Podcasts : Episode #55 – I’m Alive

 Thursday, June 17th 2010, 10:30 pm

DJ Cruze Podcast 55 - I'm Alive - June 2010

Ok. So it’s been a while hasn’t it?!

I’m sorry that I’ve been on an 8 month hiatus but life just got the better of me. A new baby, lack of sleep, lots of children’s illnesses, my redundancy, job finding, new business set-up… you name it and I’ve done it in the past few months. In all honesty I lost my mojo and love of doing the podcast as I just couldn’t justify nor find the time to fit it in. But I missed doing it and I missed the love and enjoyment that it gives to all of the house music fans out there that love the tunes. So I’m back. For good this time. I promise!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this mix as you’ve got over an hour of my trademark funky and chunky tunes from the past few months. I’ve not gone for a totally up-front track selection as there have been so many great tunes that you might have missed over the past 6 months so I thought I’d just go for some of my favourites. Disco is back in a big way again and I’m loving some of the disco-looped productions that are coming out of Italy especially with hot producers like Marco Lys and Riva Starr hitting the spot. I’m also feeling the big room tunes from the likes of Axwell and the Swedish House Mafia guys, Dirty South and Max Vangeli. All of those guys are creating hot tracks for this year’s summer season.

The Cruze Classic this month is a slice of UK house music from back in 1994. It’s a classic Cleveland City Sound of tough synths and skippy drums with Rhyme Time Productions massive house track “You & Me”. I still hammer that track and I’m sure you’ll love it if you’ve never heard it before.

I hope you like the tracks on this month’s show and don’t forget to comment below and tell me what you think of them. You can also get hold of me on Twitter and I’ve created an official DJ Cruze Facebook fan page too. Go and “Like” me! 🙂

Get the latest podcast here:

Download DJ Cruze Podcast Episode #54.

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] Louis La Roche – Malfunction (Original Mix) – Ever After
    • [00:03:15] Rasmus Faber & Alf Tumble feat. Candi Staton – Wilder Side (Original Mix) – Defected
    • [00:08:52] Roger Sanchez – 2Gether (Original Mix) – Stealth Records
    • [00:14:37] Marco Lys – Few Things (Original Mix) – Rising Music
    • [00:19:30] Riva Starr feat. Rettore – Splendido (Vocal Mix) – Snatch! Records
    • [00:24:52] Reboot – Enjoy Music (Riva Starr Remix) – Defected
    • [00:30:33] Cassius – 99 (Tim Green Remix) – Cassius Records
    • [00:36:03] Pocket808 feat. Nathan Hudson – Ghostship (Hook N Sling Remix) – Hussle Recordings
    • [00:41:48] DJ Eako & Robert Livesu feat. Malya Sykes – Shine On (Eako & Livesu Steel Mix) – CR2 Records
    • [00:48:40] The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix) – Infectious Records
    • [00:54:56] Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix) – Polydor / Cassius – The Sound Of Violence (Acapella)
    • [01:00:00] Max Vangeli feat. Max C – Look Into Your Heart (Original Mix) – U-Boot
    • [01:06:00] Swedish House Mafia – One (Original Mix) – SHM
  • Cruze classic from 1994:
    • [01:10:52] Rhyme Time Productions – You And Me (Hard Mix) – Cleveland City Records

Picture of me by my awesome photographer friend Klaus Dieter ‘KDK’ Kieslich.

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  1. 8 months ??
    far to long mate …. good to have your podcast back!

  2. yo, he’s back… ah, and just in time too. an episode to see my unit and i leave this uncool country named Iraq. it is great to hear you and the podcast once more!

  3. @Stefan – Yes, far too long indeed.

    @Joel – Thanks man. Hope you’re keeping well out there.

  4. Nice to have you back!

  5. Disco is always “back”…

  6. @go-around – Thanks! It’s nice to be back.

    @Getklex – Disco will never die!

  7. Excellent – welcome back!

  8. You really should have called this the “You Thought I Was Dead, Didn’t You?” podcast? :p

    Welcome back. For your return, I think you’ve pitched your track selection just right. The only track here I don’t like at all is “One”. Apparently, Positiva have picked this one up for a full release this summer. I pray somebody does a decent remix of it, otherwise I’ll never be able to play it.

    Perhaps I should get back into podcasting myself…

  9. As for you asking about a re-design of the blog, no need. I’ve already done it for you.


  10. Welcome back!

  11. Hey..Welcome back..Youve been missed!
    Should have been a double podcast to make up for the time!!!



  12. Hey up fella, I’m glad you’re back. Got the podcast ready for my drive home tonight. Cheers.

  13. @Sebastian – Thanks man!

    @The Grim Reaper – I think One is a big track but a bit overplayed already. And thanks for the vuvuzelas! 😉

    @Mr Mouse – Thanks.

    @Bajanboy – It was 15 minutes longer this time! 😉 I try to keep it so people can put it on a CD if necessary. I’m going to do a straight mix (without talking) soon so watch this space.

    @Mark – Thanks man. Back for good now I promise!


  15. DJ Cruze said: “I’m going to do a straight mix (without talking) soon so watch this space.”

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! It’s the voice most of us download it for!

  16. “Better late than never” probably never more true than now!!

    Another fantastic podcast with the funkiest beats.

    Cant wait for the next one.

  17. Woohaa, it´s finally here!

    Tomorrows flight to Turkey just got better :p



  18. GOOD LAD!!

    Great to have you back. It’s been a while.

    COME ON!!!!!

  19. Great to have you back dude! almost a year since last episode.

  20. nice to have you back!!!

  21. Yeeeeeeh Thanks God… ;).
    It’s great that you back mate…

    All the best…

    Peace Cuba

  22. Welcome back!!!!!

  23. Marc,

    Please try and make an effort – we won’t be able to stand another seven years of famine…
    We’ve missed your sound over the last months and have been more than happy and thankful for your return.
    Of course you’re busy and have a family to look after, but please try and live up to that promise of yours.

    Greetings from Frankfurt am Main


  24. i kept on visiting your site every 2 -3 days since last 8 months finally u are back thats the spirit man keep it up

  25. Glad you’re back! It is always a challenge finding great mixes to listen to and DJ Cruze never disappoints!

    Manchester is in the house!