Review : Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar 2006

 Monday, September 25th 2006, 2:00 pm

Sometimes I get sent a remix of a track and it makes me think “why oh why is it being remixed again for the millionth time?” and I have to admit that this was my first reaction when I got sent the classic “Cafe Del Mar” by Energy 52. Having a quick flick through discogs it seems that after its release in 1993 on Germany’s Eye Q Records label it has been released almost every year since on various other labels. The most noteable remix, i.e. the remix that most people know, is the Three N One Mix in 1998 on Hooj Choons. So do we need another remix?

Well, Blackburn’s All Around The World label have decided to give us the 2006 remixes and have enlisted a group of A-list remixers to have a go at this classic. On this package you’ll find the obligatory classic remixes from Three N One and Michael Woods plus some new mixes from Raul Rincon, Tall Paul (warning: this site has many pop-up windows! Why Paul? Why?), Soul Seekerz, K-Klass (come on lads, get a website!) and Kenny Hayes. So what do they sound like then?

The remix package kicks off with the best remix in my opinion. Germany’s Raul Rincon gives us a his trademark crisp percussion, filtered funk bassline and funky keys. The breakdown has some nice electric piano keys followed by his Italian piano house style key stabs plus some interesting African style chants. All in all a great remix which I’m playing out. Check it out on episode #21 of the podcast if you want to hear it in the mix.

Next up comes the tougher mix from the UK’s Tall Paul. His mix is very old school with a CLS synth-stabbed bassline and much of the original breakdown kept in tact. Personally I think this sounds a bit dated but some people might still enjoy it. Then comes the hot production team of the moment that is Soul Seekerz. Their mix is a funk fuelled extravaganza with a nice high-pass filtered lead synth. It’s almost a progressive house mix which builds nicely to the breakdown which contains some nice new pads.

Remix number four on the package is from Manchester’s finest and possibly longest serving house producers, K-Klass. They slow things down a bit and gives us an en-vogue electronic bassline with some guitar style synth stabs. Although sounding slightly dated they do try and do something a bit different with the breakdown and give us a different melody with the string pads. This is then followed up by a lovely classical sounding build up. It’s not quite got the impact of the other mixes but the change of style is interesting. The last new remix in the package comes from AATW’s in-house remixer, Kenny Hayes. It’s a well produced trance version of the tune which I’m sure will go down well in the harder clubs around the world even if it isn’t really my thing.

So should you buy it? If you’re a funky house DJ and you want a version to play out in your club, then definitely pick it up for the Raul Rincon and Soul Seekerz mixes. If you’re a trance DJ and you’re looking for a fresh update then I’m not sure this package will add much to your collection.

Review : Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit

 Thursday, September 14th 2006, 2:00 pm

Fedde Le Grand

Now this is possibly the hottest track of Ibiza 2006 and possibly one of the biggest electro-house tunes of the year. It’s called “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” and it’s by Fedde Le Grand, and not Fedde Le Grande as some people seem to be writing. He’s a hot new producer and DJ out of Holland. That said, he’s been a hot club DJ in Holland since 1998 but he’s only just becoming a rising star here in the UK and this blazing track is helping to raise his profile.

Pete Tong has been championing Fedde’s track since May 2006 when he crowned it “Essential New Tune”. Originally coming out on the Dutch Flamingo Recordings in April of this year it soon got signed by CR2 Records and has since been pushed into the hands of the hottest DJs like Sander Kleinenberg, Tom Novy, Mark Knight and Roger Sanchez. The original mix of the tune has a minimal bassline but it’s so annoyingly catchy you won’t stop humming it all day. Add on top of that the building “put your hands up for Detroit… a lovely city” vocals and you’ve got a winning tune. Other mixes that I received were from Till West and DJ Delicious who add their tribal electro drums and 80s vibes to the track and also my personal favourite from Australia’s TV Rock & Dirty South Melbourne Militia. They add a tough and dirty bassline, some breakbeat drums and some extra vocals and it rocks hard! Pick a copy of this remix if you can find it.

Also, look out for his next tune Just Trippin’ which features great vocals from MC Gee and is coming out on Toolroom Records. Fedde Le Grand is a hot producer who’s only getting hotter.

Review : Asle – Golden Sun (Haji & Emanuel Mix)

 Friday, June 16th 2006, 7:00 pm

Hot track alert!

You know I love funky house but sometimes there’s a tune that comes out that rocks your world and just stays in your head all day. This is that track. I’ve just put it on my previous podcast and I can’t stop listening to it over and over again.

The track, “Golden Sun”, is absolutely amazing and it’s by a hot Danish producer called Asle Bjorn. He has been producing for many years now, releasing tunes on his own Blowout Records label and also Positiva, Oven Ready, Tommyboy, Whoop, Yoshitoshi and Big Star. His releases tend to be of the pumping variety with a few tribal and tech-house sounds thrown in for good measure. On his original mix of “Golden Sun” we find it starting with a deep and dark bassline before breaking down to the gorgeous female vocals. Then the latin piano riff starts and it’s like watching a golden sun rise from the horizon. But the awesome remix by Seamus Haji and Paul Emanuel, which is the version I prefer, adds tougher drums and funky 80s styled bassline along with some warm pads to help the tune along. Thankfully it still has that nagging piano riff which I can’t get it out of my head! I can’t wait to hear this tune while walking along a lovely sandy beach at sunset, preferably with a cold beer in my hand.

You can pick a 12″ up here or an digital download here. Go and buy it now!

Review : Tokyo Disco

 Friday, May 12th 2006, 4:20 pm

Tokyo Disco

If funky house music is your thing then look no further than the latest compilation, Tokyo Disco, from ex-Hed Kandi supremo Mark Doyle. I received a copy of it the other day and it’s awesome. Under his new Fierce Angels guise, Mark has yet again licenced three CDs full of quality house music.

On the first CD you’ll find some awesome string laden house music filled with the piano and rhodes harmonies that you’ve come to expect from the Tokyo Project stables. Featuring such house and garage luminaries as Eric Kupper, Juliet Roberts and Martin Solveig you’ll find that the quality stays high throughout. Although you may have heard some of these tracks in your favourite house club, you’ll find that they mostly stay on the underground side of house music. The exception to this is possibly the excellent Richard Earnshaw club mix of Martin Solveig’s “Jealousy” but you’ll still find that it’s a great track. You’ll also find a great mix of Silsonic’s “Something To Make You Feel Alright” by two relatively unkown Australians: Buzz Kitchen. I played the original on one of my earlier podcasts and this mix pumps it up a little to great effect. My personal favourites are Denis The Menace’s “Time To Turn Around”, a massive tune for me over the past six months, and the Disco-tastic “Loves Just Found Me” by Montanas.