Podcasts : Episode #54 – Way In My Brain

 Saturday, September 26th 2009, 11:01 pm

DJ Cruze Podcast Episode #54 - September 2009 - Way In My Brain

Time for another hour of funky and chunky house music from the crates of the DJ Cruze studio with episode #54 of the DJ Cruze Podcast. This show is another great one and this month I’ve gone on more of a disco tip to start off. It seems like the disco cut-up is back in fashion with some awesome tunes from the likes of Fake Blood (aka DJ Touche), Duck Sauce (aka Armand Van Helden and ex DMC World Champion DJ A-Trak), Tee Sky and Ou Est La Swimming Pool.

Kicking off the show is a track which I really can’t get out of my head. It came out a couple of months ago but Boy 8-Bit’s “Baltic Pine” is a huge track in that folk-house vein which was popular last year. Lovely skippy drums and a cheeky sample make it a winner for me. Fake Blood gives us his massive “Fix Your Accent” EP and I couldn’t resist sticking two of the tracks from it in the mix as Touche is an awesome producer.

There are some fantastic non-disco tracks in the mix too in case it all gets too 90s for you! Wolfgang Gartner is back with another dirty slice of electro house with his new track “Fire Power”. There’s a massive new tune from top German house producer Eddie Thoneick featuring Andy P on vocals. We’ve also got the huge track “How Soon Is Now” from David Guetta, Sebastian Ingrosso and Dirty South. It’s a massive electro house track with a huge breakdown. After that I’ve got the Chris Lake remix of “San Francisco” by Italian producer Lys which I didn’t manage to squeeze onto last month’s podcast. It takes a while to build up but the breakdown is huge!

The penultimate track is something a bit different for the podcast. It’s Phonat’s dubstep remix of the Sharooz track “Adrenalize”. The original track is a huge, pumping electro house track but it didn’t quite do it for me and the Phonat mix, although not strictly a house tune, just hit the spot for me. It’s something a bit different so let me know if you’re feeling the track or not.

The Cruze Classic this month takes me back to my breakbeat roots with the 1991 breakbeat classic “Way In My Brain” by SL2. It was always a massive track when I dropped it down to that big, dubby bassline and awesome synth stabs. An awesome track!

I hope you like the tracks on this month’s show and don’t forget to comment below and tell me what you think of them.

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Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] Boy 8-Bit – Baltic Pine (Original Mix) – This Is Music Ltd.
    • [00:05:39] Fake Blood – Fix Your Accent (Original Mix) – Cheap Thrills
    • [00:09:50] Duck Sauce – Anyway – Fools Gold Records
    • [00:14:38] Fake Blood – I Think I Like It (Original Mix) – Cheap Thrills
    • [00:19:19] Tee Ski & Shab Ruffcut – Iran (His Majesty Andre Is Very Lazy Mix) – ESP Records
    • [00:23:15] Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel (Armand Van Helden Club Mix) – Stiff Records
    • [00:28:03] Wolfgang Gartner – Fire Power (Original Mix) – Kindergarten
    • [00:33:46] Eddie Thoneick feat. Andy P – Love Under Pressure (Eddie Thoneick Remix) – Tonik Recordings
    • [00:38:09] David Guetta, Sebastian Ingrosso and Dirty South feat. Julie McKnight – How Soon Is Now (Extended Version) – F**k Me I’m Famous
    • [00:44:18] Lys feat. Mooli – San Francisco Rain (Chris Lake Remix) – Rising Music
    • [00:51:04] Sharooz – Adrenalize (Phonat Deconstructive Mix) – Mofo Hifi Records
  • Cruze classic from 1991:
    • [00:56:00] SL2 – Way In My Brain – XL Recordings

Original picture by Julien, used under Creative Commons licence.

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    I tweeted you regarding the awesomeness of all of the wolfgang gartner tunes, but I wanna say the david guetta mix was sick, and KEEP THE DUBSTEP COMING!!!! I love dubstep and the tune was funky as hell.

    Keep up the awesome funky beats with the cheeky bass lines.

  2. Hey Marc, still i follow your podcast. The August one was great and had some positions I can hear again and again.

    But your new one: Listing sunday evening and makes me feel so good that I don’t care about the fact that tomorrow is Monday, the worsest day of the week 😉

    Great work, keep it up…

  3. @Greg – Thanks man!

    @Kosta – Good to hear from you my friend! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. I’m glad the mix is making your Monday better! 😉

  4. Hey Marc,

    Glad to hear about the new baby, congrats!! I don’t think you could have picked a better podcast to leave us with. Something funky and fresh.

    The disco vibe this month was a great take on house. It seems a lot of the huge tracks for 09 have had huge breakdowns, especially with a lot of large pianos.

    Fix your accent was a fun, cool track to get moving to and as always, Wolfgang Gartner delivered another smasher. The Sharooz Phonat mix was a bit different than usual, but I really dug it. I listen to some Drum and Bass so the dubstep sound was a cool bridge.

    Thanks for the killer tunes & congrats on the new baby!


  5. Is it just me, or is the disco-house sound making a comeback? It seemed to fall out of fashion about 6 years ago – for a long time, you could hardly find a proper disco-house record anywhere. Now, they seem to be all over the place once more. Funny how everything seems to alternate like that in dance music!

    The only track I’m not keen on here is “How Soon Is Now”. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a good track, but it needs a few remixes to go with it.

  6. @Finsel – Thanks for the kind words. Yes, lots of big breakdowns in 09!

    @The Grim Reaper – Yes, it’s definitely coming back. I think the kids of today don’t remember it so producers are bringing it back (and re-hashing their disco collection!) I like it though!

  7. HAHA DjCruze,
    long time, just heard the new podcast and the shout-out, thanks! i did’nt even see it coming. i was show’n off the podcast to a few hommies and your shout-out came up. i was thrilled. thanks again!

    keep Rock’n,

  8. No problems Joel! Stay safe out there in Iraq.

  9. I first got into house music back in the mid 90s. I had got my first radio, was flicking through stations randomly and came across Pete Tong’s show on Radio 1. I don’t know what it was about the music he was playing, but I just had to keep listening to it. When my radio broke down around ’96, I lost interest in it until I’d been given a hi-fi as a Christmas present in 1998. Once again, I was flicking through radio stations and came across a show called The Beat. The DJ was called Chris Moley, (sic?) I think. From that point, I listened pretty much every single week. He played all sorts of house records on his show (from disco house to much darker stuff) and I was hooked.

    Disco house seemed to go out of fashion for quite some time, but it’s what got me into house music – and I’ve never looked back. Whilst I love the progressive sounds of the likes of deadmau5, I’m still of the opinion you can’t beat a good disco-house record. Mainly consisting of big melodies and lots of vocals!

  10. Yeah, I loved all of the disco stuff that came out in the mid to late 90s too. I guess people got a bit bored of it and moved on. Like you said, the music fashions come and go. I think a good melody, in whatever genre of house music, will always make a great track!

  11. Hey I’m loving the podcast! Been listening for more than a year and these latest ones are still blowing my mind! I just saw Wolfgang Gartner and Deamau5 two days ago, they’re amazing.
    Keep hitting us with the great beats, I tell all my friends about them!

  12. Thanks Phil. I’m glad you’re enjoying the tunes. Keep on spreading the word for me!

  13. i just wondering… how the hell do i get a cool picture by name? time to upgrade myself DJ Cruze.

  14. Hi Marc !!! I love the mix from Phonat 🙂 this guy is so damn talented !! I think he is going to be a big one in electronic music business …

    Greets from Germany

  15. sweet. I love it.

  16. Yay! Way In My Brain brought back some cool memories. I was studying in Brighton when this came out. This mix has some serious Fire Power… 😛

  17. looking forward!!! for the next revival on 28 of nov!!!
    dont let them play twice 😉

  18. I don’t know if you’re prepared to take requests for future podcasts, but… sod it, I’m gonna make one anyway. :p

    Any chance you can play the Bart B More Remix of “Louder Than Boom” by Tiesto? I think you’ll love the old-skool piano on it personally. YouTube link here if you’ve not heard it before.

  19. @Joel – Sign up for a gravatar at gravatar.com and my site will display the image which matches the email address you’ve registered there.

    @Pino – He’s a big producer for sure.

    @Janet – Thanks honey!

    @Patrick – Old school rave mate! 😉

    @The Grim Reaper – Thanks for the tip mate. I’ll check the tune out. Not been keeping my eye on new tunes as our new baby arrived in the middle of October. Things are a bit hectic at home! 😉

  20. @60hertz – Yes, the revival party will be fun! See you there. Alex and Luke aren’t playing with me so hopefully we’ll not have “Bombscare” twice this time!

  21. Think the tunez are mint. Luv 2 listen on my phone at work. Keep up the gud work

  22. Thanks Fletch.

    More tunes will be coming soon, I promise. It’s just been a bit hard getting any free time where I don’t just sleep now that we’ve got another baby!