Podcasts : Episode #41 – Neon Lights

 Sunday, July 20th 2008, 11:10 pm

DJ Cruze Podcast Episode #41 - Neon Lights

It’s supposed to be the summer here in the northern hemisphere but you wouldn’t think it was with the amount of rain we’ve had in the UK in the past few weeks. So I’d better brighten up your day and mine with episode #41 of the DJ Cruze podcast. As always I’ve got some killer tunes for you and your MP3 player so make sure you crank them up loud.

In this episode I’ve got some hot house and electro house tracks for you and some awesome remixes from the usual suspects like Thomas Gold, Ian Carey and Axwell. One of the big tunes this week, and the title of this episode, is the new tune by Max Linen called “Neon Lights”. It’s got a fantastic indie vocal and massive breakdown. Definitely, a hot tune for the summer.

Another big track is the new Axwell club mix of Adele’s “Hometown Glory”. I loved this track when I first heard it on Hype Machine last year and was suprised that this wasn’t the first track she released when she got signed to a major label. Axwell’s club mix stays pretty true to the original and just adds some house beats and strings. It’s a bit commercial but I absolutely love the track. If you’re looking for a darker version then look out for his Remode remix instead.

I’ve also got a great bootleg mashup which I have mentioned in the blog before. It’s a cheeky bootleg mix of Spit’s “Falling” (Daddy’s Groove Magic Island mix) with the acapella from “Finally” by Kings of Tomorrow. It works really well, so much so that Hed Kandi have decided to put it on CD1 of their Hed Kandi – The Mix: Summer 2008 compilation. Kudos to Utopia and Jay Funk for coming up with it though! Check out Utopia’s podcast too if you want even more quality house tunes.

And finally I’ve got an awesome classic for you. Satoshi Tomiie brings us a big room “Anthem” with his Black Shells guise. It was a massive tune for me back in 1994 and it still sounds huge today.

If you enjoy the show then get in touch and tell me what you think or want a shout out. Also, why not consider donating some money so that I can cover the costs of producing the show. With the amount of downloads I have, it’s not cheap! And finally, don’t forget to comment on the show below and tell me what you think.

Get the podcast here:

Download podcast episode #41.

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze big tunes:
    • [00:00:00] Bingo Players vs Chocolate Puma – Touch Me (Original Mix) – Strictly
    • [00:06:27] Sunloverz – Summer Of Love (Ortega and Gold Mix) – Lickin’ Records
    • [00:11:54] Max Linen – Neon Lights (Original Full Vocal Mix) – Phonetic
    • [00:18:20] Out Of Office – Insatiable (Dub Mix) – Frenetic Music
    • [00:23:11] Adele – Hometown Glory (Axwell Club Mix) – XL
    • [00:27:34] Kings Of Spit – Finally Falling (Utopia & Jay Funk Bootleg) – White
    • [00:35:08] James Doman – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Carl Ryden Remix) – Positiva
    • [00:40:13] Martin Solveig – I Want You (Laidback Luke Remix) – Mixture
    • [00:45:25] Ryan Murgatroyd feat. Tasha Baxter – Moving On (Ian Carey Remix) – Sheer Music
  • Cruze classic from 1994:
    • [00:51:52] Black Shells – The Anthem (Mix 1) – Azuli

Image based on a picture by Darhawk

Next podcast: 24th August 2008. I’ll be waiting for you so don’t be late!

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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t use the Bart B More remix of “Touch Me”, to be honest. That’s one doing it for me at the moment, but the original’s respectable enough. Max Linen, Out Of Office, Martin Solveig and Ryan Murgatroyd’s tracks are brilliant. Really think that the James Doman track is crap, but there we go – can’t like them all, can I? 😛

    Sterling work, Cruze!

  2. hey mate,
    good you are back :-)…

    thanks for another fantastic podcast…..and what is that for a classic mate…
    fucking rocks yeah…..:-)

    Kings Of Spit – Finally Falling (Utopia & Jay Funk Bootleg) – White…this is a
    a awesom track..i like it

    and yor are DJing in Ibiza??when and whrere exactly maybe i go there and visist you :-):-)

    cheers from Karlsruhe

  3. Happy Days. Thanks for the support. No better way to start a working week than bouncing to work 🙂
    My July podcast will drop next weekend.

  4. @Poison Monkey: I prefer the original mix than the Bart B mix myself but they’re both good. Just personal choice mate! I think the Carl Ryden mix of “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” is great. I agree that the other mixes aren’t as strong though. At least I didn’t put the Axwell & Bob Sinclar track on this episode so think yourself lucky! 😉

    @Florian: Check out Utopia’s podcast (link is in the text above) as he plays loads of great tunes that you’d like. Sadly, I’m not DJ’ing in Ibiza but just going out for a stag weekend (Junggesellenabend). We’ll be in Space on Sunday if you’re out there.

  5. @Utopia: No problems mate. A great bootleg! Looking forward to your new mix too.

  6. Hey Marc,

    great podcast!!!!!

    Really love the tunes!!!

    How’s the family going??

    Any news about a gig in Germany??

    Huggin’ you

  7. Thanks Nicole. We’re all good thanks.

    Nothing’s happening on the gig front in Germany at the moment. A couple of people have said they’re interested but they’ve not got back to me yet.

  8. Hey Marc,
    Thanks a lot for the shout out man!
    Looks like my provider had some problems last night but they have fixed them all site is runnin 😉
    AWESOME PODCAST MATE! Realy like the Ian Carey remix of Moving on.
    Ohhh and those two scratchin kids are amazing holy s++t surely the cousins or kids of Qbert hahaha…

  9. No problems Sascha. I’ll link to your podcast in a future post. Yeah, those kids are amazing and they might well be Q-Bert’s kids! 😉


  11. Glad that you came back Bharat. Next time lose the CAPS LOCK though! 😉

  12. well, frankly i had mixed feelings about this podcast, but i have to admit that after listening to it twice i absolutely loved it.
    especially the Carl Ryden Remix of “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”.

    keep up the great work, still my favorite house music podcast!

    have fun in/on?! ibiza 😀

    cheers, jochen

  13. I’m glad you gave it a second listen mate and check out the Ibiza Sunset mix for even more tunes! We’ll definitely have a lot of fun in Ibiza.

  14. Thanks in advance! Would be great if you do that for me;)
    How was your trip to Ibiza?

  15. the song at 23mins in is awesome im lovin it nice 1!