Mixes / Podcasts : August 2009 Mix – Ibiza Sunset 2009

 Tuesday, August 25th 2009, 9:03 pm

DJ Cruze August 2009 Mix - Ibiza Sunset

It’s been a while since I’ve done a new mix so I thought I’d make a sequel to last year’s progressive and electro house mix Ibiza Sunset. Many of you commented and emailed to say that you enjoyed the mix a lot and everyone seemed to like the tougher tunes in the mix. I didn’t manage to make it over to Ibiza this year but the mix is another hour of dark and pumping house tunes to get you in the mood for going out if you’re heading out there.

This years Ibiza Sunset mix kicks off with a great track from Ronnie Foster called “Devil’s Water”. It has great cut-up vocals, crunchy percussion and a great breakdown which sets the scene nicely for the whole mix. Up next there’s a big tune “Bon Bon” from John Dahlback and ATFC which is being hammered around the world at the moment. After that we have one of my favourite producers at the moment, Phonat, and his minimal house tune “Ho Visto Un Quadro Verde” (which means “I’ve seen a green picture” in Italian apparently). Phonat knows how to build a funky track even with minimal elements. Lazy Jay then supplies us with a big distorted breakdown on his track “Float My Boat” which has been a bit track for me for a while now.

We then head into tech-house territory for some heavy hitting tracks from some of house music’s biggest producers. First up is “Isabel” from Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello with its deep and dirty bassline and sweeping effects. After that we’ve got an electro-house piano anthem from France’s Arno Cost with his new track “Cyan”. Arno never fails to impress me with his orchestration and build-ups which always make for a pumping house track. Next up is an old but great remix from Swiss producer EDX on Funkagenda’s “Breakwater”. Although it came out a lot earlier this year I had to put this track in a mix as I absolutely love it. EDX knows how to build a track with great chord progressions and this remix is no exception. After that we have “Laktos” from another Swedish House Mafia member, Sebastian Ingrosso on his Refune label. It’s deep and dirty but then a huge, emotional breakdown appears out of the mist only to drop back to dark, techy percussion. A monster of a track in the middle of the night!

Keeping with the Swedish House Mafia theme we have one of the biggest tracks of the year, in my opinion, “Melo” by Pryda (aka Eric Prydz). It’s a hands-in-the-air progressive house track which makes me feel happy inside when I hear it. After this we have a lovely summer house track from the Swiss producer and label mate of EDX, DJ Tatana with her track “Autumn Sun”. This track will make you think of the sun setting at Cafe Mambo if nothing else does. Next in the mix is a big track which is being hammered by Roger Sanchez called “Deaf Wax” by Mesa. It’s a pumping electro house track with a big, distorted, bit-crushed breakdown. Finally, we’ve got a bootleg track from Joe T Vanelli who has turned the Coldplay track “Life In Technicolour” into a minimal house track with a huge breakdown. Actually, I think the Coldplay track is known as “The Escapist” as it was featured in a UK film of the same name which I watched the other night, but I presume he’s named it like this as it’s a hidden track on the “Life In Technicolour” track on their latest album. Either way, he’s done great things to it!

So I hope you enjoyed the mix and if you did then get in touch and tell me. Also, why not consider donating some money so that I can cover the costs of producing the podcasts and mixes. And finally, don’t forget to comment on the mix using the comment form below and tell me what you think.

Get the mix here:

Download DJ Cruze August 2009 Ibiza Sunset Mix

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] Rennie Foster – Devil’s Water (The Youngsters Remix) – Rebirth
    • [00:06:03] John Dahlback & ATFC – Bon Bon (Original Mix) – Defected
    • [00:12:29] Phonat – Ho Visto Un Quadro Verde (Original Mix) – Mofo Hifi
    • [00:17:53] Lazy Jay – Float My Boat (Original Mix) – Big & Dirty
    • [00:23:12] Steve Angello – Isabel (Original Mix) – Size
    • [00:27:56] Arno Cost – Cyan (Original Mix) – CR2 Records
    • [00:34:21] Funkagenda – Breakwater (EDX’s Ibiza Sunrise Remix) – Toolroom
    • [00:39:01] Sebastian Ingrosso – Laktos (Original Mix) – Refune
    • [00:45:19] Pryda – Melo (Original Mix) – Pryda
    • [00:52:15] DJ Tatana – Autumn Sun (Original Mix) – Sirup
    • [00:57:55] Mesa – Deaf Wax (Dave Winnel Remix) – Vacation Records
    • [01:02:20] Joe T Vanelli vs Coldplay – Life In Technicolour (Vox Mix Funkfinders Edit) – CDR

Original picture by alexharries’, used under Creative Commons licence.

Mixes : DJ Cruze Live Mix – Schmidt’s – March 2009

 Sunday, May 31st 2009, 9:00 pm

DJ Cruze, Alex Harmony, Luke 45 - Live at Schmidt's - 7th March 2009

I finally got round to uploading the live mix that a good friend of mine recorded at the Vibration Revival party I DJed at in Germany. Apologies that it took so long to upload. I didn’t do a full set on my own on that night so instead you’ve got 2 hours and 25 minutes of back-to-back old school house tunes from myself, Alex Harmony and Luke 45. I’d like to point out that I’m not responsible for some of the dodgy mixes (honestly!) and neither was I responsible for putting 2 Bad Mice’s “Bombscare” on twice. Luke 45 obviously wasn’t listening to me when I put it on! And who put on that awful “I’m Raving I’m Raving”? Was it Luke or Alex?! 🙂

Enjoy and a big thanks to Pino for recording it. And Kai and Florian – you can both stop hassling me for it now! 😉

Download DJ Cruze Live at Schmidt's.

Mixes / Podcasts : July 2008 Mix – Ibiza Sunset

 Wednesday, July 23rd 2008, 10:55 pm

DJ Cruze July 2008 Mix - Ibiza Sunset

It’s been an awfully long time since I put a new mix onto my site so I managed to grab a couple of hours the other night and thought I’d do a new mix ready for my trip to Ibiza on Saturday. I’m off on a stag/bachelor weekend with some of the guys from Manchester and because the stag, Will, is a big fan of progressive house I thought I’d do a deep, dark and progressive mix for us to play while we’re out there. Obviously I thought you guys might like it too so here it is! I must warn you that it’s not my normal style and it gets a bit dark and twisted! It runs a fine line between electro, progressive and tech house but it’ll definitely get you in the mood for going out!

The mix kicks of with the king of electro house music, Mr. Eric Prydz and his homage to a Stockholm club called “F12” (…well, having just read an interview with him where he says it’s a favourite club of his, I’m assuming that’s why.) We’ve then got an exclusive tune from a soon-to-be-famous-I-hope Dutch producer Duart Jansen called “2 Cowboys” which is absolutely rocking. Then we head through a wicked Deamau5 remix of Mike Di Scala and on to a tough, jacking remix of Dave Spoon’s “88” by Mark Knight and Funkagenda.

Up next is another cheeky tune which is unfortunately doing the rounds on the internet but is too good not to play. I’m hoping Eric Prydz releases “Fabric Test” (which I assume was a test tune when he was playing at Fabric!) so that I can buy it but it doesn’t seem to be turning up on any of the legal download sites. It’s a wicked dark, electro track will sound huge in a club. I’ve then got a fantastic new electro house version of one of my favourite trance tracks, Three Drives – “Greece 2000”. Following that is an exclusive remix by the Funkfinders, otherwise known as DJ Cruze (yes, me!), on Alex Harmony’s “Nayati”. It’s a tougher remix than I’d normally do but I wanted to do something a bit different. It’s got chunky beats, a full on bassline and some massively crushed strings. Hope you like it! I’ll speak to Alex and hopefully I can put it on my website for you to download as it hasn’t been included in the final release. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to download it.

Moving on from my remix we’ve got a killer Deadmau5 sounding track from Dobenbeck and then onto Axwell’s Remode version of Adele’s “Hometown Glory”. I know I just played it on the last podcast but I love the pianos in it so I couldn’t help but put this version in the mix. Seemlessly mixing into that we’ve got “555” from the other members of the Swedish House Mafia, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso. This track almost has a techno feel to it but I think it’s just the right side of funky electro house for my taste. Finally we’ve got a massive breakdown with EDX’s “Premiumline” and onto the a jacking new tune by David Amo and Julio Navas called “La Sagrada Familia”. It’s a really simple track but it has that Fedde Le Grande “Put Your Hands Up” vibe about it. A future electro house classic perhaps?

If you enjoy the mix then get in touch and tell me what you think. Also, why not consider donating some money so that I can cover the costs of producing the podcasts and mixes. With the amount of downloads I have, it’s not cheap! And finally, don’t forget to comment on the show below and tell me what you think.

Get the mix here:

Download DJ Cruze July 2008 Ibiza Sunset Mix

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] Eric Prydz – F12 (Original Mix) – Pryda
    • [00:06:15] Duart Jansen – 2 Cowboys – CDR
    • [00:11:30] Mike Di Scala – Space & Time (Deadmau5 Vocal Mix) – 3Beat Blue
    • [00:15:30] Dave Spoon – 88 (Mark Knight & Funkagenda Remix) – Toolroom Records
    • [00:21:04] Pryda – Fabric Test – CDR
    • [00:27:56] Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Chris Reece Remix) – S2 Records
    • [00:33:28] Alex Harmony – Nayati (Funkfinders Virus Remix) – CDR
    • [00:40:13] Dobenbeck feat. Joanna – Please Don’t Go (Chris Reece Too Late Remix) – Sirup Music
    • [00:46:02] Adele – Hometown Glory (Axwell Remode) – XL
    • [00:50:54] Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso – 555 (Original Mix) – Refune
    • [00:56:24] EDX – Premiumline (Original Mix) – PinkStar
    • [01:02:39] David Amo & Julio Navas – La Sagrada Familia (Original Mix) – Lowered Recordings

Ibiza sunset image based on a picture of an Ibiza sunset at Cafe Del Mar by Ben30.

Mixes / Podcasts : November Thanksgiving Mix 2007 – Tech House

 Thursday, November 22nd 2007, 9:36 pm

DJ Cruze November 2007 mix - Tech House

Ok I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit crap at updating the website. I whipped up a mix for you at the end of October and it has taken me until mid November to find the time to upload it to my webserver. Too many things for Mr. Cruze to do and not enough time to do them in! So without further ado I give you the “Tech House” mix for November 2007.

Although I don’t play a lot of tech and progressive house in clubs, I do have a genuine love of most styles of dance music. In fact, I love almost all styles of music (except country and western and soft rock but don’t hold that against me!) I’ve been really getting into producers like Deadmau5 and Coburn and I’ve been listening to a lot of the darker, tech-house tunes out there. So I thought I’d get some of my favourite tech, progressive and electro house tunes together for you and mix them into a tougher, more progressive mix.

My personal favourites are the the new Splittr tune “All Alone” with its haunting breakdown, the Thom York “Eraser” remix by Stretch and Vern which I’ve been after for ages and the awesome “Jaded” by man-of-the-moment Deadmau5. I get get that track out of my head! I’ve also stuck a bootleg version of “Can’t Stop” by Razorlight in the middle as I can’t stop listening to Pete Tong and Dave Spoon’s cheeky Pacha mix of it. A wicked vibe for the end of autumn.

Last, but not least, a big happy Thanksgiving to all of my American listeners. We don’t celebrate it here in the UK but I’m sure you guys and girls in the US will be tucking into your turkey and having a fun weekend with your families. So eat well and party hard!

UPDATE: For some reason the MP3 didn’t have the image attached to it. I’ll re-convert it tonight and get it re-uploaded.

Enjoy the mix and crank it up loud!



  1. [00:00:00] – Murk presents Funky Green Dogs – Reach For Me (TV Rock & Dirty South Remix) – CR2
  2. [00:06:35] – Edison – Press Repeat (Original Extended Mix) – Rebirth
  3. [00:10:46] – Splittr – All Alone (Michael Gray Remix) – Eye Industries
  4. [00:17:04] – Thom Yorke – The Eraser (Strech & Vern Edit) – White
  5. [00:23:23] – Seal – Amazing (Thin White Duke Dub) – Warner Bros.
  6. [00:29:02] – Razorlight – Can’t Stop (Pete Tong and Dave Spoon Pure Pacha Mix) – White
  7. [00:37:11] – Deadmau5 – Jaded (Original Mix) – Mau5trap
  8. [00:44:11] – Coburn – Razorblade (Malente Remix) – Ego
  9. [00:50:05] – Rairbirds – Calling (Jerry Ropero Vox) – One Little Indian
  10. [00:56:16] – Orange Bud – Lose Control – Analyzed Records
  11. [01:00:27] – H2 – Somethin’ Sik – JFunk

Mixes / Podcasts : September Mix 2007

 Wednesday, September 19th 2007, 8:56 pm

DJ Cruze September 2007 mix
Don’t you hate being full of a cold? I do and the only way to combat it is with a dose of funky house music. Ok, well I’m sure a doctor might just prescribe paracetamol and plenty of water and rest but this is Dr. DJ Cruze talking! I prescribe funky music for most things! 😉

I decided to go for something a little less commercial and add more vocals to the mix this time. I’ve not done a funky mix in a while so I thought I’d give you a nice little warm up mix. Stick it on before you go out or perhaps when you get back in after a big night out and enjoy the funky vibes. I know it’s unfashionable to admit it but I love the Simply Red track. Grant Nelson gives us a fantastic dub version with only sparse use of Mick Hucknall’s soulful voice. Sometimes it’s better just to judge a track on merit and not think about who the track is actually by!

Enjoy the tunes and turn it up loud!



  1. Mutya Buena – Real Girl (Moto Blanco Dub Remix) – Island Records
  2. Sanny X – Higher (Davide Loi Funky House Remix) – White
  3. Nate James – High Times (Danny S Club Mix) – Frofunk
  4. Vee Scott – Gimme Your Love (Bob Roberts Mix) – UMM
  5. Jazztronik – Samurai (Redsoul Edit) – Pantone
  6. Chris Lake – Carry Me Away (Original Club Mix) – Rising Music
  7. Soul Corporation – Let’s Go Together (Original Vocal Mix) – Brass
  8. Simply Red – Stay (Grant Nelson Dub) – Simplyred.com
  9. Freemasons – Atlantic Pacific – Loaded
  10. Outwork feat. Mr Gee – Elektro (Joey Negro Club Mix) – Defected

Mixes / Podcasts : August 2007 Mix

 Thursday, August 23rd 2007, 9:56 pm

August 2007 electro mix
It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a new mix and any new podcasts. As you all know, my new baby is keeping me rather busy but I have managed to make an hour to mix up a filthy, electro monster of a mix! I’ve got no time to do shout-outs for the podcast so I thought I’d add it to the podcast RSS feed instead. There are loads of great tracks in the mix here. I’m loving the Dave Spoon remix of Andrea Doria’s “Freak Me” and the Jack Rokka vs Betty Boo track “Take Off”. Both great electro tracks to get you rocking.

So get the mix downloaded and play it loud!



  1. NJoi – Love Can’t Turn Around (Electro Mix) – New Black Records
  2. Ida Corr – Let Me Think About It (Fedde Le Grand Mix) – Data
  3. Andrea Doria vs LXR – Freak Me (Dave Spoon Remix) – GI Recordings
  4. Out Of Office – Hands Up (Original Mix) – Frenetic
  5. Vision Factory – Loving Music (Ali Payami Dub) – Just For Fun Records
  6. Dave Spoon – Bad Girl (Dave Spoon Club Mix) – Apollo
  7. Freaks – The Creeps (Vandalism Vocal Mix) – Ministry
  8. Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul (TV Rock Remix) – Southern Fried Records
  9. Jack Rokka vs Betty Boo – Take Off (Digital Dog Club Mix) – Gusto
  10. Big World – Morning Light (Roman Salzger Remix) – Opaque
  11. The Wideboys – Bomb The Secret (Atari Era Remix) – AATW
  12. James Kaskande – You You You (ATFC Big Room Dub Remix) – AATW
  13. CRW – I Feel Love (Reefa & Shoota Remix) – Nukleuz Records

Mixes : Christmas 2006: Phat and funky mix

 Monday, January 1st 2007, 1:00 am
Mix details
Mixed: December 2006
Length: 00:42:31
File size: 39.0 MB
Download this file.

To finish off this series of Christmas mini-mixes I decided to mix a few of my favourite funky tunes from the past few months. Kicking off the mix we have a funky little number from the Jaxx called “Hush Boy”. The Soul Seekerz have transformed it from a downbeat tune into a funky house number which rocked many of my funky floors last year. We then move onto a mysterious reggae house tune called “Why?” by Lucky 7. I still haven’t found out who did this tune but I’m guessing it’s one of the big house producers of the moment and they couldn’t clear the samples! It’s a funky little number in the same vein as Olav Basoski‘s “Waterman” and it rocks!

We’ve then got the classic cut-up disco tune “Everytime” by Sexy Toy on the Italian label Oryx Music. It takes me back to the original cut-up disco house revolution that happened during the mid 90s. There’s not enough cut-up disco any more but that’s probably because most of the obvious samples have been used already! Moving on we’ve got the excellent Dirty Old Ann with “Turn Me On”. It’s another remake of the Kathy Brown classic but yet again used to good effect in this funky version.

I’ve then dropped a very cheeky tune by Manchester’s Mint Royale. They’ve sampled “Wham Rap” by Wham and made it into a cheeky piano driven breakbeat tune. This one works well with the party crowds and I love playing it out when I can. We then head off to Seamus Haji‘s cheeky bootleg remix of Tweet‘s “Boogie Tonight” (but now with a re-recorded vocal and known as Bootie Luv). This was a massive track for me a few years ago when I played the DB Boulevard Club Mix. This hard to get hold of remix from Seamus Haji was originally on promos back in 2003 but it was finally re-released as a “new” remix on Hed Kandi a few months ago. It’s a massive track and ends a great year of production and remixing for Mr. Haji.

The final tune on the mix comes from Hed Kandi again and they’ve just released this chunky tune from Tyken called “Every Word”. This remix isn’t as dirty as the original but it has a great synth breakdown and it rocks any dancefloor. Look out for more great tunes from the Hed Kandi guys in the new year.

So that’s it. The last of the Christmas mini-mixes. I hope you’ve enjoyed them all and I look forward to doing plenty more in 2007.


  1. Basement Jaxx – Hush Boy (Soul Seekerz Mix) – XL Recordings
  2. Lucky 7 – Why – Simply Recordings
  3. Sexy Toy – Everytime (Original Mix) – Oryx Music
  4. Dirty Old Ann – Turn Me On (Full Vocal Club Mix) – Loaded Records
  5. Mint Royale – Whambar (12″ Version) – Direction Records
  6. Booty Luv – Boogie 2Night (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix) – Hed Kandi
  7. Tyken – Every Word (Triple Dee Rebuild) – Hed Kandi

Mixes : Christmas 2006: Dark and dubby mix

 Sunday, December 31st 2006, 11:00 am
Mix details
Mixed: December 2006
Length: 00:42:27
File size: 38.9 MB
Download this file.

So for the 5th mini mix of Christmas we have something deep, dark and dubby. Imagine it’s 4am in a club and you’ve had way too much of your favourite substance (mine is beer but yours might be something else!) What do you need? Some deep and dirty grooves to chill you out a bit of course!

Kicking this mix off is the stunning remix of Dannii Minogue’s “He’s The Greatest Dancer” by Scottish producer of the moment Chris Lake. Chris builds the track with a deep and dubby bassline and cheeky start-stop drums interspersed with Dannii’s great vocals and some haunting strings. This mix is a million miles away from the somewhat cheesey original mix.

Eddie Thoneick then takes it up a notch with his remix of “Feel Together” by Ben Macklin. He has turned this into an electro-house stomper from the original’s orchestral feel. Featuring great vocals from Tiger Lilly this builds up into a dirty monster of a tune. We then head through The Group Dynamics “Consequences” with its clanging synths and chugging bassline through to an unsual remix of Robbie William’s “Lovelight”. Kurd Maverick loses most of the vocals and just keeps a few repetitive phrases that he layers over chunky drums, nagging synths and a funky electronic bassline. Add a smattering of funky wah-wah guitars and you’ve got a killer tune.

Next up we’ve got a cheeky tune from The Young Punx called “Rockall”. It samples a UK radio station called Radio 4 which is one of the BBC’s premier radio stations. During the evening we have something called the shipping forecast which tells sailors the weather forecast and sailing conditions around the UK. The Young Punx have cheekily sampled it to create this funky breakbeat tune “Rockall”. Something I didn’t know is that rockall is a stretch of the Atlantic just off the west coast of Ireland and appears to be prone to gales at this time of year! Now don’t say that I don’t teach you anything.

Klaas then does a nice and dirty remix of “Weightlessness” from Freelance Hellraiser. If you’ve never heard of him then think again. He was the original king of the mash-up and you’ve probably heard his version of “Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera over the top of The Strokes’ “Hard To Explain”. A genius if ever I heard one. He’s back with a new album and if this is anything to go by then it’s going to rock hard!

Finally, we end on a dirty Dave Spoon remix of Tyken’s “Every Word” on Hed Kandi. They’ve done a little side-step from their usual funky releases with this EP and they’ve moved into the 80s synth house. Dave’s remix heads down the saw-synth bassline route with is complemented by the great vocals in this tune. It feels mellow but it rocks hard!

Hope you enjoyed the deep and dubby mix and watch out for the final mix in the Christmas mini-mix series.


  1. Dannii Minogue – He’s The Greatest Dancer (Chris Lake Remix) – AATW
  2. Ben Macklin – Feel Together (Eddie Thoneick Remix) – Free2Air Recordings
  3. The Group Dynamics – Consequences (Original Vocal Mix) – UMM
  4. Robbie Williams – Lovelight (Kurd Maverick Vocal Mix) – EMI
  5. The Young Punx – Rockall (Phonat Mix) – Mofo Hifi
  6. Freelance Hellraiser – Weightlessness (Klaas Mix) – Ugly Truth
  7. Tyken – Every Word (Dave Spoon Remix) – Hed Kandi

Mixes : Christmas 2006: Piano mix

 Saturday, December 30th 2006, 11:00 pm
Mix details
Mixed: December 2006
Length: 00:40:03
File size: 36.6 MB
Download this file.

I love piano house. It’s that simple. I first got into it in the early 90s when house music moved from the synthesizer based acid house and early techno that people were producing into the Italian “Italo-house” that unsurprisingly came out of Italy! There were hundreds of great tunes that came out and they helped to move the house sound on from bleepy techno to a more soulful sound. A play a lot of funky piano house in my sets so I thought I’d try and play some of the great piano tunes that have come out in 2006.

This mix kicks off with a great tune by French producer Antoine Clamaran. The funky American remix team Hott 22 build up this soulful tune with some pumping keys combined with the smooth vocal and a some layered pads and strings. We then head off into old school piano territory for Mike Perry’s remix of “Brazilian Love Affair” by George Duke. A classic old jazz tune that builds up into a big room tune where the pianos echo round your head forever!

We’ve then got the funky house sounds of the producer of the year, Raul Rincon. He turns “Be Without You” by Wi-Fi into a percussion-laden piano anthem. The pianos remind me of the old hardcore classic “Feel Reel Good” by Manix which was later got sampled by Rockford Files for their 1994 club hit “Sexy Dancer”. Raul Rincon has the midas touch when it comes to remix and I’m sure he’ll carry on into 2007 with his funky house sounds.

Hot Spanish producer Ian Carey then takes on the hot German producers the Tune Brothers and their awesome old school sounding “I Like It”. Ian provides us with a dirty 2006 bassline but kicks in some nagging piano keys which just seem to build and build. This is a proper 2am tune which sends the crowds wild. I’ve then put in Simmons and Christopher‘s new tune “Weekend”. This is a cover of an old disco anthem by Class Action which was made famous by Todd Terry in the early 90s. Again Raul Rincon works his remix magic and drops a funky bassline, chunky rhodes and pianos and a cheeky synth lead line. Another classic remix from the wunderkind of German house!

The final tune in the piano mix is a new tune by Cafe Groove called “Why U Wanna Do Me Wrong?”. A great soulful remix by the Soul Avengerz ends the mix nicely as they create a future piano anthem. Lovely!


  1. Antoine Clamaran – Keep On Tryin’ (Hott 22 Remix) –
  2. George Duke – Brazilian Love Affair (Mike Perry Extended Vocal Mix) –
  3. Wi-Fi – Be Without You (Raul Rincon Remix) –
  4. Tune Brothers – I Like It (Ian Carey’s Ghetto Fabulous Mix) –
  5. Simmons & Christopher – Weekend (Raul Rincon Remix) – AATW
  6. Cafe Groove – Why U Wanna Do Me Wrong? (Soul Avengerz Vocal Mix) – Hit! Records

Mixes : Christmas 2006: 80s mix

 Saturday, December 30th 2006, 12:30 pm
Mix details
Mixed: December 2006
Length: 00:40:22
File size: 37.0 MB
Download this file.

If you had to describe the sound of 2006 then I’d probably say that it was the year of the 80s bassline. Synthesizers came back into fashion and the bouncing saw-toothed bassline came back into vogue. This little mini-mix celebrates the sound of 2006 while still keeping the funky vibe that you all know and love.

Kicking off this mix is a remix from two of the hottest Dutch producers of the last year, Mark Simmons and Dennis Christopher. They do a great remix on Paris Avenue‘s “In My Mind” and build up the tune with a bouncing bassline, some funky guitars and a cheeky arpeggiated synth. Following that we’ve got possibly the best remix, in my opinion, of Degrees of Motion’s classic “Do You Want It Right Now?” The hottest producers of 2006, Seamus Haji and Paul Emanuel, take us back to the late 80s or early 90s with their synth driven piano remix and this track blew up big time for me in the clubs.

M-Factor then take on the mighty Fatboy Slim to give us a funky synth bassline version of his hip-hop reggae tune “Champion Sound”. A massive, building tune that takes us neatly to Kurtis Mantronix‘s re-rub of “We Ride” by Rihanna. A dirty D-Ramirez style tune with some bleepy 80s 8-bit synth noises that really works the dirty dancefloors when played out in a club.

We then head back to another Haji & Emanuel remix and their reworking of “Easy” by the Sugababes. Following a similar style to the Mantronix remix it features plenty of reverb and de-tuned synth fun and cheeky cut-up vocals. We finish the 80s mix with a cheeky 80s tune which has been brought into the 2000s by a producer called Edison. I couldn’t resist dropping his remix of “Heart Of Glass” by Blondie into the mix as it wouldn’t be the 80s without a bit of Blondie! It’s very similar to the original but adds some funky house drums and cuts up the tune a bit. A cheeky rework if ever there was one.


  1. Paris Avenue – In My Mind (Simmons & Christopher Dub) –
  2. Degrees Of Motion – Do You Want It Right Now? (Haji & Emanuel Remix) –
  3. Fatboy Slim – Champion Sound (M Factor Remix) – Skint Recordings
  4. Rihanna – We Ride (Mantronix Club Mix)
  5. Sugababes – Easy (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Remix) –
  6. Blondie – Heart Of Glass (Edison Vocal Mix) –