News : Schmidts Club Tonight and Bacardi B-Live Radio Show

 Saturday, November 28th 2009, 11:31 am

Bacardi B-Live Radio Show

Right, I’m just about ready to head off for my flight to Frankfurt for tonight’s party at Schmidts in Wiesloch. It’s going to be a rocking party and I’ve got a box full of classic Manchester house tunes from the past 15 to 20 years for you to go CRAZY to!

Last night I managed to ring into Aga Heller’s Bacardi B-Live show and recorded a message which will be played tonight on Sunshine Live between 7pm and 8pm (I think). So check it out and then come on down to Schmidts for a night of madness!

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  1. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! Still love all your mixes after all these years! We are rockin out here in northern Virginia, USA!

  2. Thanks Janet! 🙂

  3. hooah, how was the live party? and whats the name of the little angel?

  4. It was a great party thanks mate. I’ll post the live set online once I get a chance (probably over the Xmas holidays).

    Amy is my little girl. She’s 9 weeks old now and it beautiful! 🙂

  5. hopefully beautiful like the mom…*g*

    thanx for the “willelos” Party at schmidts…it was really awsome and hot!!!
    Congrat on the birth of your daughter!!

    cheers my friend!!


  6. is the podcast just done with at this point?

  7. Hey Terry.
    Nope I’m not done with the podcast but I underestimated the amount of time it would take to adjust to having two children! The new podcast should arrive in February. I have just been up to my eyes in baby nappies (diapers) and haven’t had enough sleep over the past 3 months.

  8. Excellent News!!

    I look forward to the new Podcast

  9. I can understand that for sure. You’ve now had two kids in the time I’ve been listening to your podcast. That makes me feel very old, somehow. Good luck to you, and I’ll cross my fingers that you get a little free time to get going again 🙂

  10. Hey MR.DJ its half an year gone since… you should know : WE ARE ADDICTED. I found myself downloading a Deadmau5 Mix. 🙂

  11. the podcast !! the podcast !! the podcast !! the podcast !! the podcast !! the podcast !! the podcast !! the podcast !! the podcast !! the podcast !! the podcast !! the podcast !!

  12. HAHAHA 🙂

  13. Hey, where’s the podcast???????? Lost withou ur tunes down the gym!

  14. Ну насчет конкретного спама в блогах я тоже против этого но а если чел коментирует статью при чем в тему и такие посты удаляют то это имхо бредятина полная

  15. Cruze, hope the family life is going well. Look forward to the podcast whenever you can get it out.

  16. Still addicted to your mixes… hope you’ll have time for another podcast eventually!

  17. Yeah, I give up. It’s pretty clear Mark has grown up and doesn’t have the time or energy for podcasts or mixes anymore. It’s a shame, they were my absolute favorite. If anyone has any suggestions for similar podcasts or mixes to download let me know.

  18. still hoping to get to hear another awesome podcast some day…

  19. Why do you say he has grown up >.<?
    Good podcasts: ;

  20. Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.

  21. Stay strong Dad of two… we loyal fans wont go anywhere.

    i will be a resident of Germany soon.