it was a hot tune for me back in the 90s with it’s dubby bassline, sloppy breakbeats and hands-in-the-air breakdown.

So enjoy this month’s show and don’t forget to comment below and tell me what you think of the tunes.

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Download DJ Cruze Podcast Episode #50.

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] Groove Armada – Drop The Tough (The Twelves B-Live Club Remix) – B-Live
    • [00:04:10] City Life – San Francisco (Fred Falke Remix) – Onelove
    • [00:11:03] Soul Avengerz – Someday (Soul Avengerz Club Soda Mix) – Soda Records
    • [00:18:04] Emma Deigman – Tell Your Mama (Alex Blanco Mix) – Storm Records
    • [00:24:20] Live Element – Something About You (Live Element Remix) – Gossip Records
    • [00:30:05] Disco Wheels – Good Times (DJ DLG Mix) – 3Beat Blue
    • [00:36:50] Dennis Christopher – Set It Off (Dirty Secretz Mix) – Spinnin Records
    • [00:43:09] Korgis – I Need Your Loving (Laidback Luke Bootleg) – White
    • [00:49:54] Pryda – Miami To Atlanta (Original Mix) – Pryda Recordings
  • Cruze classic from 1991:
    • [00:55:37] Zero B – Lock Up – Great Asset

Original picture by Thomas Hawk, used under Creative Commons licence.

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  1. nice one mark 🙂
    i hope you will get also soon the record from the schmidtsnight 🙂

  2. Finally!
    though i was hoping to see SHM’s new tune LTWB, or smth from Bassmonkeys (facebook girls maybe ;)), but anyways, it’s great!

  3. @Kai – I’ve got it but just need to clean it up and post it. And it’s “Marc” not “Mark”! 😉

    @architect_kz – Explain the acronyms please! It’s too early in the morning for me and I’m full of a cold. Also I’m not psychic so email me or post comments if you’ve got some top tips for new tunes! 😉

  4. nice , i just want to say ty´.
    keep on groovin Mr cruze

  5. Oops, I’m sorry… SHM is for “Swedish House Mafia” and LTWB is for “Leave The World Behind”, it’s been released on April 1st on beatport, so I thought it may appear on your podcast.
    and there’s this new tune from Bassmonkeys called “Facebook Girls”, and some say it’s a huge track of this summer, but I couldn’t preview it, not available…for more info: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=56589227890&ref=nf


  6. Very nice one Cruze, I don’t mind waiting another week if your mixes have this quality! Rated it nine out of 10 since I hate “I need your lovin” ;). Very curious about the livemix that you’re going to put out! Thanks for making writing my thesis more bearable!

  7. @el loco – I’m grooving my friend! Thanks

    @architect_kz – Yes, Swedish House Mafia! DOH! I was tired and didn’t realise. That tune has been on my “to buy” list for the past few months but I recorded the show before it came out I’m afraid. Will be on the next podcast.

    @Bas – Thanks for the 9 out of 10. People either love or hate that track!

  8. hey mate,

    thanks for the greast podcast.

    sun is shining and DJ Cruze podcast..there is nothing better 🙂


  9. YES YES YES! i am happy than a muf-fucka!!!

  10. hey mark ups ok marc 🙂

    did you get my email with the 2 links ?

  11. @Florian – Thanks man!

    @Joel – I’m glad I can brighten up your day!

    @Kai – I will check my email now.

  12. so did you get them or is the contact not working anymore?

  13. Yes, I did Kai but I don’t check my djcruze.co.uk emails all of the time – mainly because I get hundreds a day to that email address! Thanks for the mixes. Not listened to them yet but I will do.

  14. Gets better with each episode!

    Keep up the good work!

    Rob Himself…Sunning myself in Costa Del Bolton

  15. Thanks Rob. Glad you’re liking the tunes mate.
    I’ve got loads of hot electro house for the next show!

  16. hey marc waht you think , when you can uploade the mix from the schmidts ?

  17. Hey Cruze,

    heard of Tommy Sunshine’s “Dance amoung the Ruis(Boy 8bit Mix)”. I would love to hear you mix that in to one of the episode.
    check me one, this is some straight dark dubby sound and the vocals just light it up. its also a short track (2mins.) but it helps being they dont reuse anything (does not sound the same throughout the song) so the replay value is up there.
    I promise that you will not hate it, and we (your loyal podcast listeners) will love it.

    Keep Rock’n Marc. Also if you want i dont mind email’n the track to you. Holla back!

  18. After a long time one of your excellent Podcasts.
    Good Job!

  19. hey mate,

    Calvin Harris- ‘I’m Not Alone’ (Herve Remix) (Sony/BMG killer track..absolutly monster 🙂


  20. @Kai – I’ll try and get it uploaded this week for you. Sorry, been really busy – like always!

    @Joel – Yeah, that’s a nice track. I like the Boy 8Bit productions. Surely it can’t be only 2 minutes long though! That’s far too short for anything but a track by the Beatles from the 60s!

    @Max – Thanks. It’s not been that long has it! 🙂

    @Florian – I prefer the original or the Deadmau5 mix but it’s a good track.

  21. heu Marc.its not only for me all the ppl in the WkW vibrationgroup waiting for it ))

  22. i ten-four that; the Beatles huh, ok. Not much in to the classic Euro rock, but, that songs just rock’n hard!
    i also want to make note two mixes have broken links; December 2002 Mix (16 Jan 2006) and my main favorite Decks & FX Mix (August 2004) (8 Sep 2005).

  23. Great tunes! Loved your music since the Vibration/Loft sets years ago.
    “Unfortunately” I’m in Melbourne/Australia now. RU ever going to come down here? Would be great!
    Looking forward to your next mix!

  24. Hey Marc,

    Just listening again to the latest podcast, which reminded me of something about you which is now already four days ago… So: Happy Birthday, Marc!!

    Thanks for the great music (and also for the shout out on Episode 9 :-),


  25. hey Marc!
    you are ok ?

  26. hi Marc, hope everything’s ok.
    check out new remix from Soul Avengerz:
    Knights of the round table – Rumours (Soul Avenegerz club SODA mix)

  27. @Kai – Sorry. Been so busy I’ve not had a chance to do much on the site. I’ve just uploaded episode #51 of the podcast and the Schmidt’s mix is next.

    @Joel – I’ll get those links fixed for you.

    @Dani – Find me a gig in Melbourne and I’ll be over! I have a good friend who lives in Melbourne so it’d be nice to catch up with him too!

    @Andi – Thanks for the birthday wishes! A shout out on episode #9? I’m sure you’re due another one. Get in touch and I’ll do it.

    @architect_kz – Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out.

  28. Текст лично мне ничего особенного не дал. Но вот для многих может оказаться полезным… 🙂