DJ Dates : Vibration Revival Party, Schmidts – 28th November 2009

 Sunday, November 8th 2009, 11:08 pm

Vibration Revial Party @ Schmidts, Wiesloch - 28th November 2009

I’ll be “back once again with the renegade master” at Schmidt’s in Wiesloch for another of their fabulous Vibration Revival parties. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I started DJing at Vibration! Expect plenty of old school tunes, scratching and Jaegermeister! All of my old records are finally out of storage so I’m going to try and find some old obscure tracks for you. Anything from hip-hop, acid house, breakbeat and banging house tunes. It’s going to be awesome! Make sure you get there early as the parties are normally packed! The address is:

Ringstraße 6
69168 Wiesloch
Deutschland / Germany

The support DJs are the “Vibration Allstars” and I don’t know who they are yet but I’m sure we’ll have a blast together. See you all there!

And sorry for the late posting about this party but life has been a bit busy with the birth of my second child, a little girl called Amy! 🙂

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  1. 49.164186,8.59079
    (search at google) lang ists her:-)
    haben beim ersten mal lang gesucht !

  2. hey mate cruze first of all congratulations for baby and thanks for new podcast arrangement here on site as u always keep your promise up
    cheers kause

  3. @Dominik – Awesome! Vibration is on the map! 😉

    @Kause – Thanks! Hopefully I’ll get a new podcast going in November. It’s hard work doing anything at the moment with so little sleep though. 🙁

  4. Congratulations on your giving birth, DJ Cruze. :p

    In all seriousness however, hope things are going well.

  5. “Vibration Allstars” indeed. Hmm, so Silversurfer is bound to be amongst them, as he was always there and joined you in March… The other Vibration-regulars I remember are “You-Kay” (even if he’s not there, you should play “It’s our…Future (waaaah!)” in his memory, was the trademark Vibration tune for aages for the harder techno nights… And on the D&B, or more accurately, JUNGLE, side of things, E-Decay (got him on Facebook) and DJ Destiny (Ditto) spring to mind… Man am I ever looking forward to this one…

  6. @The Grim Reaper – Thanks mate! 🙂

    @Kev – Silversurfer (Swen) was going to DJ last time but he got scared as he hadn’t DJed for over 10 years! I doubt those guys will be playing. I’d imagine it being more of the house guys like Marc Handerson (Smee Handerson or whatever DJ name he used!). Either way it’ll be a top party.

  7. it was DJ Smee & Erpels i think ….
    I would love to hear a set of Hazel B
    anyway ….. if there is a DJ Cruze enough Jägermeister ….
    The Party will ROCK

    cheers Stefan

  8. Hazel B! Wow! Completely forgot about her. Wonder what she’s doing now?!

    See you at the party Stefan. Message me for guestlists! 🙂

  9. oh man wanna see u again . thanku for naming me in ur podcast i dont know how to get there
    i will find someone cu

  10. No problems mate. Come to the party. It’ll be a good one! 🙂

  11. Congratulations on your giving Birth. I’d really like to come to Wiesloch but i have to go to school and it’s too far :((. However I wish you a great Party at Vibrations!

  12. Thanks Max!

  13. Hello DJ cruze

    I’m your best fan in France ( I love you so much…) Anyway congratulation for the birth of your child but in my opinion it is not a good excuse to rest on one’s laurels (for the podcast).

    One last thing, as far as I’m concerned you’re one of my favorite DJ around the world (like daft punk).

    I hope you will enjoy my message, carry on


    PS: in your next podcast, may you say “hello to all the student in INSA de Rennes” please…

  14. hi cruze,
    can u send me your second name or email adress for frendship on myspace ?
    i’m a BIG Fan since the legendary partys on VIBRATION CLUB @ FORST !
    THX and see u on 28.11.09 @ FORST 🙂

  15. fuck!! only 2 weeks and i still got no babysitter!!

  16. @Kiwi – Thanks! I’m glad you’re loving my tunes and DJing. I don’t think I’ll “rest on one’s laurels” for the podcast. It’s more a case of trying to find some free time when you don’t get much sleep and have a baby to look after! It’s hard work! But the new podcast should come in November (I hope).

    @Tommygreeneye – I’m on myspace here but I don’t use it very often any more! Send me an email via the contact form or send me a message via twitter: Thanks!

    @60Hertz – Sort it out! 🙂

  17. I hope you will be happy in your life 🙂

  18. i thinks i did… rock on! i have hommies now residing in England, one day i look forward to seeing you in live action. until then, i will just have to jam to the podcast

  19. Nice one Joel. I hope to meet up with you one day mate. You’re definitely on the guestlist if I’m DJing! 😉

  20. mate… i am really looking forward to hear you live in the mix… it has been quite a while… about ten years now… just downloaded your last schmidts tape…blazin one… whats the song at 1:20?? “i am beggin you don´t go” from the most legendary mixtape ever milk 92

  21. Will be good to see you too donjan. The track is Awesome 3 – Don’t Go (Kicks Like A Mule Remix).

    See you tonight!

  22. Friend, i’m sorry i hadnt known about the party until now.

    Late Congratulations for the growth of your family!